Samsung Note II is now available in Amber Brown

I would like to introduce that Samsung Note II is now available in Amber Brown! Isn’t that nice? I know I have share about the Pink and Red version earlier.. I found out that brown is interesting too!

Do you know that people have a connection with certain colours due to their experiences with objects of those colours? Interesting right?

The age when infants begin showing a preference for colour is at about 12 weeks old. Colour perception of children 3–5 years of age is an indicator of their developmental stage. Colour preferences tend to change as people aged. So this explain why sometime people might change their favourites colour.

Your preferences for certain colours is a very personal one and psychologists, as well as marketing researchers have studied at the best Universities and accredited online colleges to decipher the question of why certain colours appeal to certain people for years. These answers may lie in our attitudes towards life, as well as our emotional states. Wow weee :P

Do you know anyone who Love the colour brown? Well, Brown is the colour of stability and warm. Associated with all things organic, studies show that when asked what their favourite colour is, men pick brown over any other colour. Brown gives off a feeling of connection with the earth and all that is natural.

Check out this interesting video by Bryan Lim a story of a guy who LOVE the colour brown 

So sweet even the girlfriend is not fond of brown she is very thoughtful and buy the amber brown note 2 for the bf who love brown shade :)  Like the video to show your support ya :) 

Brown is not only for Men, the ladies could totally rock brown too! Check out the fun and interesting outfit that you can pull out to match your Brown Note 2 

For more info of this yummy chocolate like coloured phone, please check out the link here 


  1. thanks for your lovely sharing

  2. technology always very fast renewing. it's already lauching note 5 now.

  3. personally feel like this brown color more suit to guys. ^^


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