Juice Beauty Skin Care - Review (OnlyBeauty.com.my)

Jun 30, 2013

Great thanks to OnlyBeauty.com.my for the kind opportunity to review this products. Do you know that you can get free samples delivered to your door step just by signing up and applying too?

What are you waiting for? Check it out now!! 

Today, I am very happy to be able to share with you an amazing Organic Juice based skin care products! I believe you are quite familiar with organic food right? So what makes this organic skincare so special?

  • Organic Juice contained Organic Juice Based 
  • This products is antioxidant RICH
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • No Artificial colouring and best of all this product have a strict policy that against animal testing (One of the main reason why I love it)
  • This is a GLUTEN free products (Do you know that there are 3 millions people in the US alone which are allergic to gluten?) 

Before I move forward, gluten is actually a protein that found in wheat, barley and rye.. As nourishing as it sounded... sadly some are even allergic to it too.. I am so grateful that I do not have any major allergic reaction to any skincare that I used before.

Moving on, This cute metal box contained the Cleansing Gel, the oil-free moisturizer, 3 packs of blemish serum and Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer as well as the Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment.

This is the top view of the Cleansing Gel, I love the fact that it comes in the pump type diffuser which makes it easier to control the amount of products that your going to use. As you can see, there is a simple instruction how to open ans close it which makes it easier if you want to pack this gel and bring for travelling purpose as the percentage of having it spilled over your luggage is reduced.. Pheww! 

This is the products information written behind the bottle. This product claimed to gently remove impurities to clarify and balance while protecting your skin's moisture...You need to massage it into your damp skin with circular motion. 

As for my personal opinion,  do  not get so excited with cleansing your face. I learned that washing the face more than once or twice can lead to irritation of the skin. If you're someone who sweats majorly, then maybe you can wash your face when you feel too much grime accumulation, also when you feel uncomfortable (then again don't overdo it). Even after a rigorous workout session, washing the face is recommended. Otherwise, no matter what skin type you be, it would be great to stick to washing the face just twice, in the morning and before you sleep at night...

Check out how it looks like. The cleansing gel it in brownish colour and to me I found that is smells like an apple juice.. hahaha.. Actually this cleansing gel is made out of cherry juice. 

The next step is of cause the moisturizing part :) This moisturizer is an oil-free moisturizer and made our of pomegranate juice. However, I cant really detect the pomegranate smell, it might be my nose but no sweat about that, the main important is what it does to your skin right?  

This is whats written at the back of the bottle, I dont know if you can see it clearly here. I also found out that this moisturizer contained more than just pomegranate, it actually also contained aloe vera, vitamins and sea- algae. Sound so nourishing right? 

I personally found it a nice light weighted moisturizer that give matte finish. I cant really tell how moisturizing it is since I do not have the moisture meter with me ( aiming to own it soon). But I can really tell you  is that, I tried putting it and I love that it absorb into my skin almost instantly. 

Next is the Blemish Clearing Serum. I received 3 sachets of this repair serum and for far I tried 1 sachets. Ok actually is is quite tedious to use a products that came in a sachets obviously because it tend to spilled after I open it. If you have a good tips on how to effectively use products in sachets please share with me ya.. 

Anyhow, I am still very happy as they include 3 sachets instead of just one.. haha This is because for me I need to use products for atleast a week to really confident and for me to compare the result. 

This is what written at the back of the serum sachets. 

Last but not least we have the Repair Moisturizer and the Eye Treatment products. I didnt have the chance to try out this last 2 products yet since I am currently using other Eye Treatment at this moment and I wanted to fully see the result for the Moisturizing Cream ( the one shared above) and I dont want to mix up to many products on my face. Of cause this is organic products but I still prefer to use one products at a time instead of layering to many products.. If not I cant really detect which products is the one given good result :) 

Have you tried out this products before? What is your experience like? 

For more info please check out :

p/s: I would like to thanks Tammy from plusizekitten.com for giving me good tips on how to take a nice clearer picture with just using my phone :) and yes.. all of the above picture are taken via my phone with no computer edit at all. 

