No Panda Eyes anymore! Thanks to LoveDrops EyeLush Curler Mascara by Ishizawa

Have you ever face a panda eye moment in your life?  I know I have for numerous time :P haha.. As much as I hope that I would look cute like panda, in the real world I am not even close to looking cute with the panda eye :P 

Today I would to share with you one product that will help you to enjoy nice curled long eyelash without the panda eye effect.Drum rolls please......... Taaa daa... Introducing the Love Drops Eyelush Curler Mascara by Ishizawa. First of all lets check out what makes this product special? 

Check out the diagram that I have created below

This is the Front and Back view of the products.

What makes me fall in love with it? Well it was love at the first sight when I saw the packaging! It is quite unique and creative. As you can see, it looks like a book complete with the bookmark there :P 

The front cover were written in Japanese since this product originated from the land of the sunrise. too bad I cant read Japanese haha.. Well no sweat, the back cover were translated in  English.

As you can see, this the inside view and the top view. It open up just like a book. In the left bottom picture, you can see the mascara is actually in the black box there. Thumbs up for creative packaging! 
Take a look at the zoomed picture of the W-edge brush. This brush designed to helps you get a total coverage from root till the end of your eyelash :)

Another plus point, I personally found this mascara interesting because it smells good! I mean hardly I come across mascara that have nice smells :P This mascara products smells reminds me of Chamomile and lavender extract mix together. Such a nice natural aromatic experience :P

This mascara is perfect for those who are always in hurry like me.. Sometime you want to go to office or event and you wan to have a nice *wink*wink* eyes but you dont have the time to put on fake eyelash or even curl your lashes with the curler... 

Well, worry no more :P This LoveDrops EyeLush Curler Mascara by Ishizawa will help you to get your *wink*wink* eyelash only with the mascara usage! 

P/s : Products are only sold at SELECTED Watsons. 
Updated : It is retailing at RM 78.90 per unit.

Please check out the link below for more fun details! 


  1. very big difference there! =) more volume, nice!

  2. babe do u feel it's hard to remove?

    1. Hi babe :) as a comparison, I found it easier to remove compared to waterproof formulated mascara :) Still loving the *wink*wink* effect :)

  3. do u feel its hard to remove?

  4. Woww it does make a diff !! but its quite pricey.. :'(

  5. Oh My GOD!!!!!!! I need to try this out! Never see this brand before, only available at selected Watsons? :(

    1. yup selected watson babe :) tapi memang best sebab macam pakai fake lashes :)

  6. Nice one! I wanna try this :)

  7. i need it badly
    no more panda eyes

  8. Thumbs up for creative packaging!

  9. so much different! where can get it?

  10. never come accross a mascara have such good effect


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