Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

Dulu2 citer ni famous… mase tuh tak banyak rumah ade astro lagi.. at that time the installation fee for astro is around RM1k pluss (bodo kan?) Slightly overprice, tu pasal tak rami rumah ade.. bukan like now days u pay RM70 je pun da boleh dapat the astro installed to your house.

Anyway,, that not the main reason I wrote this entry,, The thing is now days ily tgk tak banyak citer yg ade good value..

Not like last time, mase tu most everyone ade very limited choise of tv.. so same ade tgk TV1 or TV2 or TV3 that’s it.. that time takde NTV7 lagi.. and takda all the other channel..

So during that time everyone will some how tgk the same thing.. So when you go to school.. kawan nesti tanyer eh semalam Power rangers best kan? So kite pun can join the conversation since we watched the same thing.. it was fun actually…

Talking about Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang tu.. the set up was simple.. inside a studio je.. lebih kurang like a warung under a flat.. pastu ade kedai buat lessen and kedai salon.. MAse tuh ade Accapan la.. ade lucy =)

This people potray the true value of Malaysian living together.. Regardsless age and race. They are always happy.. they send out message of hidup harmoni.. when ever they face problems.. Everyone will try to help each other =)

For me that is a very good value.. We should have more shows like that… not all of the crapy singing competition again…….. not any love dovey drama.. not the too sexy.. X rated show,,,

Just a simple funny sitcom with a good message =) Is it to much to ask?


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