What you should not do, in order to be taken seriously at work

Mar 31, 2013

Today I would like to share regarding working environment. I hope this will help all the other person out there who are working or currently studying… I hope this will give you more insight of working in a corporate world.

Everyone want to be taken seriously at work. Everyone want their opinion to be heard and analysed and valued. Being a young adult at work, we are now moving toward the phase where transition of Generation Y is slowly taking over managerial post. The conflict of having generation X and Y in office can be quite challenging.

I like to share some personal experience on what you should not do J

Watch your mouth
I once overheard a coworker say, “I have a widdle question.” Now that phrase is the first thing I think of every time I see her. She is a smart woman and a capable worker, but the baby talk is forever branded in my mind. So, unless you actually work with babies, using infantile language will take away all of your authority.

Baby talk isn’t the only language culprit. Pay attention to the way you speak and figure out whether you’re making any verbal faux pas. For example, using the word “like” incessantly can dilute your message and make you seem less intelligent. (Like, this sentence is, like, not as easy to read because, like, I keep stopping the flow of the words by adding words that are not, like, you know, necessary.) Breaking your bad speaking habits will make it much easier to establish yourself as a professional.

Never play dumb
Based on personal experience, Dumbing yourself down is a terrible move, both professionally and personally. Sometimes we play dumb in an attempt to make those around us feel smarter, but lowering your intelligence is not the way to boost someone’s self-esteem. You are not doing the other person or yourself any favors by pretending you’re less intelligent than you really are.

A former boss once told me that playing dumb is just part of the corporate world. Don’t buy into that. Companies aren’t looking for empty-headed employees. And, if they are, do you really want to work there? You don’t want to be a know-it-all or the person who always gets the last word, but having ideas and opinions is a good thing.

Built a professional Cubicle / Room Image
Your professional image is built on many factors, from your work ethic and interpersonal skills to your wardrobe and cubicle walls. Since you will spend so many hours in your workspace, adding personal touches to your cubicle can improve your mood. However, there is a big difference between a few homey touches and making yourself totally at home.

Tasteful photos of your family are appropriate. Pictures of a shirtless boyfriend is NOT. I used to have lots of cute magnets on the wall of my cubi, but now as I move to a new company. I re-brand myself. I have a sleek only 2 personal items (picture with solid frame & calendar). It does help J  

And décor is not the only factor that can make you look unprofessional. Throwing your belongings all over the place, letting your stuff overtake a coworker’s desk or leaving dirty dishes out are behaviors that will make your peers lose respect for you. No one wants to have a meeting at a desk covered in biscuits crumbs.

Stop using Phoney Text language
Professional correspondence should not read like a text message. Whether you are contacting a coworker or client, you should use proper English. Abbreviations and other slang can make you look silly and alienate readers who are unfamiliar with the phrase. Your work emails represent not only you, but your company, so don’t pepper them with “lol”s or “smh”s. Besides, the reader doesn’t need to know you are laughing or shaking your head. Who cares?

Eliminating slang and text message vernacular extends to conversations and presentations as well. Your proposal is not going to carry the same weight if you start the pitch with, “Aight, peeps, here’s whassup.” Even if you are saying it ironically, you will seem immature. You don’t have to sound pretentious; just be work appropriate.

Credibility is so important when it comes to moving up the ladder. Don’t let thoughtless habits hold you back. Remember, your workplace shenanigans can give all young professionals a bad reputation.

Let’s break the negative stereotypes. Be yourself, but be professional.

p/s:Do you have your own tips that you would like to share with all of us?  

Tesco Malaysia - Good service Inovation

This is not a sponsored review or advertorial.This is my personal view and I shop with my own expense :)

I went to Tesco tonight and I love it because now Tesco at Damansara close operation at 1am  :) So convinient.. Sometime our weekend is so hectic that we dont really have the time to do groceries shopping n by having longer operation hours we can now shop for food and house pantry suplies in the middle of the night :p 

I was actually quite amazed when I found out that Tesco also have an online buying website :)  you can check it out at www.tesco.com.my

Best part of all, they have delivery services :) weee... So for bz ladies, you can do your groceries shopping online during lunch time and get it delivered to your house... How awesome is that? I havent tried the online buying service yet but would love to give it a try one day  :)

Check out the pic of my hubby n my bro..both are my non paid body guard :p

Etude House BFF Party - Thanks to Sharon from JustNorah

Mar 28, 2013

I actually won an invite for this event :) Thank you to Sharon for hosting it.. I am very happy when I got to know it :) check out her blog, she is a beauty and lifestyle blogger :)   

Best part of wining this give away.. I got to bring my bff to the event to enjoy a girly session too :) 

So I decided to bring Coco. We used to work together last time until I move to the current company that I worked for.. The friendship does not stop there.. I am grateful that we still keep in touch.. 