Bag-of-Love Summer Edition

Jun 27, 2013

Remember my last post about bag of love?  If you dont no sweat you can check it out here  I was very2 happy when I received my previous bag and personally it is very hard to top it off. Well, Mimi proved me wrong because this Summer Edition bag is SO GREAT!!!! I remembered the day when I received my previous bag and I quickly grab the Summer bag on the same day itself. Ya.. thats how happy I am with the bag :P

Every month, Mimi came out with a fun and creative concept of the bag. The best part even the bag itself is customized every month :)  It must take alot of effort in designing the bag coordinating the manufacturing timeline, working out to get the products and maintainign a facebook page. I dont know how she even pull it off. What ever it is she is doing a great job and kudos to that!! 

This time around I received a light blue stripe bag with a nice hand loop. Since the theme is Summer and more to the Beach Vacation kinda feel, I love it since it is cute and practical. The hand loop make it easier to carry.

This is the top view of the bad. This time around it is in square shape.

Check out the cute customized button mannnnn... That is the illustration version of Mimi. so cute right? I check and the it is like a pin button. Wah.. then my mind start imaging the hard work of the person who pin up this button on every single bag :)  

Lets check out the most fun part which is the products. Even by a quick glance you would have notice that this is so worth it compared to the price you are paying... I mean RM 39.90 and you get all this??

  • 4 pc Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set (Cremorlab is a Korean brand available exclusively at Muse by Watsons) rp. RM69-RM119
  • 50ml Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo rp. RM43
  • 30ml Clairol Professional Radiance Intensive Mask rp.RM69
  • 1.2ml Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray rp.RM185
  • 200ml Vaseline Healthy White SPF24/PA++ rp.RM15.90
  • Definite Foundation Brush rp.RM118
My most favorite products this month is obviously the Definate Brush (tell me who dont like Definate brush???) and the lotion by Vaseline. I am like seriously you can never go wrong with lotions. I love that this time around it is the triple ligheting lotion with SPF24 and it also comes with Vitamin B3.  

I am also quite excited about the Cermorlad Hydration Trial Set, going to wait till I finish my current skin care routine and try out this one. Glad that it is included with the Whole Set so be able to try out optimally :)

Last but not least, the vouchers.. Like many other I am not a great fan of vouchers so lets say you want it.. let me know I will mail personally mail it to you. Might as well share it with others than end up not using it right? 

I am actually not in a very good health condition this few days, with the mountains of work to finish and all the others things happening lately.. I am very happy that I received this bag today :) It makes my day!! 

For more info please check out :

Mango Whitening Mask by Baviphat

Jun 26, 2013

Today I would like to share with all of you my experience trying out this Mango Whitening Face Mask by Baviphat. My first impression was..

WAHHHH so cute :P

This mask have a creamy texture with cute2 yellow particles. This creamy mask contain microscopic oxygen bubbles that appear upon application of mask. It claimed to help purify the skin by removing waste lodged in pores to immediately reveal brighter skin.

The consistency of this mask is a little different, it feels like a whipped mousse. I spread a layer on my skin so it looks white (reminds me of bedak sejuk) at the beginning but after 3 minutes (the mask is recommended to be left on 2-3 minutes and then to be rinsed off) the mask looks mostly clear & transparent with some white streaks where I applied it extra thickly.

I found that  it doesn´t tickle like other oxygen masks though as those create bubbles and this mask doesn´t. This mask have a fruity smell, I was hoping more to a mango kinda smell (don’t blame me ahh.. their said it is a mango mask haha) It also has this typical oxygen-mask smell which is hard to describe... if you  are familiar with oxygen mask then it is familiar to you :P

This two days since the company that I worked for gave us 2 days from home instruction, I decided to try out mask and do self-pampering while replying works email and task :P Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

My husband compliment that, eh two days you stay at home and suddenly your face brighten up ah? Hehehe.. Thanks to Mango Whitening Mask by Baviphat!  Well, I cant promise you whitening effect (I only tried twice so far ) but I do notice the brightening effect.

I found out that this mask apparently is actually the best seller in Korea in 2009 that 1 Million pieces were sold across the country! 

p/s : This is not a sponsored review, this mask is given to me by The butterfly Project mama-san Tammy :P  I decided to share my experience since I found it worth to be shared. 

