Ramadhan Buffet 2013 - Restaurant Songket Review

Early this week, I was invited to join Ramadhan Buffet Review by Songket Restaurant.Thanks to Evelyn from missyblurkit.com for extending the invite to me and my husband. We have a pleasant experience during their 2nd Anniversary New Menu Launch Review session last time. So this is my second time visiting them.

The buffet arrangement, as you can see they have few tents in the restaurant area to place the looong buffet selections.  

 Johan posing in front of the refreshment area :P They have ABC!

 Introducing the Head Chef Zamri Jemintan. 

 Chef Zamri giving opening speech before we indulge with the yummy varieties of Malay Traditional cuisine.

There are cultural performances too! The show starts at around 8.30pm, it was entertaining.. I felt like a princess who stayed in castle since I got dancers entertaining me while I was eating haha..

p/s: The dancers might pull you to join them.. haha which happen to me n Johan. We end up dancing together with the dancers.  It is a good way to introduce Malaysian culture if you have friends visiting Malaysia.
The Assam Pedas Ikan and Rendang Daging
Sotong Masak Kari and Ayam Rempah Bertumis

Udanng Masak Lemak Nenas and Udang Masam Manis

Kerabu Pucuk Paku
I have been loving their pucuk paku ever since my first visit and quite glad they include in their Ramadhan Menu. 

Mix varieties of Ikan Bakar. 

Satay Ayam & Satay Daging 
Roasted Lamb

Bubur Lambuk

Kuah Lodeh

Roti Jala 

Yummy! Jeruk, it is my first encounters of having Jeruk in buffet. 

Cute and yummy kueh 

This is interesting, they provide like 10 selections of Ice Cream.
I found that Teh Tarik Ice Cream is very unique and creative <3 p="">

Check out what I "hentam" that night! 

Check out the Banner below : 

Dont forget to like their facebook for more yummy updates! https://www.facebook.com/songketrestaurant


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