Hyatt House KL Mount Kiara |Honest Review|

Dec 26, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
How are you? Hope you are doing great. Today I would like to share with you my experience staying at the newly launched Hyatt House KL Mount Kiara. If you have been reading my blog, you may have noticed that my family truly enjoy staycation. We believed that staycation is one of the most time and cost efficient way to rejuvenate out of our busy schedule. This time around we went for a couple staycation and we had such a lovely experience here in Hyatt House. So, let’s jump straight to the review shall we? 

Glad that Hyatt House is just 15 minutes away from our home. It is located right in the heart of Mount Kiara, if you are familiar with Sushiya (the super awesome nice Japanese restaurant) Hyatt House is located right beside that building. If you are a gym person then if you know F45 then yes, it the building next to it. Haiyaa.. just waze of use google map lah. 
As you arrived, you’ll have to go down to basement for carpark. Quite easy to find parking plus they got designated area.

Need to Unwind? Healthland is what you need

Dec 21, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

Those who know me personally would know that I have loving relationship with “massage”. How could I not? I’ve been preaching to everyone I know about the importance and wonder of a good massage session. It helps to control anxiety, improve digestive issue, from headaches, insomnia to muscle pain and it also helps to improve our the effectiveness of our lymphatic system, I can spend all day talking about how massage is not just for pampering. It is a need, and a great way to maintain a holistic wellness.

Super Fun Day at i-city SnoWalk

Dec 16, 2018

Assalamualaikum and olla everyone!
If you are looking for ideas on where to bring kids on weekend. Do consider I-city Snowalk. The last time we came is around a year ago. It is fun to revisit and glad we did because they are so many changes that it felt like a whole new experience. Jot down a few tips so you can have the best experience with your family.
I am pretty sure everyone know where they are located at but just incase there are actually at seksyen 7, Shah Alam. You can use Federal highway or NKVE highway.Just use google map or waze I mean it is going to be 2019 already haha.. The parking is relatively easy. We went on Sunday during school holiday and it does not take us too long to get a comfortable indoor parking. As you arrive take a sharp right to go to indoor parking area. Even if it rains (you know end of year monsoon n stuff) you get to be sheltered with a covered path straight to i-city snowalk entrance.

Property investment potential profits - Is it an illusion?

Dec 13, 2018


Recently there was a report released that forecasts private residential property prices to grow annually by 1.5 to 3.2% over the next two years. In other words, property that fetches $1,500 per square foot (psf) in today’s market could cost up to $2,300 to $2,900 by 2030. With the given optimistic projections that has been released by authoritative sources, buyers can consider the potential downsides of investing in properties. By being aware and vigilant of the risks, they can focus on potential gains. We are talking about private residences across Singapore and not Housing Development Board (HDB) unit in Yishun or Queenstown.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong |Review|

Dec 11, 2018

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Review
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
My husband and I always think that it would be a great idea to spend quality time together in a new enviroment. By exposing our kids to variety of enviroment it helps to broaden up their comfort zone. New enviroment does not always have to be abroad. Like a visit to a museum, kids park and even a staycation can also be a learning trip. The idea is to expose them to as much variety of enviroment and from there they gained experience. We all know that experience are the best teacher.
Very recently, we went to Hilton Garden Inn Puchong. You might have noticed we are quite a fan of Hilton, We are blessed enough to be able to experience Hilton Kuching,Sarawak , Double Tree Penang by Hilton , and also Double Tree Melaka by Hitlon . Actually we have been to Hilton Petaling Jaya too but I didnt document it before. Well, it gave more reason to revisit hahaha My point is, their service is great which is why we really dont mind to come over again and again.

