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Apr 22, 2012

No menace people.

This bloody chameleon again getting on my nerve. Aku ingat dia da balajar dari kesilapan silam.. TP aku silap sikap bodo dan bangang nyer semakin bertambah dan duplicate in binary effect. Berganda dengan dashyat.. kalau nak bongok sorang2 its ok tak meyusahkan org lain..

Ok lets stop my crappiniess before it get worse.. Chamelon sekor ni borrow my dept trolley. So budak umur 3 tahun ke atas, as far as I am concern da tahu the BIG two rules of borrowing people’s stuff..

No 1 = Tell
No 2 = Return it back you bloody Mada fakka

The problem is, this (unclever / suspected retarded) chameleon, suka pinjam my dept punyer trolley.. memang la mende kecik trolley je kan.. ape nak kecoh kan?

Tp cube bayangkan yg anda punyer dept sendiri nak pakai cari2 bende tu takde.. sakit tak HATI? So mada fakka chameleon ni da kantoi pinjam banyak kali.. da la main ambik cam harta bapak die, never tell also ( no menace right?)

Then never return.. sakit tak hati? How come simple thing like this also tak reti nak buat.. tak belajar ke kat sekolah pelajaran moral?

Sorry la if this entry so full or RAGE.. just nak lepaskan rasa tak puas hati.. dan juga rasa pelik. Why there are still human on earth that acted in such uncivilized way.


Apr 19, 2012

Birthday Wishes ( an emo entry )

Apr 16, 2012

Today is my birthday.. So many of my dear friends and family wished me with lots of warm wishes =)

I felt so blessed, but deep down inside of me.. something trigger.. do I really deserve this? Well.. my mum is one who did all the hard work.. Bringing me to this world.. she is the one carrying me for 7 months (yup I was a premature baby) she is the one who gave birth to me….

The person who I like to wish and sincerely thankful for all this cherish life n love is my parents.. my dad n my mum… They grew me up in the best way possible that they knew…

I hope in more years to come I will put the very best effort in being a good daughter. Because I owe both of my parents my life =) and unconditional love.

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

Apr 15, 2012

Dulu2 citer ni famous… mase tuh tak banyak rumah ade astro lagi.. at that time the installation fee for astro is around RM1k pluss (bodo kan?) Slightly overprice, tu pasal tak rami rumah ade.. bukan like now days u pay RM70 je pun da boleh dapat the astro installed to your house.

Anyway,, that not the main reason I wrote this entry,, The thing is now days ily tgk tak banyak citer yg ade good value..

Not like last time, mase tu most everyone ade very limited choise of tv.. so same ade tgk TV1 or TV2 or TV3 that’s it.. that time takde NTV7 lagi.. and takda all the other channel..

So during that time everyone will some how tgk the same thing.. So when you go to school.. kawan nesti tanyer eh semalam Power rangers best kan? So kite pun can join the conversation since we watched the same thing.. it was fun actually…

Talking about Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang tu.. the set up was simple.. inside a studio je.. lebih kurang like a warung under a flat.. pastu ade kedai buat lessen and kedai salon.. MAse tuh ade Accapan la.. ade lucy =)

This people potray the true value of Malaysian living together.. Regardsless age and race. They are always happy.. they send out message of hidup harmoni.. when ever they face problems.. Everyone will try to help each other =)

For me that is a very good value.. We should have more shows like that… not all of the crapy singing competition again…….. not any love dovey drama.. not the too sexy.. X rated show,,,

Just a simple funny sitcom with a good message =) Is it to much to ask?

Work and Life Balance

Apr 3, 2012

Have you ever felt that you are like robots? I do
Sometime I felt like, my daily routine is so boring and structured. On average weekdays, I’ll be waking up, go to work, spend like 9 to 10 hours at office then, go back home, then cook something for dinner for my hubby n my bro, then gosok my husband’s clothes & mine for work, then watch some tv then sleep.

The same routine every freaking day for 5 days a week, which is around 71.5% out of my total days in a week. I means that I used up only 28.5% to do random stuff like having fun n lepaking.. Things that I wish I could do every day! =) But what to do, I am not born RICH.. I do not have funds Oversea or what so ever… So, basically like most people I have to work…..

Sometime, I just wonder around on how do I fully utilized my time, since I am not growing young each day.. I don’t want to keep doing the same thing in order to gain money that will never be enough.. I might one day wake up, and realize that I am old and I do not have a much energy to do what I really wanted to do anymore..

Life could never be that easy right? You won’t have everything you want in a single click right? So I said to my self, I should be thankful, there are also people out there, who have money, but might not have the health, or facing other difficulties.. I don’t know.. As always, I will try my best to look at the brighter side =)

Trust me, I it less exhausting..

To overcome this, I mean my effort in trying to have a balance of work and life.. I decide to do different thing every weekend.. I am planning to spend more time with family n friends =) To keep the momentum going =)

I am planning to visit my grammar more often, to visit my parents more often and to visit my parents in law more often as well.. they are growing old, to them I matter the most.. I don’t want to be those buzy adult who so buzy achieving but tend to forget that the people who matter the most is also buzy growing old.. I want to be a good daughter, grandchild, daughter in law, wife, sister n friends =)

To me success is not measured by how much money you manage to collect.. at the end of the day..
For me success is measured by how happy and satisfied you are with your life =)

p/s : thanks sebab sudi read my post and be pantience with all my nagging n whinining all these while =)
All of you readers are AWESOME =) n best of all… you guys ROCK!!

Places I wanted to go before I die

Apr 1, 2012

If money and time is not an issue, I would like to go few places before I die.. I know some people already went to most of the places that I am going to list down here.. (You are so lucky! And please Don’t brag ahhh…)

I always wanted to spend most of time travelling.. it would be fun right? Meeting lots of interesting people trying lots of fun and exciting food =) Yummy!!

But I don’t have few millions in my bank account and I don’t have that much time to spare as well…………

No worries, no harm in dreaming =) I know one fine day, I’ll achieve my dream =)

So let’s cut short with all the “pok pek pok pek” and get to the point straight.

1) Iceland

2) Taj Mahal

3) I know this sounded so lame.. but I always wanted to go to Eifel Tower

4) Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

5) The World Island, Dubai

6) All the wonderful island we have in Malaysia ( so far I covered few only) we have quite nice beaches behind our own yard.
7) Mekkah

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