Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur - Room Review and Overall Experience | REVIEW |

Sep 26, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

My daughter eyes always light up whenever we told that we bringing them to “jalan”. That is one of the many reason why we go out for as much staycation together. To make them happy, to spend as much quality time together. After all we only have 2 full days out of a week as the rest of the days as spent with routine of going to work, sending them to school and picking them up. I am very grateful for the time we had as some parents need to be away from their kids for months or years in order to make a living.

This time is just a quick 2D1N staycation over the weekend. We decided to stay in Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.  It took less than 30mins travelling time from our home. Maybe because it is also Saturday morning, the traffic is so much forgiving compared to working days.

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Club Lounge | Review |

Sep 25, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are coming down to KL or looking for an idea where to stay at next round, I would like to just share about my family experience at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Club Lounge. Will write about the overall experience in another blogpost which include Club Room tour. This blogpost will focus on the Club Lounge itself.

We always tend to book club room during our staycation simply because of the added benefit. We found it to be worth the money spent expecially if we do not plan on leaving the building. Just want to relax, enjoy a good view and spend time with our family members. Like many other hotels you will be entitled for club room benefit when you book a club room. If you book other type of room you can always pay extra for the same benefit. However, it make more sense for us to just book the Club Room and enjoy the extra services for no extra charges. For non club room guest you have to pay RM180++ per person to enjoy the services. However, if you book a Club Room you pay zero. For us it is a great saving as we might need to pay atleast RM360++ for 2 adult.

Sheraton Imperial Club Lounge is located at the most top floor of the hotel at 38th floor. It is operating from 6:30am until 11:00pm. They provide personalized check in/check out meaning you can have a private check in/check out at the Club Lounge itself. You may also get a money exchange and concierge services there.

LEMONGRASS HOUSE Essential Oils | Review |

Sep 24, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Pernah try tak essential oils? Selalu kalau dengar essential oils kebanyakan ingat just untuk bau wangi jer kan? Sebenarnya ada banyak lagi cara untuk guna essential oils. Boleh guna waktu pagi, before tidur, untuk boost imunity, dan juga untuk bantu kita focus. To be exact ada banyak lagi cara dan kegunaan essential oils. Nanti dalam video kat bawah blogpost ni illy akan share macam mana cara nak guna essential oils untuk bantu tidur, dan legakan sakit kepala dan hilangkan stress.

Before that, illy nak explain dulu apa itu essential oils. Essential oils ni adalah minyak yang pekat atau highly concentrated dari tumbuhan. Kat market ada banyak jenis essential oils dari bermacam syarikat. Illy pilih untuk guna essential oils dari LEMONGRASS HOUSE. Kalau siapa yang pernah pergi thailand mesti ada perasan brand ni. Brand ni datang dari thailand. I was told the owner is actually mat salleh dia sebenarnya ex-hollywood Film Executive kemudian minat mendalam dalam aromatherapy and he is now a aromatherapist. Dia punya wife is from Thailand. They have a humble begining jual mosquito repellant using essential oils dan bahan natural. From there dorang berkembang dan supply kepada UNICEF. Brand LEMONGRASS House sekarang dah 20 tahun  berapa di pasaran dan jual ke seluruh dunia. Outlet yang illy suka pergi ada kat One Utama Shopping Mall, kat Kuala Lumpur.

Dim Sum Sedap di Restoran Siang KL, Sogo

Sep 19, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Kalau cerita pasal dim sum sedap kat kl ni satu jer tempat teringat kat kepala illy. Restoran Siang, last sekali illy tulis pasal tempat ni tahun 2014 dulu. Rasa macam about time to update pasal kedai ni. Kebetulan kami ada kat tengah kl time tu and memang dah agak lama tak makan dim sum jadi pergi la ke Sogo. Lokasi dia kat atas bangunan Sogo sama floor dengan food court kat tingkat enam betul tepi Fish Manhattan kalau tak silap. Banyak betul berubah Sogo lepas renovation. Kami dah lama tak datang jadi agak terkejut juga. Bagus la banyak improvement.