Event Recap - Blooming with illy - Version Blooming 1.0

Nov 29, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

How are you feeling today? Hope you are feeling great. Today, I would like to share my humble experience hosting #bloomingwithilly version Blooming 1.0. What is it about again? I decided to host it to share everything that I have learned from digital marketing. As I strongly believe that we can all learn from each other. Ofcoz I cant cramp10 years in 2 hours that would be magical hahaha.. Which is why I decided to devide it few topics. For Blooming 1.0 it all about some insight into the digital marketing world :

1) Why is important to have your own company/personal brand on social media?
2) How to grow, maintain and automate your social media account?
3) Different type of collaboration/campaign that you can work with Social Media Influencers
4) How to produce engaging + good quality content
5) Up your Picture Game - lots of tips (editing, timing, angle + lifestyle + product shoot)

The next blooming 2.0 will be about an even more interesting topic. Cant wait to reveal, Let me know if you are i nterested with the topic above and I try to host another round of Blooming 1.0 as well.
A huge warm hug to all of my special guest the other day. I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your time spent attending Blooming 1.0 and also hoping that you find the information shared helpful somehow.

For now, let’s go to where it all started.

Jinnjja Chicken, Tak Try Rugi Besar

Nov 28, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Sekarang ni, tak payah nak gi Korea dah nak rasa ayam goreng sedap. Pergi Jinnjja Chicken pun dah lepas kempunan. To be honest, illy masa gi Jeju haritu pun geram jer tengok orang makan ayam goreng tapi kita tengok jer boleh sebab majority kat sana tak halal. Good news sebab Jinjja Chicken ni dah certified Halal kat Singapore dan sekarang tengah on the way nak dapatkan sijil halal kat Malaysia.
Kitorang satu family dah try Jinjja Chicken kat Sunway Piramid dan juga outlet baru dorang kat The Gardens. Mana paling best? Bagi kitorang kalau rasa nak tenang sikit, then boleh pergi outlet Garden. Masa kitorang pergi kat Sunway Pyramid ramai orang, kalau datang non-peak hours mungkin okay la. Sebab yang beratur memang panjang. Kalau rasa tak nak beratur lama sangat then pergi Gardens.

Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E by Bio-Life |Review|

Nov 26, 2018

Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E by Bio-Life |Review|
Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!
I’m in my early 30’s and this time I decided to give extra attention and love to my body. I mean we only have one body (unless you have a spare body haha). The best way to make sure our body function at optimum level is to make sure it is healthy and got all the nutrients it needs. We all know how nutrients are actually the building block and helps our body to effectively. If we are healthy, we tend to be happier and become more productive too! It is a WIN,WIN and WIN situation.
Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E by Bio-Life |Review|
Recently, I was introduced to Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E by Biolife. I’ve heard about EPO before but have not tried them religiously so. After researching about all its benefits, I regret not taking them earlier haha.. Better late than never huh?

My current Supplement + Face Serum by Juta Gold | Review |

Nov 18, 2018

Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
Assalamualaikum everyone!
Are you interested in becoming the better version of yourself? I know I do. In order to achieve this goal of mine, I keep on experiementing on trying out supplement and beauty products. Today, I like to share with you my experience trying out both Q’albue Suci Serum and SaQ’uera Supplement that are specially formulated for women. Let’s just jump into it right away.

(Review + Discount code) SudioNIVA

Nov 1, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are looking for super techie review then this is not the place. However, if you want an honest opinion from working mum then keep on reading. This round I am to share about Sudio NIVA. this is my second time writing about Sudio. I love my previous pink Sudio VASA but today let’s talk about NIVA instead.




Each Sudio NIVA cost RM425 per unit. It is hefty to what I normally spend of an earphones. It arrived in the box like so. Sleek, compact and sturdy packaging. You may order them as gift as when I received the box they do include a giftbag plus to and from card. It seems quite decent for a gift. Well, you will also get the warranty card (one year), some back up acessories and the manual.

100% Organic Bulgarian Rose Toner by ALTEYA ORGANICS |Review|

Oct 29, 2018

 Organic Bulgarian Rose Toner by ALTEYA ORGANICS

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

It is a common knowledge that I am in the “organic-as-can-be” lane. With all the preaching about counting chemicals more than counting calories, I have another skincare to introduce! Thanks to my first daughter, ever since I am pregnant with her I have been curious about being as close to nature. Anyway, if you are looking for 3 in 1 products that are organic and extremely good for your skin (and hair) then this blogpost is exactly for you.

ion Viviball and Aqua Whitening Cream [Review]

Oct 19, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Have you heard about Ion balls? I personally have seen and come across ion balls in shower head before. It is meant to extract chlorine and other toxins from water. However, I didnt know that is actually have wonderful benefit if used on skin surface too. As much as I love to try out products that are natural, I also would only share my honest opinion over it. Hope you find this review helpful if you are considering to try Ion Vividballs.