How I wish I could bring the whole gang to come and join this.. I would like to bring Kat too.. But I scared that she might b bz.. 

Anyway.. so lets check out.. what Etude House lined up for us on that day!!

Cute right? 

Saw the cute panda there? Etude House is very famous for their cute n girly packaging.

The event was help at Korean Plaza at Menara Hap Seng.

Hand Cream!! Wee.. Actually I do have the hand bouquet hand cream by Etude given by my friend as a gift.. I still use it quite frequently at office :) 

Cute right?  They also have like a mini exhibition to introduce Korean culture..

Sushi :P nyum! nyum! too bad we are only allowed to take 3 for each person... hahhaa

Some korean decor and the Korean hand fan :) 

More yummy stuff :) Acutally I didnt know what they called this in Korean.. but it is actually like a pasta with a kimci like gravy.. 
Girls queuing up for make over session :) 

Mani session :) 

I also meet Eylon and her friends Fiona :) Both very nice ladies..
Hope to meet them again during future event.

Coco having her make over :) The make up artist is actually quite good. 

Save the best for the last... Below picture belong to Sharon   :) 
Thanks for the invite babe.. We couldnt have enjoy any of this, if you didn't host the give away..
So thank you very very much!!

Galaxy Note II is now available in Pink – How nice!

Mar 26, 2013

Why so many girls out there love pink? Why pink is always associate with female? For me I love all colours actually but I personally have a soft spot for pink   Why? Honestly.. to me it just love at first sight and for me it is the colour of happiness and joy and everything girly..  as you can see, my blog have lots of pinky stuff here n there  

For quite a while, I wish to drive a pink car but my husband decline my request.. He said it is too dangerous for a lady to drive pink car as we would easily be a target ...hurm...What a Party pooper!  

Well..Its ok.. Since I can’t have a pink car.. then maybe I could have a pink phone!!  I do not own any Samsung Note II, however few of my friends using it.. and share with me how nice it is.. with all the human friendly interface… I also got to know that if someone is calling you and you are in the middle of a meeting, you can easily flip down the phone on the table and it would be AUTO silent.. How smart right?  Being “jakun” I was amazed!

Plus my friend also told me that.. when you received a text from your friend.. and you are about to reply it.. and then decided to just call them instead.. While you are at the message interface, you can just put the phone as if you want to make a call, and it will AUTO call your friend…………… What kind of sorcery is this?  :P

Do you know that the awesome Galaxy Note II is now available in pink?  Wow weee!!  According to Samsung this named Martian Pink.. I haven’t heard of any martian pink before. I personally taught it is just another fancy name for light pink range.. So I went to ask my “brainy best friend” Mr.Google. I found out that Martian pink is actually colour range for a very RARE diamond. 

 Well I do received a pink diamond as my wedding ring, thank you!
I hope one day, I will be able to have a baby girl and pass this ring to her when she grown up.
(No harm "berangan" for good things right?)
 Dear Hubby, I hope you are reading this post.. haha

As a part time blogger, my phone is very important to me just like everyone else. Now we live in an era where phone is a necessity. With this awesome phone, my life would be so much facilitated. I could snap picture and blog plus with the S pen I could even edit my pictures on the go.  Guess what? this pinky phone also come with a matching S pen..  Peeewitt!!

Aside from the new paint job, the pink SamsungGalaxy Note II is identical to its white/gray brothers – with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 5.5-inch HD display, and 8-megapixel camera and is based on the latest version of Android called Jelly Bean.

Anyway, I bump into this Samsung Note II video on youtube :) Kinda cheeky!   

How I wish that I could get one :)  It cost around RM 2299 at htis moment..
I wish I have that much of money to spare for this pinky phone.

For more info you can check out Samsung Mobile Facebook or their Twitter 

WonderBox March 2013 Edition

Mar 25, 2013

 I just received my WonderBox Mar 2013 Edition! So happy :)   This time around 3 out of 5 products is from Murad.  I actually like the Kiwi Hand Cream :) Smell so nice and obviously fruity. I am not really fascinated about the blush but hey! make up can never go wrong :) plus it is full sized. This could be alternate blusher for my daily use for office make up! 

