Aqua Swim Best Products for Swimmer - Review

Jun 3, 2013

Do you love swimming? Do you notice that your hair become rough after each swim? As a frequent swimmer myself, I found that swimming is like relaxing therapy for the mind and good for the heart exercise, well it is not always the best for your skin and hair.

During last weekend, I got my family members to come to my house for potluck session (I cooked yummy meatballs spagethi) and bring the whole gang to have a dip in the pool at my house. Obviosly we have a great fun! Snapping pictures underwater and we splashing water here n there like a dolphin :P haha

Here is the not so fun fact, being immersed in chlorinated water for long periods of time is basically taking its toll on your skin and hair. Thanks to AquaSwim for sending me products to be reviewed! 

It basically come with 3 range, which is the Shampoo, Conditioner and the Body Wash.

What make it special? This products is specially formulated to removing and neutralizing chlorine so your hair doesn't turn into straw or a dish washer brush! Oh my oh my!  I would personally suggest you to shower and shampoo your hair immediately after swimming. For most people this will be an effective way to prevent chlorine build up.

Check out the range, you can also get it from leading pharmacy like Guardian and Watson at a very affordable price of RM 24++ each.

** Extra Tips : You can also protect your hair before swimming by using a swim cap or applying conditioner to your hair before you get into the pool .


  1. So fast post up... I tak dapat swim for now... When i can swim make sure u come swim wit me arrrr...

    1. hahaha.. okie dokie :) looking forward and excited for our session!

  2. Woots!! I dont know how to swim ah T_T

  3. syoknya pot luck! tepi swimming pool lak tu!

    1. a ah seronok... next time kite plan plak nak? :P

  4. wow, this is really benefit stuffs! i need it~~


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