Lets Treat Our Foot with nourishing DIY foot scrubs

I always envy those who have nice feet as my feet in UGLY hahahaha even my husband have nicer foot than me :P

I pick up this simple recipe to make own one foot scrub so that we can have nice & smooth feet without burning our pocket! So how? Soooo Simple check out the diagram I created below

Do you know that Salt helps to soothe sore and swollen feet  :P Not just that it will also provide an exfoliating and massaging action against your skin.

So how do we perform the foot scrubs?? Well I believe many of you have been pro in this area but I just to share out how I like to do it
  • First, you need to make sure you actually have clean feet. Working with smelly and dirty feet is too revolting for words and a total turn off. Muahahaha pengsan! 
  • Then, soak your bare feet in warm water. If you like, you can add an essential oil such as lavender (thanks to WonderBox, Vanity Trove and HiShop.my for sending me essential oils) to the water for a relaxing scent.
  • After that you need to prop your foot out of the water and rub the scrub.
  • Work the scrub more gently over the arch of your foot and in between your toes to invigorate and stimulate the tender skin there. Use a combination of lightly sweeping and circular strokes over the top of your foot and around the ankle bone. 
  • Rinse the scrub off your foot and repeat all steps with your other foot. Dry both feet with a towel.

Product suggestion : You can use the Lavender Essential oils from Heaven & Earth and drip in in the water to soak your foot before the scrubs.  You can get it for RM 50 (5ml)  from the link below :


There you go! I hope you will have a nice n sexy feet  


  1. I think Sugar will done the better work than salt.
    should try it out!

    1. I preferred sugar for body & lips and salt for the foot :P

  2. imma so gonna try this out! bookmarked this post! :D

    1. hope you going to have sexy foot soon! Thanks for bookmarking babe :)

  3. ehhhh nak try jugaklah! sounds interesting

  4. dulu masa balik sekolah, jalan kaki. jauh wooo. lepas tu sibuk rendam kaki dengan air garam untuk hilangkan letih. tak terfikir nak buat macam ni. hehehe

  5. Thank you so much to teaching me foot spa in economy way.


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