  • Murad Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30  (Deluxe Sample Size)
  • Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture (Sample Size)
  • Murad Active Radiance Serum (Sample Size) 
  • Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Rejuvenating Hand Creme (Full sized if I am not mistaken since it is not really written in the cards about the full size amount and price)
  • Eliento Foinatto Blush (Full Size) 

This might not be important, but I actually like the black ribbon this time around it look very classy and mathing with the Wonderbox colour code :) 

Have you gotten you box? what do you think about it? 

You may subscribe to April Wonderbox for RM 39.90 by just clicking  here :)  

Shu Eumura OB Collection Princess Party for Plus Size Kitten

Mar 23, 2013

I am super happy when I got the email that informing me that I win the pass to this princess party! 
I love to attend event because I got to meet lovely fellow blogger friends :)  It felt so good to meet up with them personally :) All this while we keep contact and inspire each other via blogging and virtual world.. So it is very nice to meet up in person and chit chat!

Thank you to Tammy from Plus Size Kitten for hosting the party invite giveaway :)  You can check out the giveaway post here

Guess what is the dress code? Princess of coz! haha :P  I'll share more picture down below :)

I love this part the most! We get a hands on session and we got to try out Shu Eumura Make Up Collections.. Weee! so happy.. 

This is the make over session as the official make up artist from Shu Eumura gave a demonstration... 


See? I told you :) fellow bloggers dress up super cute!

Weeeee! Happy Face :) 

I love her head gear :) 

Nice pose ladies! 

So cute! I am in love with your necklace babe :) 

This Lash Bar really attract me. 

 Yukiko drawing on the Shu Eumura bag.. Owh ya.. We also have a bag drawing competition! Many of the bloggers really have a good talent at drawing :)  You can check out their drawing on Shu Eumura fb here within a week a winnier will be chosen :) Good luck to all ladies!!

I tried out the BB mouse Cream :) See the cute bottle at the bag? So sweet packaging right? 
They have 4 different variety and you can check out the whole collection below :) 

Tammy and her cake :) Happy Belated Birthday Tammy!  

I did not go back home empty handed :)  Everyone were given goodies to bring back home :)

Thank you Shu Eumura for being super generous by giving out each one of us a 24 carat gold eyelash curler (limited edition) OMG!!! I am so grateful.. Thank you!! Not just that we also received RM 20 voucher   if we spend RM 100 

I got the below picture from Tammy's fb :) I wanted to take the group picture too but I was only using my handphone to snap picture :(  So I go culik the picture from her fb :P  (I hope she dont mind) 

I hope to meet each one of you on the next event  :) 
Thank you for treating me nice and for being super friendly. I did not manage to chat with everyone but I tried my best to chat with as many as I could  :)  Please say hi! if we bump into each other on future event ya!  p/s :  I am a very talkative girl and more than happy to mingle around :) 

What to do and where to go during weekend in Malaysia?

Mar 22, 2013

I just like to share some ideas of place to visit or things you can do during weekend in Malaysia :)

I hope it will help to inspire and give you more ideas on how to spend your weekend.

1) Go and play snooker just for fun :)

2) Visit National Science Center in Mount Kiara

3) Take a flight to east cost and go for a snorkeling trip.

4) Visit Zoo Melaka, only 2 hours drive from KL

5) Fancy for chill weather? Drive out to Genting Highland just 46 mins drive from KL and enjoy their theme park rides

6) Visit National Museum 

7) Go to Fraser Hill and enjoy nature

8) Want to eat fresh strawberry? Go to Cameron Highland

9) Visit Bukit Tinggi also known as Berjaya Hills :) they have rabbit farm!

10) Paint your wall and get your creative juice flow :)

11) Spend time swimming and act silly :P make believe you are a mermaid. So fun!

12) Go for cycling trip at Bukit Cerakah in Shah Alam (If you dont have a bike no worry they have alot that you can rent from)

13) Visit your granma :)  

14) Watch movie at Platinum Cathay :) 

15) Read a book and finish it during weekend.

16) Go to Sunway Lagoon and have lots of fun!!

17) Fish feeding at Bukit Cerakah.

18) Have a steamboat picnic at Lake Garden, KL

19) Visit National Bird Park :P

20) Enjoy the beach at Port Dickson

21) Have family gathering and have a barbeque

22) Visit Pangsun :)

23) Go to KLCC 

What do like to do during weekend? Please share with me.. I would love to try it out too!

p/s : all of this picture are from my personal trips :) 

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