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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are coming down to KL or looking for an idea where to stay at next round, I would like to just share about my family experience at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Club Lounge. Will write about the overall experience in another blogpost which include Club Room tour. This blogpost will focus on the Club Lounge itself.

We always tend to book club room during our staycation simply because of the added benefit. We found it to be worth the money spent expecially if we do not plan on leaving the building. Just want to relax, enjoy a good view and spend time with our family members. Like many other hotels you will be entitled for club room benefit when you book a club room. If you book other type of room you can always pay extra for the same benefit. However, it make more sense for us to just book the Club Room and enjoy the extra services for no extra charges. For non club room guest you have to pay RM180++ per person to enjoy the services. However, if you book a Club Room you pay zero. For us it is a great saving as we might need to pay atleast RM360++ for 2 adult.

Sheraton Imperial Club Lounge is located at the most top floor of the hotel at 38th floor. It is operating from 6:30am until 11:00pm. They provide personalized check in/check out meaning you can have a private check in/check out at the Club Lounge itself. You may also get a money exchange and concierge services there.


This is the entrance to Sheraton Imperial Club Lounge Kuala Lumpur. That is my husband (Johan) holding my 9 months old daughter (Zandria) and that lil girl is my first born, Sofea. I am so gladto find out that children are welcome at this Club Lounge as many other are not as kids friendly. Making it a great options for family traveller to consider staying here. 

Dress code is smart casual during the cocktail hours (from 5:30pm till 7:30pm) no swimwear, bathrobe and slippers are allowed at all time. Just letting you know so you dont have issues with dresscode.

After checking in and settled down, we went up for the complimentary afternoon tea time from 2:00pm up till 4:00pm. This club lounge serve the usual coffe, tea, cold beverages and juices all day long from 6:30am until 11:30pm. Evening Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres are from 5:30pm untill 7:30pm daily. There are also complimentary wifi and computers available.

Meaning, we get free afternoon tea time, and sort of light dinner on top of breakfast for the next day. They do serve breakfast at the club lounge if you prefer quite time and lesser crowd. However the spread is lesser compared at the main restaurant. We decided to enjoy our breakfast at the main restaurant the next day. This is on top of the Club Room benefits which I’ll talk about later in another blogpost.






I was expecting cut fruits and maybe two types of cupcakes. Actually not bad. I like the red velvet cake, my husband enjoyed the latte and my girl Sofea ordered herself juice one glass after another. We tend to allow her to order her own drinks as it will teach her how to interact with adult and for her to learn on decision making on top of giving her confidence in making her own decision. Picking out your own drink might seems like a tiny decision making for us adult. It is somehow a big deal for a 3 years old haha..



I havent start talking about the view. You will get to enjoy this lovely view from the 38th floor.


There are plenty of seat and the ambiance is nice. Furniture and detailing is a little bit on the vintage side if you asked me. Given that the hotel was built in 2007. It is already a decade old. I would say it is well maintained.







You can enjoy more spread of food during cocktail and hors d’oeuvres session. It is a fancy way of telling you they serve savory dish. My husband and I really enjoy the lamb briyanni and the lamb soup. Since it is buffet style, you can enjoy endless round of meals. Might even skip dinner or treat this session as dinner itself. From salads, to roti jala to quiche and bite size appetizers. Since we are a muslim, we skip the cocktail and go for juices and coffee. I would say it is very worth it considering we do dot pay anything extra as it comes together with the Club Room, the view is breath taking, the service is great. Didnt I mention that one of the senior staff offer to hold my 9 months old Zandria so we could enjoy our meal. How thoughtful is that?

We are very much pleased with our experience at this Club Lounge and would not hesitate to come back again.  Thank you so much for reading this up. Hopefully you will find it useful somehow. Stay tune for the Club Room tour and review soon. Till next time. Do like our fb page (we host lots of giveaway from time to time) subscribe to our youtube channel (lots of fun vlog) and thank you once again for dropping by!

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