. P1070720

Restoran Siang ni pun renovated juga nampak nya. Ruang makan di renovate jadi kecik sikit tapi nampak ada buat private dining area. So, nanti kalau ada nak buat gathering family, birthday ke sesuai lah.

Jurlique Latest Outlet at The Starling Mall

Sep 18, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone,

Put on your mental dress, and come on a date with me today. As I will bring you around the brand new Jurlique Malaysia’s 10th Concept Store. It is located at The Starling Mall right in the middle of Uptown Damansara. Gosh, I still remember around 5 years go when I work at one of the office in Uptown. It never occured to me  that a shopping mall could emerged there. Haha..

I have been using Jurlique for many years and if you are familiar with my blog then you might have noticed that I have wrote about this organic brand many times before. I just cant resist to share because the range their offer aligned with what I love. From the natural ingridients used, to the packaging, and the luxurious hint. It somehow makes me feel like I am rewarding myself everytime I used Jurlique product. Because of its nice packaging it also makes a wonderful gift. 


Anyway, back to the new concept store. Myself and few other friends from blogging world on top of mainstream media are invited for the Grand Opening. I was actually fasinated by the drinks provided. Hahaha.. I mean how can I not? Look at that.. I was informed that the drinks and canapes are tailored based on the natural ingridients used for the products. How detail and thoughtful is that?  Event started with a little introduction and they shared about their ey miliestones. Do you know that the first Jurlique concept store was open at Mid Valley in 1999. It means Jurlique have been in Malaysian market for a steady 19 years and counting. Along the way they have been bringing media members to events around the world including a Press Farm Trip at Adelaide. In case you are wondering, Adelaide is where they grew all the herbs and flowers used for Jurlique’s range. It must have been a very big a beautiful farm filled with herbs and flowers.



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

It is not a secret that our family have always been a fan of being under the sun. We like to spend as much time with our kids at the park, going for an adventure and always find excuse to go swimming. However, this also mean that we are exposed the nasty UV ray. One brand that I have been trusting is by SunPlay. I still remember one of my first review about this brand was from 2013. You can read it here

Couple of months ago, this 2 products were sent to me for review and after using it vigorously. I think it is about time to give it a review it deserved. I am not paid to spend my time writing this or to recommend this to you. It was sent to me for a review, and like always I will only review products that are found to be usefull and worth writing for. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

NIVEA Care Run 2017 | Come and Join! |

Sep 14, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are looking for run to join, then I have a happy news for you. Nivea will be organising the NIVEA Care Run at the end of next month which is on Oct 29,2017. It falls on Sunday so you can spend your weekend with a healthy activity weeehoo!! Actually, after the previous run that I had with my family, I finally understand what is all the fuss about running. The feeling of accomplishment and that the amount of joy you felt after finishing the the run is sooo satisfying. Hahaha.. I might be late on joining the bandwagon but anything that helps me to be active and be healthy will always be welcome in my calender.

Well, this Nivea Care Run will be held at Putrajaya aiming to raise awareness about underarm care. A portion of the collection will go to Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG). Nivea is targeting to have 3,000 runners and each one of participants will be able to contribute improve education and healthcare of those in need by joining this run. 


As mentioned earlier Nivea Care Run will be hosted on 29 Oct 2017, start at 7am (dont forget to set your alarm clock!). The run venue is at Precint 6, Putrajaya for 5km and the registration is RM65.

Restoran Home Made Kota Damansara Fish Head Noodle |Sedap dan harga berpatutan|

Sep 12, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Kalau korang datang kota damansara or tinggal dekat kawasan sini macam kitorang then mesti biasa lalu kat kawasan sunway damansara tu kan? Yang ada The Strand tu. Asyik masak kat rumah sekali sekala kami makan kat luar juga try tempat baru. Normally friday lepas balik kerja ambik anak, kitorang pergi try makan luar. Celebrate weekend dengan family lah konon. Sampai si sofea tu pun bila friday lepas ambik dia mesti tanya, today nak makan kat mana? confirm jer kau kan.

