Yves Rocher Event by TheLilacBox

Thanks to TheLilac box for the kind invite. It was a very nice ambiance and love the fact that they picked Garden as the venue since it give the floral and girly aura. 

When we arrived, we were given with a box that contained this green passport and a pencil. 

This event is somehow different than most event that I have attended (not so many okay? haha). What make it different is that, instead of slide show and presentations, we need to hop to 5 stations to understand more about the range of Products.

After stopping at each station we will be given with a signature on the passport. Once all the signature captured, we need to pass the form into a transparent box since they are having a lucky draw! 

Nice ambiance right? Check out the "Owh.. so sexy" Chandelier :P 

5 Steps to have your own DIY Home Spa  :) 

Yes they also have a station to check on your skin condition and age :P 

This 3 lotions by Yves Rocher suits me the most based on the quiz I answered earlier in the passport :) 

The photo booth corner! 

Here is my "perasan" picture. Sorry if I look like an auntie here.

The Vyes Rocher outlet in Sunway Piramid. We went here for our 5th station to find out which colour suits us the best. 

The Body Wash and Body Lotion Range.
The Strawberry body wash seems so yummy and actually quite sweet :) 

The Scrubs and More Lotions! 

Shampoo and Conditioner sections 

The discount sections! You can enjoy this if you are a member. 

No sweat if you are not a member yet :) You can definitely become one. 

Group photos, try to spot me in here :P 
Well, since I am horizontally challenged you cant really see me in here.  

Thanks once again for the invite and for the experience, plus Congrats to all of the Lucky Draw winners.

Find out more about TheLilacBox and Vyes Rocher by clicking on the links below : 


  1. looking good..

    you mean.. they drove you guys to Sunway Pyramid??

    1. no la.. they dont drove us there :P we come by ourself

  2. Awww, I have pictures where I can easily spot you. I'll email it over ;-p

  3. Awww, I have a few pictures where I can easily spot you. ;-p

  4. the scrubs in that glass jar i so cuteee!!!

  5. Yves Rocher have good quality products

  6. I'm glad that you being invited to join, so you can write us review & share with us your experience. ^^

  7. The survey in passport design is really bring surprise. very creative organiser.

  8. you are not looking like auntie ok, you look cutie more.

  9. I'm keen to try out their lotion ^^


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