As you can see from the picture above that is the casing for Ion Vividballs that I got from Hansaegee Nature. Before we move to my personal opinion over it, let’s check out what they claimed about it.

  • It is "Ion Viviball" - is 100% Natural Ceramic Ball with Ion Stone inside. Non-chemical ingredients.
  • The Ion Stone have high level of negative ion & far-infrared, Very good for skin from ageing and regenerates skin cells.
  • And can absorb Oil, Sebum, Remove Dead Skin Cells, Blackheads/ Whiteheads, with not harm your Skin, & Tighten Pores.
  • Can use every part of your face, to clean skin pores, and problems. So skin smooth.
  • And 1 Ion Viviball can used up to 3 - 6 months depend how often you use.The ball will become smaller in size every time used.
  • Is amazing product. It NO NEED electric charge, Is natural materials.

Tips For Traveling With Multiples

Oct 15, 2018


Traveling with kids isn’t easy, and when you’re traveling with twins or more, you’re certainly going to need a good sense of humor. Planning in advance is the most important thing if you want to have a successful and stress-free trip, so here are some top tips to help make your journey comfortable and as smooth as possible.

Get Seat Assignments In Advance

When you’re traveling by airplane, make sure that you arrange your seat assignments well in advance. This is especially vital if you have two lap infants since a lot of aircraft have just one additional oxygen mask per row, so you won’t be able to sit next to your partner if you both have babies on your lap. Choose a bulkhead seat whenever you can is the best way to ensure you have the extra space your little ones need to get onto the floor to play during the long flight and there’ll be no worries about them kicking the seats in the row in front!

Pengalaman ke Taman Botani Perdana

Sep 25, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Kalau takda idea nak spend time weekend activites dengan kids, then boleh consider pergi Taman Botani Perdana. Tak silap illy dulu nama dia Lake Garden. Last sekali pergi lebih 5 tahun lepas. Tujuan nak picnic bawa anak pergi taman. Dulu kitorang selalu juga bawa anak pergi taman – taman kat Putrajaya, kali ni rasa nak try Taman Botani pula. Actually, not bad at all. Taman ni cantik, luas, bersih dan rasa selamat sebab ada pasukan keselamat jaga seluruh kawasan.

Pengalaman ke Jeju Island

Sep 12, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

  Ada plan nak ke Jeju ke? illy nak share pengalaman kat Pulau Jeju mana tau boleh bantu korang. Nanti boleh lah korang lebih enjoy lagi kat sana. Salah satu sebab menarik nak ke Pulau Jeju ni sebab seluruh pulau dan lava tube diiktiraf UNESCO HERITAGE. Cerita dia dalam 2 million tahun dulu Pulau Jeju ni terbentuk sebab ativiti volcanic. Jangan lak risau nak gi, okay jer skang takda meletup ada dah. Last sekali meletup pun dalam 25 ribu tahun dulu.

Pulau ni besar, hujung ke hujung dalam 73km. Lagi besar dari Langkawi. Senang bagi contoh Langkawi sebab Pulau Jeju ni kira macam pulau percutian untuk orang Korea. Dorang kalau lepas kahwin nak honeymoon atau pun saja nak bercuti bawa anak pun mereka memang suka pergi Pulau Jeju. Satu pulau tu memang khas main economic activity adalah perlancongan. Memang tourist friendly.

