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It is not a secret that our family have always been a fan of being under the sun. We like to spend as much time with our kids at the park, going for an adventure and always find excuse to go swimming. However, this also mean that we are exposed the nasty UV ray. One brand that I have been trusting is by SunPlay. I still remember one of my first review about this brand was from 2013. You can read it here

Couple of months ago, this 2 products were sent to me for review and after using it vigorously. I think it is about time to give it a review it deserved. I am not paid to spend my time writing this or to recommend this to you. It was sent to me for a review, and like always I will only review products that are found to be usefull and worth writing for. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.



The first version of this SUNPLAY SPORT UV SPT 120 isin a body mist version. That’s the thing I love about innovation. You can just spray and get the protection that your skin deserved. Patience is totally not kids virtue. Especially in the presence of swimming pool. They will turn out impatient and would just focus on getting into the water the soonest. Ihave two kids, and none of them would be tolerant enough to wait for me to lather them with sunscreen before jumping in. Cant blame them, water fun can be very tempting even for us adult.  This body mist is super useful when I want to protect my daughter’s skin. Within few seconds they are all done. I also like that this latest formulation dries up instantly and do not have those white marks on the skin. Or I would have to spend couple of minutes explaining to them what it is white marks for (on repeat mind you LOL).

I also found it great as it could be used for both wet and dry skin. I can re-spay it on my kids and myself, after certain time frame. Dont have to worry about intense sunblock smell as this latest formulation is also gentle on your smell palette.

It is water and sweat resistant on top of having SPF 120 PA++++ so you can enjoy having fun without the the worry of UV ray. As you spray it on, you will surely be delighted with the light formulation. It does not feel sticky like the usual sunblock. On top of that, it do not contain any alcohol, colorant, paraben and oxybenzone. For those who have sensitive skin, worry not as by not having oxybenxone this sunscreen will not trigger allergic skin reactions.

This SUNPLAY Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120 is priced at RM58.90 for 165g and I think it is such a worthy amount to be paid for a good product. I have been using it since Feb this year and still haver generous amount of product even after more than 6 months.




For those who like the traditional version as in the liquid form, you can try out SUNPLAY Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF 120 that is priced at RM 43.50 for 35g. It is not my favourite simply because I prefer the spray version I found it to be more efficient in terms of application. However, this version have the same great properties as its spray sister by having 4 hours sweat and water resistant. As you took out the product you can see it is in white liquid form. It does leave white patches another reason while I prefer the other one instead.


There you go, I hope you enjoy this post and maybegain some insight before deciding on which sun screen product to get. Thank you for spending your valuable time to read my humble opinion. Wishing you lots of love and happiness. Till next blogpost and take care!


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