Health Tips during Haze - Simple yet effective

Jun 24, 2013

I just like to share some tips on how to survive the Haze that we are currently facing. Today is my second day that the company that I work for request the effected region to work from home. Since my house is only less than 10 minutes to office, I still breath the same air. Not just me the whole nation is affected which is the reason why I decided to share what I know that maybe could help to facilitate you during this moment.

As for the Health Tips :

Stay indoors and keep the air clean - Stay indoors as much as possible and keep the doors and windows closed. If you have an air conditioner, switch it on and ensure the air filter is clean. The use of suitable particulate air filters (air filters which remove solid particles from the air) within an enclosed area can also help.

Alleviating the symptoms -Haze often irritates the nose, throat, airways, skin and eyes. The common symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, dry throat, cough and eye irritation.

Air passages: Symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, dry throat and cough can be relieved through simple cough tablets or mixtures available in pharmacies.

Eyes: Apply a few drops of saline solution to act as natural tear supplements. This will help wash away haze compounds or dust particles that get into the eyes.

Aloe, orange juice and honey: Mix equal quantities of aloe vera juice and orange juice. Add one table spoon of honey and drink every morning to soothe the throat.

Vinegar: Add two tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water and take a few swallows as needed. Vinegar dissolves the mucus in the throat and reduces inflammation.

I get my API reading from these sites, just incase it might help I share it below :

Stay beautiful and most importantly Stay Healthy!

No Panda Eyes anymore! Thanks to LoveDrops EyeLush Curler Mascara by Ishizawa

Jun 21, 2013

Have you ever face a panda eye moment in your life?  I know I have for numerous time :P haha.. As much as I hope that I would look cute like panda, in the real world I am not even close to looking cute with the panda eye :P 

Today I would to share with you one product that will help you to enjoy nice curled long eyelash without the panda eye effect.Drum rolls please......... Taaa daa... Introducing the Love Drops Eyelush Curler Mascara by Ishizawa. First of all lets check out what makes this product special? 

Check out the diagram that I have created below

This is the Front and Back view of the products.

What makes me fall in love with it? Well it was love at the first sight when I saw the packaging! It is quite unique and creative. As you can see, it looks like a book complete with the bookmark there :P 

The front cover were written in Japanese since this product originated from the land of the sunrise. too bad I cant read Japanese haha.. Well no sweat, the back cover were translated in  English.

As you can see, this the inside view and the top view. It open up just like a book. In the left bottom picture, you can see the mascara is actually in the black box there. Thumbs up for creative packaging! 
Take a look at the zoomed picture of the W-edge brush. This brush designed to helps you get a total coverage from root till the end of your eyelash :)

Another plus point, I personally found this mascara interesting because it smells good! I mean hardly I come across mascara that have nice smells :P This mascara products smells reminds me of Chamomile and lavender extract mix together. Such a nice natural aromatic experience :P

This mascara is perfect for those who are always in hurry like me.. Sometime you want to go to office or event and you wan to have a nice *wink*wink* eyes but you dont have the time to put on fake eyelash or even curl your lashes with the curler... 

Well, worry no more :P This LoveDrops EyeLush Curler Mascara by Ishizawa will help you to get your *wink*wink* eyelash only with the mascara usage! 

P/s : Products are only sold at SELECTED Watsons. 
Updated : It is retailing at RM 78.90 per unit.

Please check out the link below for more fun details! 


Jun 20, 2013

First of all, thank you to Don and Yuki for the invite! It was a very fun event. It is very nice  to mingle around and talk to bloggers friends personally face to face haha.. We normally communicate over the net. So to be able to meet in person is just so much fun!

I am also glad that Samsung take the initiative and host such an amazing party to get to know the bloggers (that have been supporting Samsung brand) up close in person...  To me, it makes the us felt like *Awwww… we are appreciated.. isn’t that sweet?   

Honestly, we are more than happy to support the Brand that is so Awesome and to be able to get the opportunity to be one of the evangelist is just amazing <3 o:p="">


The main entrance and the event was held at The Pool, KL 
Check out the Balloons Arch, so nice!  

I arrived at 6.30pm so able to snap pictures when the sun is still shining  :P 

Table Decor, I love the detailing in the decoration table 
Glittering beads just make everything nice!

