SK-II Review: The benefits of the Facial Treatement Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Before After

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am back with another SK-II Facial Treatment Essence review.

Exactly a year ago, I did a write up sharing about the Pitera Proof Kit where I saw with my own eyes how efficient is the absorption of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence compared to other brands. You can check out the other blogpost here. This round I would like to share my SK-II experience. What is my verdict after using it for a year? Does SK-II Really Work? Is SK-II Worth It? Is the Facial Treatment Essence the best essence out there? To be completely honest, I have been trying my best to use SK-II as frequent as I could for the past one year. Being a beauty blogger, there are times where I need to try out other products and during that time I would stop using SK-II if the range already has an essence. However, when the range that I tried does not include any essence then SK-II is totally my favourite to go for. I can easily confess that I used up around 2 bottles of 230ml and another 2 bottles of 160ml within the duration of 1 year. Bare in mind that during the days, that I am testing out other product, my husband still use mine and treat it like it is his. I would say maybe you need half of the amount I used since I am sharing mine.
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review
Realised in my other post I didn’t not share much about the SK-II facial treatment essence ingredients. I am going to make it up for that. Did you know that the formula of SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence has remained essentially unchanged for 39 years? If you buy a bottle 39 years ago, the formulation is essentially same and consistent up to today. Also, 90% of facial treatment essence is composed of PITERA™.

But what is all the fuss about PITERA™?  

Yes, we all know its story began in Japan through a chance observation of an old Toji's miraculously youthful looking hands with a stark contrast to his wrinkled face which led to the discovery of PITERA™. However, what exactly is PITERA™ and what does it do?

There are actually over 50 micronutrients in PITERA™ that conditions skin to retain natural functions. A healthy, well hydrated skin contains natural moisturizing factors (also known as NMF), and PITERA™ contains components that are similar to them which helps to retain hydration and radiance. PITERA™ also helps to prevent skin surface damage while improving our skin barrier function, kind of as if you are having an invisible umbrella on top of your skin. And even when you are exposed to hot weather (Sooo malaysia hahaha), UV and other pollutants or to cold environment (working in the office) which can dehydrate your skin, PITERA™ will nourish, and prevent skin surface damage. Like the best guardian we can provide for our skin.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review

The texture is silky liquid. If you pour it on your hand it looks exactly like water, however denser. I dont see a point taking a picture of the liquid. Because it is like water hahaha.. You got to try on your hand to really understand the texture of the essence. As I mentioned in my older blogpost, the essence have a slight smell or fermented rice or tapai. It is the natural scent of PITERA™ since it is fragrance FREE.
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence can be used for all skin types. I’ve said before but I want to say it over and over again: I feel a little bit of regret for not starting to use it earlier when I was in my 20’s. If I had started earlier, then I might have lesser wrinkles to deal with. I can see SK-II treatment essence as one of the most constant skincare products I will use for many years ahead. I am a loyal user (my husband is too).

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
The only stopper in my opinion could be the cost - RM529 for 160ml, RM715 for 230ml for the Facial Treatment Essence. But for the quality, I would say worth every penny. I personally feel the different. You skin will be thanking you (might even hug you if it could). Should have taken a picture a year ago to show SK-II Before and After.

The bottle you see in this blogpost is the 160ml version I got from SK-II to review. Also SK-II Facial Treatment Essence keep has limited edition bottles every now and then if you want to collect them or give SK-II as a gift. It is a perfect gift seriously. I really don’t mind getting 10 identical gifts of SK-II from 10 different people hahahahaha 

Where to buy SK-II, you can easily get from any department store, you can also go to the website and look for the store locations. I will share the link at the end of this post.

We at the end of this post, and you now know how much I love this Essence, but don’t just take my word for it. You can also read up what others have experienced using SK-II Treatment Essence.Click to read the review or this review.  My recommendation: visit the nearest store and test the product with your own hands. You will find different sizes to choose from, or as an option you may get the PITERA™ Welcome Set. If I am not mistaken it costs around RM260 for the PITERA™ Welcome Set, you will get:-

- Facial Treatment Essence (75ml).
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30ml) which is a wipe-off clarifying lotion that helps to gently remove skin's dirt and dead skin cells.
- Facial Treatment Mask (1 piece) which is an intensive mask with PiteraTM that works to deeply hydrate and revive skin

Try it first before committing to a full size jar. It is only fair to also mention this. Once you tried it there is a high chance of being addicted hahahahaha speaking from experience. For more details and if you want to locate the nearest SK-II store then do click Buy Now - Store Locations.


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