It is gonna a BZ and Productive Weekend!

Happy Friday people :P Isnt it exciting? I just love Friday like many others :P hahaha.. This week it is gonna be a BZ and hopefully productive weekend! It all going to start 9am on Saturday where I was invited to join an event in Mount Kiara and then rushing to another event in Sunway Piramid.

Then on Sunday I am going to Super GT at Sepang :P How exciting! My husband is going to Super GT on both Sat and Sunday (Thanks Evelyn for the passes!!)

No matter how bz we are, we still need to take care of one and only body :P Just like to share some products suggestion. Over this few months many of us received beauty boxes filled with stuff. For this week, I am going to share with you 4 products that I am going to use this weekend and I got it all from my beauty boxes!

Orchid Mask by TT Mask
Thanks to WonderBox for including it in their box! I am going to use this on Saturday Night to give my face a “spa” like treatment since on the next day it is going to be very very sunny in Sepang.

Loreal Hair Mask – Thanks to Vanity Trove Malaysia
I received this via VT and planning to use this tonight as a preparation for my hair. I used this mask before and I love the creamy texture and the soft silky result! Well, its gonna be hot this weekend, so this will help to ensure my hair is well moisturized and treated!  

Cactus Mist Yadah – Thanks to
Since this weekend I’ll be running around here and there, this Mist is going to be helpful. It is going to help me stay fresh and hydrated. The mist is just refreshing!

Perfumed Lotion Roberto Cavalli – Thanks Lilac Box
I just love to smell nice every now and then. It give me SOO much confidence when I have a nice scent on! Thanks to this cute perfumed Lotion, I am so going to carry it everywhere this weekend. For the nice sexy smell and best part of it since it is lotion based it will also help to moisturize my skin.

What about you? Any special products that you going to indulge in this weekend?
Last but not least, I wish that each one of you will have a great and wonderful weekend with family and love ones!

Check out the link below for more awesome beauty products & boxes : 


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