Kali ni nak share pasal kedai ni nama dia HOME MADE, Fish Head Noodle. Lokasi di


No. 8-1 & 10-1 , Jalan PJU 5/5, 47810, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47810, Malaysia

Resepi Kimchi Wantan Sedap dan Senang!

Sep 11, 2017

kimchi kak long

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Hari ni illy nak share resepi buat Kimchi Wantan yang tentunya sedap dan senang. Kali ni illy pakai Kimchi by KakLo. Siapa yang pernah beli mesti tahu dia punya sedap pergh! Dia ada 3 flavour mild, sweet and spicy, last sekali hot and spicy. Kalau tak makan pedas or nak masak untuk budak boleh ambik yang perasa mild tu. Illy ambik perasa sweet and spicy paling bestseller. Kalau korang suka makan pedas boleh ambik hot and spicy. Illy rasa next nak try order yang hot and spicy pulak tengok dia punya pedas boleh pergi jauh mana hahaha..

Actually illy ada nak buat giveaway nak bagi 2 packet kimchi by kaklo kepada 2 pemenang. Sorang dapat satu lah kiranya, nanti boleh korang try kat umah. Illy asyik cerita jer kan so bagi lah peluang korang menang and boleh rasa kat umah. Kalau nak beli pun tak mahal.

Harga sangat berpatutan, yang macam illy tu pek 250gram baru RM12 satu, pastu kalau nak buat stock 500gram (setengah kilo) harga baru RM22 satu balang. Harga tak termasuk delivery. Alang- alang nak order tu beli banyak terus pun okay jimat kos delivery.

Tak risau expired ke apa sebab kimchi jenis makanan tahan lama, terbaik consume 3-5 bulan, kalau simpan lama dia jadi old kimchi. Ada sejarah sebenarnya kimchi ni dulu zaman perang masa kat korea kan takda peti ice kan, jadi cara dorang nak simpan sayuran dan juga supaya tahan waktu winter takda tumbuhan mereka buat kimchi simpan dalam tempayan bawah tanah. Macam kita la dulu buat daging salai, buat ikan masin nak kasi tahan lama. Dulu kan takda peti ice. Cehh sempat tu cerita sejarah hahaa

Untuk order boleh whatsapp ke 019-669 5062 (arina)
Maklumat lanjut berkenaan kimchi dan promosi boleh lawati facebook page

kimchi halal murah sedap

Resepi Kimchi Wantan Sedap dan Senang

Bahan :-

Setengah packet Kimchi by Kaklo

Wantan Pastry Sheet

Air Masak

Manik Murah dan Cantik di LBRSMY Sri Hartamas

Sep 10, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Weekend baru ni illy dan kawan – kawan bloggers ada pergi lauching LBRSMY butik kat Sri Hartamas. Kalau nak tahu LBRSMY ni singkatan dari perkataan Lace, Beads, Rhinestones and Such! Mesti korang dah boleh agak apa dia jual kan? Before nak cerita pasal tu, nak terima kasih lah pada Suzai sebab jemput kami dan juga pada Kak yong. Dalam gambar kat atas tu start dari kiri sekali siapa lagi kalau bukan illy (ambik gambar mesti nak lentok gedik LOL) okay pastu baju merah tu Diya from Pinky Momma, kat tengah pakai baju manik tu Kak yong, then the sweet and petite Sabby from Sabby Prue pastu paling last sekali tu Suzai from Sizzling Suzai.  


Sabtu lepas event start dari pukul 2pm. Kedai LBRSMY ni alamat dia kat 42-3, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sebenarnya tak susah nak cari kalau tahu kat mana restaurant mamak pelita kat Sri Hartamas tu kan yang ada parking lot situ park jer sana, seberang dia boleh nampak kedai. Location kedai kat Tingkat 3. Dont worry kalau tak larat naik tangga ada lif. Kedai buka from 11am sampai 8pm. Buka hari – hari so bila pun boleh datang kedai. Kalau nak beli online pun boleh, nanti illy cerita macam mana. Tapi bagi illy lah kan, best datang sendiri boleh tengok depan mata.

Resepi Homemade Mushroom Soup yang sedap and senang!

