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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are feeling great. If you are in the mist of arranging a gathering or would love to enjoy a delicious pretzel. I have a place to recommend. It is non-other than Pretz n’ Beanz. The name says it all and  before I go into that. Maybe I serve you with a yummylicous picture of the food first hahaha.. Let’s get into it right away!



Look at that my friend. Pretzel in the best form possible. Actually, we ordered couple more pretzels but those are the one that tickle my fancy. The pretzel is so fresh you can actually smell the aroma filling the air once it arrived on your table. Sedap and definately worth coming back for more. I’ll drop again next round with my husband since he love anything under bread umbrella.



Bolognese Chicken Spaghetti – RM18

Bagi yang suka pasta, please try this out. Sedap silap2 bertambah haha


Grilled Fish with Creamy Sauce – RM26.50

Ni yang paling illy suka among the pasta. The creamy sause memang sedap teramat sangat plus the grill fish completed the dish. You can taste the juicyness of the fish it is very succulent.  I recalled my daughter full force makan this one.



Continental Breakfast -  RM18

Yang ni sesuai for sharing in my oppinion. But if you have big appetite, do indulge it all by yourself. It is just nice f or us to order this as we came in group and we decided to order couple of meal so each of us could try instead of having a dedicated meal. I like it that way, because it  felt intimate that way as everyone will pass around the plate and it just merrier!



Filled Pretzels in Sweet Potato – RM11.55

The cheesy filling is just so generous. If you love pasty and cheese, dont forget to order this baby. Actually, I regret not ordering extra of this for take away because I know how much my hubby would love it haha 



Royale Salmon Egg Benedict – RM 28.90

Need I say more? Look at that…… apart from the delicous looking meal which is totally instagram worthy, you get to experience a lil bit of showmanship.  Do check out the video which created by Ayue towards the end of this post and you will get what I mean hehe



Champignon Baked Egg – RM 17.90

What I can say is, I am the one who wall up this dish this the final drop. Everyone been enjoying it, and I am happily feed it to my soul. Yes, it is just food for oyur soul. Super sedap.. They have mushroom and cheese and everything nice in a bowl served with a freshly baked pretzel. Cant find a reason not to love this one. 

Actually they have more tempting food that you can choose from, even their drinks are nice. If you would like to have water, they have like a condiments section where you could refill it with lemon insfused water. For Pretz n’ Beanz current menu, you may check out below, click next to see more 



The title of this post might have given you some hint. It have been a ritual for Ayna, Caro and me to meet up for birthday celebration. Actually, to be honest I already told them that I would not want any present the initial plan was to visit rumah anak yatim but my life have been so hectic that I couldnt make all the arrangment on time. But I will totally arrange one in the near future.

Putting that aside, last couple of weeks, my friend Ayna and Caro have done a good job of being an actresses. They said to bring me out. The inital plan was to go to Bangsar and honestly I always looking forward to meet both of them becasue they have been nothing but loving plus supportive in my life. They have been with me during the up and down in journey from the moment I meet them and for that I am grateful.

The thing is, I received an invite from Kak Su to support her Product launching and I am just thorn into pieces because I want to be there and support her but the date clashes and I have already declined 3 other event invites and the list just goes on and on and on.. At the end of the day, I cant make it to Kak Su event because I need to baby sit my daughter.

Little did I know, Ayna have been masterminding a birthday suprise for me and PIka.  I did not suspect anything until my ws message with Suzai. hahaha. But then again, she might be talking about Kak Su’s event so it is still a mystery to me.


Princess Ayna – mastermind in disguise

The day came, Ayna drove all the way from Cheras to pick me and Caro up from Damansara. Yes, by now you might have known that Caro’s condo is just  5 mins away from mine. Okay, so when I am in the car as usuall we chat n chat. Then this Ayna bring me to tour Bangsar. Like seiously, pusing2 to find parking. I cant recall how long but it is very looooong haha