Illy ada buat vlog dekat seminggu kami kat sana. Ni kami punya annual dating trip dari before dapat anak lagi memang setahun sekali gi dating kat new place. Anyway, jemput tengok vlog harpa boleh la bagi korang idea and gambaran macam mana Pulau Jeju before korang pergi nanti. Kalau dah pernah pergi tapi rindu kat jeju pun boleh jer tengok hahaha.. Sambil tu please like and subscribe, kalau suka la video tu,kalau tak.. takpe tak paksa hehehe

DIY Kid’s Room Decor Tips with Nippon Paint

Sep 6, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Today I would like to share with you on tips how to DIY a Room Decor or Mini Make Over for kid’s room. Before that, I would also like to share my experiece at CIY Workshop with Ben Fridaus. Because it is where I gained some inspiration on giving a lil spice to my daughters room. The event is called Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY Workshop. Actually, I am quite confused why it is called CIY when I am more familiar with DIY. Was told CIY stand for Create It Yourself hahaha. This is my second time attending workshop by Nippon Paint and I learned lots of interesting technique each session. Why not share it with all of you here.


This event is hosted in conjuction of Malaysia Day this coming week. It is our 61 years of Independence and proud to say that I am really grateful to be a Malaysian. Can spend all day talking about why I felt so, but that is not what our focus is now. Ben Firdaus is the guy there wearing melayu with songkok. I know it is obvious, but just incase… He is an amazing interior designer and you can also catch him on TV3 on every tuesday at 9pm on Calit, Si Cilik Calit program together with Nippon Rangers. Jokingly asked him when he want to come over to my house to give make over, he said he will send qoutation LOL

Istana Negara Malaysia |Honest Review|

Sep 3, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Pergh, kali ni lain macam review Istana Negara hahaha.. Kami tak tidur just gi melawat Istana Negara di Jalan Istana sebab sekarang dah di jadikan Royal Museum dan orang ramai serta pelancong boleh masuk tengok sendiri. Kami pergi ahad, pagi tak ramai orang so seronok and tak sesak.
Ticket Masuk untuk Malaysian RM5 seorang. TIcket budak bawah 5 tahun percuma. Jadi kami bayar total RM10 untuk satu family. Okay la, berbaloi sangat. Kita dapat spend time dengan family sekali dapat belajar lagi.  Dah jom sambung, nak tengok tak dalam istana macam mana?

MEDISANA ViFit Connect MX3 |Review|

Aug 30, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

What a great time to be living in. Our life truly revolve around technology and gadgets and I’m not just talking about smart phone. Today, I would like to share with you a review interesting products by MEDISANA and why I think they are a must-owned. The product is an activity tracker called ViFit Connect MX3. The one I am wearing in the picture above is obviously the activity tracker. Since, I am also running out of things to say in this intro, let’s just jump straight to the review.


It comes in a box like so. If you are wondering why there is only one unit of black strap while the red and blue have 3 units, it is because I am wearing the other two of the black straps. Don’t have to worry if it would be too loose or too tight since each colour comes with two adjustable bands.

MEDISANA Infrared Multi Functional Thermometer |Review|

Aug 29, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

One of the thing that is a must have for parents is definately thermometer. Today, I would like to share with you my experience and also a review of this MEDISANA Infrared Multi Functional Thermometer. This is how the box looks like. It is a six in one Infrared Multi-Functional Thermometer. Model name is TM 750. Apart from body temperature, it can also help to read ambient temperature, ranging from 0 to 100 ° C.

Beli Barang Decor dari China - |Review|

Aug 27, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Nak beli barang decor rumah dari China, tapi tak tahu macam mana nak buat? Okay post kali ni khas untuk korang. Illy share macam mana cara illy beli. Sebenarnya dah banyak kali juga beli barang dari china, kali ni ni share cara illy beli guna service SGshop. Mesti pernah dengar SGshop kan? ni sebenarnya macam agent, contoh kalauilly beli direct dari website tabao macam susah sebab dia tulis bahasa cina walau ada google translate tapi tak semua accurate. Sebab tu suka beli pakai SGshop semua in english. Senang sikit nak paham. Lagipun SGshop ni boleh beli untuk banyak lagi website oversea walaupun korang takda alamat oversea. Kira macam personal shopper online lah senang citer.

Looking for a Resort Lifestyle ?

