First of all, thank you to Don and Yuki for the invite! It was a very fun event. It is very nice  to mingle around and talk to bloggers friends personally face to face haha.. We normally communicate over the net. So to be able to meet in person is just so much fun!

I am also glad that Samsung take the initiative and host such an amazing party to get to know the bloggers (that have been supporting Samsung brand) up close in person...  To me, it makes the us felt like *Awwww… we are appreciated.. isn’t that sweet?   

Honestly, we are more than happy to support the Brand that is so Awesome and to be able to get the opportunity to be one of the evangelist is just amazing <3 o:p="">


The main entrance and the event was held at The Pool, KL 
Check out the Balloons Arch, so nice!  

I arrived at 6.30pm so able to snap pictures when the sun is still shining  :P 

Table Decor, I love the detailing in the decoration table 
Glittering beads just make everything nice!

They have the "canggih" photo booth.  Had a great fun utilizing it hahaha

Check out my friends blog below :

Have you heard about TecTiles? Well it is about time for you to know :P 
I learned about TecTiles apps during the event and I am amazed!

I found this video to help you understand more about TecTiles 
Have fun watching it 

ok here is another picture moment to wrap up this post..  hahaha  :P 

Dont forget to share some love by checking out the link below, you will find lots of fun and funky advertisement by Samsung : 


  1. aw.. you guys really had fun! jelly can be with you guys! >.< now im excited to meet you guys at the spa party! hope everything turn well!

  2. tak sabar jumpe you juga!!! excited sgt!! :P

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  4. thanks for your lovely sharing

  5. i believe you all had a fun night there.


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