Finally =)

Jan 23, 2011

Today ily da resign.. perasaan bercampur baur..

Happy sebab dapat kerje dgn government.. masuk kastam pulak tu.. Alhamdulilah rezeki tuhan nak bg.. bersyukur sangat2!

Sedih nak tinggalkan kawan2 yg rocks kat ytl ni =( yer la da berapa lame kerje kat sini.. banyak suka duka yg dah lalui.. so perasaan sentimental tu tak boleh nak elak.

But whatever it is, I have made my decision. I am moving forward.

Ily doakan yg terbaik untuk semua kawan2 ily IM GONNA MISS YOU GUYS ALOT

As for myself, i do understand that skies will not always be blue.. there might be days that i have to walk trough storm and thunder..

But I will try my best to give my best at any cause =)

Alhamdulilah =)

Jan 20, 2011

Seronok sgt semalam.. dapat berita yang sangat mengembirakan.. paling tak sangka..

ikut logic akal memang tak mungkin berita itu tiba.. tapi itu la Tuhan Maha berkuasa.. Maha mengetahui =) Akhirnya berita gembira =)

Buat mase ni ily tqak boleh reveal lagi.. ikut hati nak je reveal hahahaha! ape salahnyer share happy news kan?

tapi sebab otak kawal hati... bukan hati kawal otak dan pergerakan

i decided to keep it low first.. apabila.. masa nya sesuai nanti ( dlm 2 or 3 weeks ) pasti ily akan reveal juga =)

yang pastinyer.. memang agak surprise..

I wish I am strong enough to go trough this and try to make the best of it =P

the most important is that I am TRULY grateful to be blessed this way by my GREAT Creator ALLAH =)


Jan 17, 2011

Sometime I felt like I’m running out of time.

I don’t know why.. Mungkin banyak sgt benda bermain di kepala.. semua rushing2.. dan sebagai a normal girl.. kite semua pun nak perfect semua pun lancar..

Tapi tangan ade dua je camner tu?

1) Career – kerje standard la makin banyak.. bertimbun.. tp mesti piker positive.. I can do It!!! =)

2) Wedding & Engagement – aduh ni major pening.. dari persiapan.. to do list.. to buy list dan to book list.. macam2 list la =)

3) Study - this semester ade 3 assigment adeh.. da pening2 baik punyer pulak tu.. da la sem ni 2 subject ambik online lagi satu ambik class...

Can I juggle?

P/s: pic credit to encik google =P

I the mood to clean and polish up myself =)

Jan 16, 2011

I the mood to clean and polish up myself =)

Today nak go through my closet

1) Yang mana tak pakai nak derma

2) Nak rearrange baju2 semua

3) Nak susun accessories

The Saturdays - Higher

Jan 13, 2011

i love this song

Delusional Sunset

Jan 9, 2011

I just don't understand, why I always tend to hate her..
After all, I am genetically programed to love her.

But theres always a trigger for a fight and i just seriously don't understand...

I do understand she is entitled for an opinion. well actually we are ALL entitled to
But i NEVER ask

Who cares if you disagree,you are not me

So many things I wanted to say.. If only I am able to..

I hate to break it to you babe, But i'm not drowning.

Chop yg gedik =)

Jan 5, 2011

ily buat chop yg tersangat gedik hehehe.. tp comel =)

apa kegunaan nya? tunggu.. chop ni actually khas untuk my wedding nanti =) ily order murah je rm25 tiga hari siap =)

design yg florish tu ily ambik kat internet dan alter skit letak nama ily dan johan.. dah siap our official wedding chop =) huhuhu tak sabar tunggu chop siap

simple je design die

Next Project

Jan 3, 2011

My next event project is for my own engagement day. Hope fully it will turn out to be great =)

So many things have been done and arranged. Just waiting for the final touch up and for the date to arrived.

Hopefully will managed to get a next event project for real clients. As a start I'm considering of doing this event planning thing as a part time since I am a junior event planner.

Do you have any event that you would like for me to arrange?

Please do not hesitate to contact me =)

Event =)

So far I have planned few successful event and I'm quite happy about it.

I have planned my Department Dinner and it turns out to be successful =)

With a minimum budget of RM 1000.00 I managed to plan a Hawaiian Breakfast for 200 pax I the event turn out to be fun =)

This do not include numerous birthday parties for friends and family. I really feel good when the event went smooth and everyone having a good time.

I love to mingle around and I really hope I can plan more event in the future =)

my Wish

i really love to plan event.. to birthday parties, gathering, department dinner and so on...

I really wish one day I have the courage to become a full time event planer =) best nyer!

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