Sep 8, 2017


Kali ini illy share buat mushroom soup. Sesuai untuk dewasa and juga budak makan, sebab tak pakai msg,tiada preservative and all that nasty. Boleh olah letak wild mushroom or tambah few type of mushroom ikut selera masing – masing. Resepi ni memang senang siapa pun boleh buat, bahan pun tak banyak. Dah pandai buat sendiri mushroom soup dah tak perlu beli dalam tin, buat home made with love!

Pengalaman ke Phuket Thailand

Sep 6, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Before start cerita pasal pengalaman kami pergi Thailand, nak citer sikit lah pasal Phuket Island. Pulau Phuket berada di Lautan Andaman which is pulau paling besar di Thailand dan dikelilingi oleh 32 lagi pulau lain and antara paling dekat Krabi, Phi Phi dan few other island kat sana. Kalau nak bandingkan size Phuket ni kecik sikit jer lagi dari Singapore. Nak clear lagi bayangan kat Phuket ni ada 103 kampung so memang banyak tempat boleh explore depending korang jenis suka activity macam mana.
Kami kali ni tak buat activity laut sangat sebab illy pun dah berapa kali round pulau yang ada kat thailand so kali ni pergi dengan husband nak rehat, nak makan pastu nak tengok pemandangan menarik kat view point. In short, kali ni pergi bercinta hehehe gedik!
Setiap orang kalau pergi jalan kat Phuket ni akan dapat pengalaman masing yang tersendiri, kali ni kami nak share pengalaman kitorang mana tau boleh lah bantu korang planning itinerary or buat budget kalau nak pergi next time.
Kami pergi naik Malaysia Airlines sebab dapat beli ticket promotion total RM432.20 untuk dua orang ke Pulau Phuket. Perjalanan sejam sepuluh minit. Sampai ke Thailand macam biasa dia lewat sejam dari time kat Malaysia. Balik kami naik Malindo RM530.97 untuk dua orang. Ni termasuk dengan in flight meal sekali dengan baggage 30kg seorang. At the end kami tak check in beg pun sebab jenuh lah nak tunggu beg apa semua. Kami hand carry jer,turun chow, takda nak tunggu beg apa semua, senang citer bukan pergi shopping pun. Tips, kalau selalu naik MAS Airline, register frequent flyer program dorang yang enrich miles, register jer dapat free 1000 points pastu dah boleh kumpul points nanti nak redem untuk premium lounge or ticket or boleh dapat upgrade.

DocLab HA Hyaluric Acid & Anti Wrinkles Premium Face Ampoule |REVIEW|

Sep 4, 2017

DocLab Ampoule Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am back with a beauty review. This time around I will share with you my opinion over DocLab HA HYALURIC ACID and ANTI WRINKLES Premium Face Ampoule. This is actually my second time trying out face ampoule by DocLab. The first round I did a review was when they are in old packaging. Ypu can check out the review by clicking here. Since the previous write up was done in bahasa, this round I will write in english. Anyway do stay tune till end of this blogpost as I am giving away 1 box of  DocLab HA HYALURIC ACID and ANTI WRINKLES Premium Face Ampoule worth RM138 for 1 lucky reader. Let’s jump into the review right away.

Tips dan Idea Hiasan Rumah Simple ala Hotel

Hiasan Rumah

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

  Alang- alang illy dan keluarga berjalan tidur kat hotel banyak juga kami learn tips macam mana nak kasi rumah nampak kemas, sedap mata memandang ala hotel. Today illy nak share sikit few tips yang illy belajar and observe mana tau boleh bantu korang juga kan.

Pertama sekali before nak hias rumah bagi illy kena pilih apa colour code yang korang minat. Penting supaya tak berserabut and berkecamuk. Contoh bila kita dah pilih colour apa yang kita nak hias rumah pilih 2 atau 3 jenis colour yang boleh masuk. Sama ada nak contrast ke atau warm or cold. Bagi illy skang illy tengah minat warna putih, silver. Jadi illy akan stick pada colour tu jer. Jadi bila kita beli barang ke tukar cat atau tukar langsir biar main colour yang senada.

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