Aug 24, 2018


  Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Do you have any plan this weekend? If you dont and if you are in the market to look for a property that able to provide a resort lifestyle, then this blogpost is going to make you happy. Actually this coming saturday there is an event, KidTech@ SIGC hosted by Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad from 10 am till 3pm.

DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka |Honest Review|

Aug 20, 2018

DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
How are you? Hope everything is great at your end. I am back with another hotel review. This time we were invited to spend 3days and 2 nights at DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka. We have been to quite a number of Hilton hotel around Malaysia, you can check out my review of Hilton Sarawak here or DoubleTree by Hilton Penang here. Actually, I have been to Hilton KL, Hilton PJ and DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur before as well but didnt do a write up on it. The only DoubleTree by Hilton that I haven been in Malaysia is the one in Johor. Maybe I should visit it in the future and write a post. Purposely find reason to go jalan LOL.

Plenty of Pout Plumping Lipstick by MAC Launch Event

Aug 14, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Girls can never have too many lipsticks. It is even harder to resist when brand keep coming with new range with even more beautiful colours. Recently, I was invited to attend Launch event by MAC Malaysia as they are launching the latest Plenty of Pout Plumping collection. Event was hosted at MAC outlet in MidValley, I secretly wish they will host their future event in One Utama Mall instead (nearer to me hahahaha).
Since almost everyone is wearing extra at the previous MAC event that I attended, decided to also wear something more presentable. Do you know I end up buying new shoes (twice before the event?) #somuchpressuretolooknice Talk about it later. HAHAHAHAHA

Hotel Homestay Jeju Island Korea - Dream & Green Pension |Honest Review|

Aug 8, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!
Sambung entri korea, kali ni illy nak share kitorang tidur kat mana. Mana tau korang ada plan nakgi jeju island ke kan, harap boleh la bantu tak banyak sikit. Pulau Jeju ni besar, lagi besar dari langkawi and pasal nak stay ni depends korang suka buat activity apa. Sebab ada yang suka duk bandar jer kalau nak yang camtu then boleh cari hotel dekat airport. Kitorang pula memang dah plan nak cari tempat tenang,duk kat bandar karang vibe dia sama jer cam kitorang kat rumah nak buat apa hahaha.. kami pilih duduk kat area Seogwipo. Dia dalam sejam naik bus dari airport. Kami pilih area ni sebab tempat yang kami nak pergi semua dekat-dekat sini. Ada taman, ada Jungmun Beach, ada banyak giler museum pastu paling penting ada yellow cafe. Museum k-pop pun taksampai 10minit jalan kaki dari hotel. Pastu tempat nak belibarang basah tak jauh and ada market jungmun tempat local dia beli barang dapur.

Stay Hydrated with BROS bottles

Jul 30, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I always think that not all classroom have walls.Which is why my husband and I like to expose your kids to a much experiences. Since our family enjoy having fun at the park, joining marathon, exploring nature we took it as another alternative way to teach our kids. Ever since I had my first daugther, we have been to numerous outing with our family and friends. It does not have to be far, and it does not need complicated planning and what not. All you need isa good weather and also BROS water bottle. Food and board game would be great too!

Last two weekends ago, I invited my step sister and step bro to join us for a picnic at Tasik Titiwangsa. It was a very fun outing. My kids get to mingle with their auntie and uncle, and we get to bond while catching up. Surrounded by nature, overlooking the beautiful lake and it cannot get any better than that haha..

Jurlique Limited Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist and UV Defense Lotion |Review|

Jul 26, 2018


Assalamualaikum and OIla Everyone!

How are you? Hope everything is going great at your end. If it does not, its okay as I am sure more great things is coming our way. Today, I would like to share my with you about two product that definately makes my day seems smoother! It is the limited edition rosewater mist and also UV Defence Lotion, both are from Jurlique.

I really dont think I have to introduce Jurlique any further. If you are familiar with my blog then you might have noticed that Jurlique have been mentioned many time over and over again. Simply because I really do love their products. I mean what is not to love, their are natural and even have their own garden where their ingridients are from. You can read my previous review over Jurlique product here, here or you may also use the search button to look out for more review about them.