It was all worth it. As I walked into Pretz n’ Beanz. I wanted to CRY! I saw #AjlaaGegirls and I am beyond happy. Thank you everyone, terima kasih susah buat suprise. Illy appreciate teramat sangat. Tak tahu nak cakap apa ni terus cakap melayu dah ni. Sayang korang semua. Merasa I tiup lilin sama2 dengan Pika. Thank you Pika sebab arrange location. Next year, I plan plak k? Thank you kawan-kawan sebab sudi spend your valuable time during weekend pulak tu. Terima kasih for sharing happiness. Siap lah lepas ni birthday ayna pula, you better watch out Ayna hahaha

IMG_4083 (1)IMG_4079



Ni semua gambar gedik and happy kitorang. One of the kenangan Terindah. Overall, I had a great time with lovely soul that I am happy to be apart of their journey too! thank you for giving me a piece of your heart. Kalau korang nak tengok lagi, boleh check out video yang Ayue buat kat bawah ni. Illy pun nak belajar dengan Ayue cara edit video. Best dia buat. Jemput tengok k? Mana tahu boleh bagi idea kalua korang nak celebrate birthday ke, or nak buat gathering ke kan? Makan pun sedap, tempat pun luas, lighting pun cantik (penting ni buat blogger yang suka ambik gambar haha) pastu paling best staff dorang semua baik and friendly.


From the bottom of my tiny heart, thank you kawan – kawan.  Ayna, Caro, Sizzling Suzai, Ayue Idris, Liyliz, Pika, Alyza Fisol ansd Sabby Prue.  Dont forget to check out their blog as all of them are inspring bloggers and youtubers. Korang bersiap sedia lah nanti turn korang pula kita celebrate birthday sama2. Cant wait!



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No.9 Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru,

56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact : 03-22019026



Pic credit : Caro, Sizzling Suzai, Ayue Idris.



* I am not paid to write this. I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Illy!

  2. So much love for you too Princess Illy, lapar balik tgk post you ni, hehehehe =P May our friendship last till the end of time, Amin <3

    1. you know i love you more! <3 nanti lah next time kita gi lagi dating2 hhehe. Amin to your prayer tooo <3

  3. Alaaaaa kemainnnnnn rs nk tearing tau as i go through each words. Pls know that im also feel really blessed to know such a nice person as u are kak. Keep on being good nice warm and hehe always positive insyAllah stick friend forever amin.. :)

    1. sekali sekala lah i jiwang sikit :) thank you tau belikan cake! <3 nanti jumpa time birthday Ayna plak pasni hehe

  4. Alamak...tetiba mata masuk habuk plak...

    Syukur alhamdulillah atas rezeki perkenalan and persahabatan yg dibina...berdoa agar ia kekal hingga hujung nyawa...

    Happy belated birthday Illy!!! And please please hug n kisses to sofea on behalf auntie lyza..miss her already... <3

    1. meh sini illy lap kan? sweet tak hehehe...

      sama lah illy pun happy sangat kenal lyza, amin2 <3

      n thank you for the wish! nanti i sampaikan salam kat sofea <3 <3 <3

  5. Awhh! I'm speechless lah.. Sure, next year kita tiup lilin again kak Illy Princess. Happy sangat that day, dapat spend time with everyone. Thank you so much semua.. MUCH LOVE!

    1. yes! it is a date <3 next year tiup together2 lagi hehehe... i pun happy juga, thank you for all of the arrangement tau Pika <3

  6. Sorry Sofea, muka kak liz besar sgt, hampir tersempit ye. Eah kakak ke, patut aunty. Hahhaha
    Welcome me into d family of #ajlaagegerls yg penuh dgn kasih syg, positive & support each others rasa bersyukur sgt. Tak rasa lonely as anak tunggal dah, ada sisterhood kembar tak seiras banyak dalam ni. #hug

    1. takpe dia pandai mnyelit hahaha <3 <3 <3 liz anak tunggal ke? ni baru tahu ni :) dont worry we have lots of kakak2 n auntie in #ajlaagegirls! <3 <3 hug!

  7. Baru sempat bacaaaaaaaaaaaaa.."Tak tahu nak cakap apa ni terus cakap melayu dah ni." hahahha..lawak lah illy. Glad u happy with our little surprise. Weols syg u ketat2!! Memang ajlaa tu tempat buat friendship lah. :)

    1. nanti kita pergi lagi lah nak macam reunion hehe <3


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