Mango Whitening Mask by Baviphat

Today I would like to share with all of you my experience trying out this Mango Whitening Face Mask by Baviphat. My first impression was..

WAHHHH so cute :P

This mask have a creamy texture with cute2 yellow particles. This creamy mask contain microscopic oxygen bubbles that appear upon application of mask. It claimed to help purify the skin by removing waste lodged in pores to immediately reveal brighter skin.

The consistency of this mask is a little different, it feels like a whipped mousse. I spread a layer on my skin so it looks white (reminds me of bedak sejuk) at the beginning but after 3 minutes (the mask is recommended to be left on 2-3 minutes and then to be rinsed off) the mask looks mostly clear & transparent with some white streaks where I applied it extra thickly.

I found that  it doesn´t tickle like other oxygen masks though as those create bubbles and this mask doesn´t. This mask have a fruity smell, I was hoping more to a mango kinda smell (don’t blame me ahh.. their said it is a mango mask haha) It also has this typical oxygen-mask smell which is hard to describe... if you  are familiar with oxygen mask then it is familiar to you :P

This two days since the company that I worked for gave us 2 days from home instruction, I decided to try out mask and do self-pampering while replying works email and task :P Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

My husband compliment that, eh two days you stay at home and suddenly your face brighten up ah? Hehehe.. Thanks to Mango Whitening Mask by Baviphat!  Well, I cant promise you whitening effect (I only tried twice so far ) but I do notice the brightening effect.

I found out that this mask apparently is actually the best seller in Korea in 2009 that 1 Million pieces were sold across the country! 

p/s : This is not a sponsored review, this mask is given to me by The butterfly Project mama-san Tammy :P  I decided to share my experience since I found it worth to be shared. 


  1. Replies
    1. once in awhile only babe :P not everytime haha

  2. So nice! mama-san jaga you so well LOLOL

    1. hahah.. not just me la.. she jaga all butterflies what :P

  3. I have been publicly mentioned as Mamasan.... i shall now adorn in gold chains and wear thick make up everywhere.. pimping butterlfies.. haha

    Glad you like the Mango Brightening Mask by Baviphat! it's their best seller :) you did your research well when I didn't say anything to u !

    1. hahah.. I guess you are now officially the mama-san haha

      I kinda like the texture and the pakaging is sooooooo cute :) Arigato!!

  4. don't laugh my son loves the lips scrub hehe.. he can't help it.. shhh..

  5. thanks for your lovely sharing

  6. I love anything in mango scented. bcos Im a mango lover ^^

  7. feel like wanna to try out since you say it can help for whitening purpose


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