Leaf & Herb Skincare |Review|

Jul 25, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Baru ni illy kan baru balik korea, masa sepanjang illy kat sana illy ada bawa 2 produk dari Leaf & herb. Memang setiap hari ni lah product yang illy pakai kat sana, sampai skang balik Malaysia pun illy still pakai sebab best lah rupanya. Tu yang illy nak share dengan korang semua. Biar kita semua cantik sama – sama. Nak tahu more pasal skincare ni, jemput sambung baca review illy.

Makanan Halal di Pulau Jeju

Jul 20, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Jujur cakap kedai makan halal kat jeju island or dalam korea sendiri memang tak banyak. Even dalam jeju sendiri ada 2 jer kedai yang betul2 dapat kelulusan halal. Mostly pun more to middle eastern food or indian food. Kalau kedai seafood halal pun tak silap illy ada tiga jer dan lokasi setiap satu tu bukan dekat. So, kali niilly nak share kitorang punya halal food journey atau food diary sepanjang kami kat sana. Husband i jenis makan nak kena sedap standard mengada sikit bab makan ni. So,kitorang decide majority memang nak masak sendiri. Apa guna banyak tengok citer Fishing Village, Thee meals a day, What to eat today? hahaha ini lah time dia nak asah bakat terpendam. Dah alang2 kitorang memang enjoy cooking, so memang teringin sangat nak pergi Jeju punya pasar beli barang kat Wet Market tempat house wife n auntie2 dorang beli barang pastu bawa balik masak sendiri kat home stay. Nak tengok apa kitorang masak? Jeng jeng jeng….

Yellow Cafe, Jeju Island |Review|

Jul 19, 2018

Yellow Cafe, Jeju Island
Assalamualaikumand Olla everyone!
Belum start tulis lagi dah senyum haha.. happy sangat nak tulis pasal pengalaman pergi Yellow Cafe kat Jeju Island. Very recently my husband and I pergi kitorang punya annual dating trip. Sebelum illy tulis recap the whole trip seminggu kami kat sana, illy ingat nak share dedicated post pasal tempat menarik nanti senang kalau korang pun nak pergi next time dah boleh imagine macam mana.
Kalau datang korea memang tak sah kalau tak try banana milk yang famous sangat kat sini. Kalau korang fan banana milk memang wajib datang sini. Lokasi kat daerah Seogwipo-si di Jeju Island. Akak dekat dengan hotel kitorang jalan kaki pun sampai.


Jul 18, 2018

IMAGE 4 - Yeoh Mong Chin

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Imagine participating on 6 runs in 6 countries in the course of 8 weeks while being on a reality tv? This is exactly what Mong Chin experience and you get to follow her journey as it will be on air starting this monday July 23, 2018 on Monday at 9.30pm via LIFETIME (Astro Ch 709). 

Each episodes will show how Mong Chin meet amazing people who comesfrom many different background and have unique and different skill sets that will help her to complete challanges. From musicians to food bloggers and even fashion designers.

Who Runs The World_Malaysia(2)_s

Why you would love Betadine

Jul 10, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are wondering how NASA prevents a space plague outbreak then, I have the answer for you. After their rocket went to the outer space and came back to earth, Betadine was the trusted brand used to sterilize any dust and to kills germs. Interesting right? I mean if it is trusted by Nasa to protect humanity then I could totally trust them haha..

Last week, I was invited to attend the official launching and roadshow by Betadine that was hosted at One Utama Mall in collaboration with Watson Malaysia. Yes, you can find their product at Watson outlet nationwide. Before I share some insight and personal experience, allow me to share what happened during the event.


Selfie at the event because why not? HAHAHAHA

Kiddomo Universe |Honest Review|

Jul 9, 2018

Kiddomo Universe Review
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
If you are on my instagram then you might have noticed that I’ve been to Kiddomo Universe last friday night after work with my family. We had such a wonderful play time. I've brought my kids to couple or indoor playground but this Kiddomo Universe is really one of a kind. Like nothing I’ve ever experience before, it actually combined technology with playtime and I think the managed to find the balance between both. I mean technology is not just about screen it is wayy more than that.
Before we get more into that, Kiddomo Universe is located at The Starling Mall and it is super convinient for my family to come over as it is less than 15mins away from our home. I can totally see myself bringing my kids more often in the future.

