Granma & Satay Ikan

I miss my granma and the yummy satay ikan in Kuantan. I visited her last two weeks and planning another trip to visit her again sometime soon :)

I miss satay ikan tooo! hahaha.. When I was a little girl, there always sell this nearby by school, like a pakcik with a modified motocycle (where he bring something like a big glass box with the arang burner).

As I grow up, it is quite hard to find any pakcik who sell this yummy satay. When I went back to my granma hometown I saw it! it is like a reunion of my childhood memories :) 

Have you tried this yummy satay ikan before?   


  1. satay ikan bring back so much memories! i used to buy them during after school! <3

  2. sedap! msa kcik2 dlu mmg suka gila..skrng mmg ssh nk cri..try aritu kt queensbay xsdap sgt..

  3. teringat kenangan masa sekolah dulu. lepas habis sekolah mesti beli tapi sekarang susah nak cari. kalau ada pun tak sesedap dulu...

  4. satay ikan? macam mana tu. hahah tapi aida love so much dengan sata. i dont know whay

    1. die macam keropok lekor tapi die grill atas arang pastu ade sos manis2 :)

      sata pun sedap!

  5. where can find it here? I Never seen it before.


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