They have the "canggih" photo booth.  Had a great fun utilizing it hahaha

Check out my friends blog below :

Have you heard about TecTiles? Well it is about time for you to know :P 
I learned about TecTiles apps during the event and I am amazed!

I found this video to help you understand more about TecTiles 
Have fun watching it 

ok here is another picture moment to wrap up this post..  hahaha  :P 

Dont forget to share some love by checking out the link below, you will find lots of fun and funky advertisement by Samsung : 

Yves Rocher Event by TheLilacBox

Jun 16, 2013

Thanks to TheLilac box for the kind invite. It was a very nice ambiance and love the fact that they picked Garden as the venue since it give the floral and girly aura. 

When we arrived, we were given with a box that contained this green passport and a pencil. 

This event is somehow different than most event that I have attended (not so many okay? haha). What make it different is that, instead of slide show and presentations, we need to hop to 5 stations to understand more about the range of Products.

After stopping at each station we will be given with a signature on the passport. Once all the signature captured, we need to pass the form into a transparent box since they are having a lucky draw! 

Nice ambiance right? Check out the "Owh.. so sexy" Chandelier :P 

5 Steps to have your own DIY Home Spa  :) 

Yes they also have a station to check on your skin condition and age :P 

This 3 lotions by Yves Rocher suits me the most based on the quiz I answered earlier in the passport :) 

The photo booth corner! 

Here is my "perasan" picture. Sorry if I look like an auntie here.

The Vyes Rocher outlet in Sunway Piramid. We went here for our 5th station to find out which colour suits us the best. 

The Body Wash and Body Lotion Range.
The Strawberry body wash seems so yummy and actually quite sweet :) 

The Scrubs and More Lotions! 

Shampoo and Conditioner sections 

The discount sections! You can enjoy this if you are a member. 

No sweat if you are not a member yet :) You can definitely become one. 

Group photos, try to spot me in here :P 
Well, since I am horizontally challenged you cant really see me in here.  

Thanks once again for the invite and for the experience, plus Congrats to all of the Lucky Draw winners.

Find out more about TheLilacBox and Vyes Rocher by clicking on the links below : 

Buffet Ramadhan 2013 - Seri Pacific Hotel (Review)

Once again thanks to Evelyn from missyblurkit.com for extending the invite. I went for Ramadhan Buffet 2013 Food Preview for Hotel Seri Pacific last friday. It was AWESOME! 

Check out the yummy noddle station :P 

Sup Gear Box Station :P Nyum! nyum! 

Johan posing2 

Pizza Station :) p/s Theme for this year is Ala kampung which explain the fusion of Rendang Daging, Rendang Ayam and Sambal flavored pizza :) 

How can it be kampung without Ulam right? Nice variety of fresh ulam2 here.

Someone is hungry and cant stop staring :P 

Sushi Corner, they have serunding sushi. nyum nyum!

My fav stall of all.. First Because they served Lok Lok with the chunky peanut gravy :P
Second check out the name... Fatty corner? Isnt that cute?  :P 

Check out generous amount of cheese mannnnnnnnn......

Grill seafood selections :P 

Bubur Lambuk, signature during Ramadhan Month. My husband love it! 

Prawn with Petai in Sambal Gravy.. Me loikeeeee

More yummy seafood 

Pucuk Paku in coconut milk gravy :) 

Rebung (Bamboo Shoot) in yellow curry. 

My hubby non-stop smiling since he knows whats gonna happen next :P 

Yummy kuih

My fav kuih, I know it as kuih sampan.. 
This is a definately must buy when ever I go to any Ramadhan Bazaar :) 
Glad they include it in the buffet selections.

Staf of the night. Sup Ekor!!
What make this sup ekor unique is that they grill the "ekor" before turn it into soup :) 


Well, that is not the best part yet.. Do you know that Seri Pacific Hotel provide Durian Buffet as well? 
The Durian buffet start at around 8.30pm Weehooo!

The price as per below:

RM80 : 11 July - 13 July 2013
RM98 : 14 July - 03 Aug 2013
RM80 : 04 Aug - 06 Aug 2013

More details and booking :
+60 - 4042 5555

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