Buffet Ramadhan 2013 - Seri Pacific Hotel (Review)

Once again thanks to Evelyn from missyblurkit.com for extending the invite. I went for Ramadhan Buffet 2013 Food Preview for Hotel Seri Pacific last friday. It was AWESOME! 

Check out the yummy noddle station :P 

Sup Gear Box Station :P Nyum! nyum! 

Johan posing2 

Pizza Station :) p/s Theme for this year is Ala kampung which explain the fusion of Rendang Daging, Rendang Ayam and Sambal flavored pizza :) 

How can it be kampung without Ulam right? Nice variety of fresh ulam2 here.

Someone is hungry and cant stop staring :P 

Sushi Corner, they have serunding sushi. nyum nyum!

My fav stall of all.. First Because they served Lok Lok with the chunky peanut gravy :P
Second check out the name... Fatty corner? Isnt that cute?  :P 

Check out generous amount of cheese mannnnnnnnn......

Grill seafood selections :P 

Bubur Lambuk, signature during Ramadhan Month. My husband love it! 

Prawn with Petai in Sambal Gravy.. Me loikeeeee

More yummy seafood 

Pucuk Paku in coconut milk gravy :) 

Rebung (Bamboo Shoot) in yellow curry. 

My hubby non-stop smiling since he knows whats gonna happen next :P 

Yummy kuih

My fav kuih, I know it as kuih sampan.. 
This is a definately must buy when ever I go to any Ramadhan Bazaar :) 
Glad they include it in the buffet selections.

Staf of the night. Sup Ekor!!
What make this sup ekor unique is that they grill the "ekor" before turn it into soup :) 


Well, that is not the best part yet.. Do you know that Seri Pacific Hotel provide Durian Buffet as well? 
The Durian buffet start at around 8.30pm Weehooo!

The price as per below:

RM80 : 11 July - 13 July 2013
RM98 : 14 July - 03 Aug 2013
RM80 : 04 Aug - 06 Aug 2013

More details and booking :
+60 - 4042 5555


  1. x tahan tgk gambar durian
    menu lain terus x heran dah. hehehe

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  3. plenty of choices for mouth watering

  4. look at ur Mr Right, mata pandang sampai tak berkedip, mesti sangat lapar masa tu. hahahahaa

  5. surprisingly there is Durian Feast!!


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