HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer |Review|


Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

In this blogpost, I want to share with you my humble review over this new gadgets that my family is enjoying. It is the new HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer. This product was sent to me for review purposes however it does not affect my judgement. Like always, I will only share products and services that my family trust and enjoy. With that being said, let’s jump right in.

This product is designed to be an aid for kids to do their homework. Hence they are calling it the home work rescue. Talking about that, I still remember last itme when I was i school. It would actually help to have a printer at home. Since lots of my folio and assignment need printing and to look for printing shop is not the easiest thing to do. Plus the cost can also add up. Now that both my kids in school, I am actually glad to have a printer at home. It will surely be handy. At this age they do not have any homework given yet but we did enjoy the home work challenges that are lined up on HP website. You can check them out here. There are more than 20 Disney projects to be enjoyed by your kids. 


HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer was sent together with a box of stationaries. My kids and I had fun unboxing them. This printer come in three colours blue,red and turquoise. Decided to with turquoise since it match my second living hall colour scheme. If only they have one in pink hahaha..  This printer costing RM358 and I think it is very reasonable since it is all in one plus you can also print directly via your phone since it is wireless.


All right. If you bought the printer then this is what you can expect. You will get both colour and black toner. A cable just incase you want to plug them to your laptop. I  dont use the cable since I print straight via my phone. You will also get installation CD and a manual on how to setup.


I found the manual is clear and it is easy to setup even for those who are not very IT savvy. It takes me less than 10 minutes to set it up. I would suggest for you to download the HP mobile printing app. This will help you print directly from your phone. However, you also need to remember to on the wifi on the printer.


Installing the toner is easy too!! No such thing as mess. I dont really like the old toner type where it is soo messy. This toner is compact and designed to just be plug. you dont have to pour any liquid in or be smeared in dusty toner. All I did was take off the plastic and then plug it in. Another factor to consider before getting a printer is the maintainance cost and the biggest factor to maintain is the toner. I am happy to share that the toner for HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer  cost only RM37 for each black and coloured toner. With that you can print up to 1000 pages. Cost efficient in my opinion.


Once the printer is setup, it will automatically print out this wireless setup guide.


And the fun begins!! Since it is actually my first daughter birthday weekend, I decided to test the printer by printing some birthday decor. From the banner to the food label, everything is printed using the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776 All-in-One Printer.


My daughter seems happy with the decor. I am pleased as well. All I did was printing the decor, then use some tape to stick it to my mirror and then cut the food label. Owh ya, also buy a cake.


We also play Pin-the-tail game. It is one of the activity in the Homework Rescue Challenge. All I did was just print the donkey and the tail. Then stick them on a wall.


It is a fun activity to be done together. We enjoyed our friday night playing the game. Have to stick it low so it can be reached by my second daughter hahaha.. Being a 1 year old she have limited communication skills as she still learning to pronouce but the game is simple and fun enough to be enjoyed even for her. Owh ya, just incase you are wondering this printer may be able to print A4; B5; A6; DL envelope (Note: many other media sizes are supported. Anything from 76.2 x 127 to 215.9 x 355.6 mm).


We also tried the finding nemo under the Disney projects. Can you locate nemo in the picture? There actually tons of things can be done with a printer and can help you save tons of money. You can print birthday party invite, colouring template, crosswords, not to mention stickers and the posibilites are endless. I also think it is fair to mention that the printer is compact and light. It does not take much space which is awesome.


I also printed our my kid’s schedule using the printer. So far, I have no complain over the printer. It is efficient, affordable, easy to setup, and does not take much space. If you are worried about carbon foot print, then dont worry as you may also recycle the Original HP cartridges at no charge through HP Planet Partners.

Hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful somehow. We are at the end of this post and thank you for staying with me. Till next blogpost. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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