LPG Endermologie Treatment - The Laureate Signature |Review|

Jul 5, 2018

LPG Experience
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Very recently my husband and I went to The Laureate Signature at their Mount Kiara outlet to experience the cutting edge treatment that is not only 100% natural but is also scientifically proven. The Laureate Signature have another center at Petaling Jaya (Jalan Templer). Just to clarify, The Laureate Signature is not another slimming or beauty center. They focus more on total wellness. They are under the reputable Beacon Hospital Group which means every treatment or products they are offering are safe, and tend to be effective. I’ll explain more on that shortly.
The beauty world is currently buzzing about LPG Endermologie treatment. I am very happy that we get to experience it in Malaysia, Not many beauty center own the unique machine. LPG endermologietreatments – an advanced technology from France and also it is the first medical aesthetic equipment that obtained FDA approval in USA. Even Gal Badot, herself have a unit of the machine at home. Many other celebrities and VIP swear by its effectiveness. You can just google up the machine name and treatment to see how others around the world are blown away with the result.

A Tale of Two Cities

Jul 4, 2018

Hanoi City

Leading Vietnamese consumer airline – Vietjet links Hanoi, Vietnam with Osaka, Japan.

Vietjet will soon welcome its latest route addition linking Hanoi with Osaka, Japan. Starting 8 November, the route will be operational on a daily basis with a flight time of 4 hours per leg.

Although located 3,269 kilometres apart, the French-colonial city of Hanoi and port city of Osaka shares many common traits. Boasting stupendous scenery, rich culture and diversity, both destinations are lively dynamic cities that are rapidly emerging as two of the latest hotspots of Asia.

Here we highlight reasons why Hanoi and Osaka warrant a spot on your travel bucket list.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Located on the western bank of the Red River in northern Vietnam, the high-octane capital city of Vietnam is a combination of old-world charm and modern development brought on by a recent surge in tourism.

The city best described as the cultural heart of Vietnam has much to offer visitors, from lovely parks and museums to street-side restaurants, tree-fringed boulevards and fine colonial architecture.

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

Jul 2, 2018

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Just like to share my experience going to RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia. Being a user for many years, this is my first time attending their event as a blogger. To be honest, I am quite excited expecially when they mentioned the theme. It was morrocan. As shared on my instagram you might have known that I dont really have an idea on what to wear. Went googling up to confirm morrocan fashion from what I have in mind. End up recycling my baju raya and add in a two gigantic brooches that my mum gave me.

The event was hosted at The Majapahit at Mount Kiara. I am glad they have the valet service, was told that parking lot is not too near to the restaurant. I arrived quite early than expected thanks to the smooth-like-tofu traffic.

SK-II Review: The benefits of the Facial Treatement Essence

Jun 26, 2018

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Before After

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am back with another SK-II Facial Treatment Essence review.

Exactly a year ago, I did a write up sharing about the Pitera Proof Kit where I saw with my own eyes how efficient is the absorption of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence compared to other brands. You can check out the other blogpost here. This round I would like to share my SK-II experience. What is my verdict after using it for a year? Does SK-II Really Work? Is SK-II Worth It? Is the Facial Treatment Essence the best essence out there? To be completely honest, I have been trying my best to use SK-II as frequent as I could for the past one year. Being a beauty blogger, there are times where I need to try out other products and during that time I would stop using SK-II if the range already has an essence. However, when the range that I tried does not include any essence then SK-II is totally my favourite to go for. I can easily confess that I used up around 2 bottles of 230ml and another 2 bottles of 160ml within the duration of 1 year. Bare in mind that during the days, that I am testing out other product, my husband still use mine and treat it like it is his. I would say maybe you need half of the amount I used since I am sharing mine.

