Bag-of-Love Summer Edition

Remember my last post about bag of love?  If you dont no sweat you can check it out here  I was very2 happy when I received my previous bag and personally it is very hard to top it off. Well, Mimi proved me wrong because this Summer Edition bag is SO GREAT!!!! I remembered the day when I received my previous bag and I quickly grab the Summer bag on the same day itself. Ya.. thats how happy I am with the bag :P

Every month, Mimi came out with a fun and creative concept of the bag. The best part even the bag itself is customized every month :)  It must take alot of effort in designing the bag coordinating the manufacturing timeline, working out to get the products and maintainign a facebook page. I dont know how she even pull it off. What ever it is she is doing a great job and kudos to that!! 

This time around I received a light blue stripe bag with a nice hand loop. Since the theme is Summer and more to the Beach Vacation kinda feel, I love it since it is cute and practical. The hand loop make it easier to carry.

This is the top view of the bad. This time around it is in square shape.

Check out the cute customized button mannnnn... That is the illustration version of Mimi. so cute right? I check and the it is like a pin button. Wah.. then my mind start imaging the hard work of the person who pin up this button on every single bag :)  

Lets check out the most fun part which is the products. Even by a quick glance you would have notice that this is so worth it compared to the price you are paying... I mean RM 39.90 and you get all this??

  • 4 pc Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set (Cremorlab is a Korean brand available exclusively at Muse by Watsons) rp. RM69-RM119
  • 50ml Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo rp. RM43
  • 30ml Clairol Professional Radiance Intensive Mask rp.RM69
  • 1.2ml Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray rp.RM185
  • 200ml Vaseline Healthy White SPF24/PA++ rp.RM15.90
  • Definite Foundation Brush rp.RM118
My most favorite products this month is obviously the Definate Brush (tell me who dont like Definate brush???) and the lotion by Vaseline. I am like seriously you can never go wrong with lotions. I love that this time around it is the triple ligheting lotion with SPF24 and it also comes with Vitamin B3.  

I am also quite excited about the Cermorlad Hydration Trial Set, going to wait till I finish my current skin care routine and try out this one. Glad that it is included with the Whole Set so be able to try out optimally :)

Last but not least, the vouchers.. Like many other I am not a great fan of vouchers so lets say you want it.. let me know I will mail personally mail it to you. Might as well share it with others than end up not using it right? 

I am actually not in a very good health condition this few days, with the mountains of work to finish and all the others things happening lately.. I am very happy that I received this bag today :) It makes my day!! 

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  1. bestnya ada definate foundation brush. nampaknya langsung tak dapat merasa beli bag of love sampai bila-bila. huhu.. :(

    1. a ah.. seronok sangat :) kenape pulak babe.. yg next month punya da open da subscription nanti pg check it out k? :)

  2. I just missed it i :(
    The subscribtion for this bag closed...
    X sempat to buy..haiss...

  3. we got the same bag content! my roommate here got color radiance mask while i got the yellow one just like yours, hehe ^_^ berbaloi kan subscribe Bag of Love ni, my favourite beauty bag so far. Cant wait for next month's bag :D

  4. awhhh, pika pun suka brush tu jugakkk :))

    1. kannnnn.. best sgt da lembut pastu bulu die tak senang tercabut :)

  5. Hye babe, The Definite Foundation Brush is totally the kick item of the month. =)

    1. thats y.. so happy they included it in :) weeee!

  6. can use to keep a lot of make up items or even toiletries.


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