How to Tackle Monday Blues?

I would to share some of my personal tips on how to tackle Monday blues J I hope it will help to inspire you.

Rise and Shine
Sleep early on Sunday night and wake up early on Monday. Waking up early can give you more time to prepare and reduce the stress of hurrying in the morning J You will feel more relax

Wear something nice
By wearing something that you like it will not only boost up your confidence it will also pump up your good feeling. So wear something extra nice on every Monday. More than you know your good mood might spread and infect your workmates to be happier too J

Matching Undies
For ladies, wear your nicest and cutest undergarment with matching panties and bra J Looking good and feeling good inside will help to make you feel lil spark of happiness J

Good Morning!!
Send a sweet good morning text to people you care about. It could be your parents, your siblings and even your close friends. A simple message of “Good Morning!! I love you” could brighten up mostly everyone day J Send some love to others and you will be surprised of how good it make you feel.

Be grateful
Always remember to be grateful J Be grateful that you have a job, there are so many others are struggling to have one. Some even struggle to secured an interview session. Try to remember what is your initial feeling when you got the news on landing this job. Happy and excited right? So, always remember that by being grateful and counting your blessing. You will be happier and could easily turn the Monday blues frown upside down and smile instead!

The picture below really represent how I felt last time before I practice these tips.

Do you have your own tips? Please share I would love to know too.. 


  1. Good tips! Lyne salu wear something nice on Monday & tidur awal ;)

  2. I alwaуs spent mу half an hour to read thiѕ web site's articles all the time along with a mug of coffee.

  3. My tip: Always put a smile on your face no matter how dreadful Mondays are =))

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  5. thanks for your lovely sharing


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