Le Meridien Putrajaya | Honest Review |

Jun 25, 2018

Le Meridien Putrajaya Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

We are back with another staycation review. This round it is a review of Le Meridien Putrajaya. Being a starwoods privilege members does have its perks. Do you know my husband did not pay a cents for our room? Yes! and you may also get free stay or they like to call it as awards nights. If you hit certain points you get to redeem free stay via the hotel website. For this stay we utilized around 3k points. I am not going to share about the perks today as you can easily check them out at website. Today, I would like to share with you our experience staying at Le Meridien Putrajaya.

Le Meridien Putrajaya Contacts

This is how the lobby looks like. Le Meridien Putrajaya is located just next to IOI Mall Putrajaya in fact it is attached. So, if you ever stay here it will besuper convinient to go shopping. I think this is one of the best options for those who stay out of kl with to come and shop. The mall is super huge with all kinds of brands and food options under one roof.

Location: Le Meridien Putrajaya, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Sepang, Malaysia

Contact Number : 03-8689 6888

We took around  50 minutes to get there from our home. Once we reached, our car battery died. HAAHAHAHAHAHA what a fantastic way to start a staycation. My husband decided to let it chill, and maybe it would be okay the next day once we check out.

How to Make That Rental House Into A Home

We are now moving into an age where people are more inclined to rent homes rather than buy homes, a change which is quite unique to newer generations. This is especially true in urban areas, where, for example, a house for rent in kajang is easier to come by than a house for sale. Gone are the days of the decades-old tenet of wisdom that you can’t go wrong buying a home. Nowadays, home ownership is no longer universally viewed as a necessary personal and life goal. Of course, there are a myriad of factors that contribute to the ever-changing views on home ownership.

Decorating a rental property can be a tricky task. The difficulty when it comes to rental properties, is how you can turn something that is a temporary living situation into a real home. Let’s face it, there are all sorts of things to consider, as one wrong decision can cost you your deposit. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to make permanent changes that not only break the bank, that you can’t take with you when you leave, and that you have to spend more money returning it to its original state.


Read on for some tips and tricks that can help you turn any rental house into a real home.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer |Review|

Jun 12, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

In this blogpost, I want to share with you my humble review over this new gadgets that my family is enjoying. It is the new HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer. This product was sent to me for review purposes however it does not affect my judgement. Like always, I will only share products and services that my family trust and enjoy. With that being said, let’s jump right in.

This product is designed to be an aid for kids to do their homework. Hence they are calling it the home work rescue. Talking about that, I still remember last itme when I was i school. It would actually help to have a printer at home. Since lots of my folio and assignment need printing and to look for printing shop is not the easiest thing to do. Plus the cost can also add up. Now that both my kids in school, I am actually glad to have a printer at home. It will surely be handy. At this age they do not have any homework given yet but we did enjoy the home work challenges that are lined up on HP website. You can check them out here. There are more than 20 Disney projects to be enjoyed by your kids. 

Langkawi Shopping Wishlist

Jun 11, 2018

shopping apa di langkawi

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!!

Sebenarnya bulan tujuh ni illy and husband nak pergi Korea. Macam biasa kitorang punya yearly ritual memang pergi spend time at a new place only the two of us. Kira macam bonding time lah. It is an investment we make untuk appreciate each other. Tapi kali ni bukan nak citer pasal trip korea. Kali ni nak cerita pasal trip bulan 10 ni trip dengan anak-anak sekali. Nak pergi Langkawi. Dah bila bila sebut pasal Langkawi mesti lah shopping. Sebenarnya illy tak minat sangat shopping kalau gi travel. Lagi suka pergi tengok nature, learn about culture dengan try new food.


Jun 6, 2018


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Have you heard about Palladio and also Katherine & Bobby? I was introduced to Palladio 2 years ago when they sent over couple of cosmetics to me to try out. As for Katherine and Bobby, it is my first time having a close encounter. Recently, I was invited to join a get together that was hosted by Guardian. This get together are held to introduce Palladio and also Katherine & Bobby. Event was at  Studio 3, Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainun, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

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