Peppermint Twist Lip Balm by Crazy Rumors Review

Jan 28, 2014

Olla everyone, do you know that keeping your lips hydrated is almost vital in order to achieve healthy and beautiful looking lips? Which is why lip balm or chap stick is such a popular product for ladies!

Today I would like to share my review on Peppermint Twist Lip Balm by Crazy Rumors, check out the picture below





The first moment I come across this lipbalm, I am attracted to it due to its simple packaging. Once I opened the cap, it reminded me of candy cane! It literally smells like candy cane. What make it special it that it is also 100% natural and contain Shea Butter. Well, I don’t think I need to explain about shea butter moisturizing properties since I bet many of you would know it already by now.

It came all the way from US and it cost only RM 15.00 for 0.15 oz. Not bad of a deal huh? Just incase you are interested you may check out here If you go to the side you can see that this range by Crazy Rumors have so many other brother and sisters in so many yummylicious flavour. they have red velvet flavour, banana split flavour, french vanilla, lemonade flavour and the list goes on and on and on… my hand is so itchy felt like buying a few and make it a collection.



Before I end this post, allow me to humble share some tips on how to keep your lips hydrated!

icon_confusedUse lip balm such as Chapstick to promote healing and prevention of chapped lips

icon_confused[3]Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can cause dryness of lips. Increase your water intake during winter to keep your lips looking fresh. You can also humidify the rooms to deal with winter dryness.

icon_confused[5]Don't lick your lips, it will cause more chapping

icon_confused[7]Scrub your lips. you may use homemade sugar lip scrubs or use a soft toothbrush to softly buff your lips to remove the deposit of dead cells that will cause more drying and flaking.






* I am not paid to write this review. Product courtesy by The Love Jars and Crazy Rumors. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Prenatal Massage at Villa Manja, Kuala Lumpur

Jan 26, 2014




Olla ladies, today I would like to share my experience having prenatal massage at Villa Manja. Will be sharing of what is pregnancy massage is all about, the benefit as well as our yee sang session after the spa!

First and foremost pregnancy massage, also known as pre-natal massage, promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers. Pregnancy massage is especially benefical in the second and third trimesters, when the extra weight in your belly puts a strain on your back. Imagine having a human being moving around kicking in your tummy 24 hours a day. Okay fine, it is cute but honestly it does give your some back pain. (okay now go and hug your mum and thank her for carrying you for 9 months)



Before you get a pregnancy massage, make sure the therapist has been specially trained so there is no risk of miscarriage. At Villa Manja, I have no doubt that they have special well trained and highly experience therapist. Thanks to Tammy for introducing me to Villa Manja. This is my third time going to Villa Manja but it is my first time trying out their prenatal and scrub treatment.

The first time I went, I tried their relaxing massage and the second time I went is for the KInohimitsu Party that we had last year with The Butterfly Projects. It was a fun time hosting the event with Tammy! Hahaha

Okay back to topic, a pregnancy massage differs from traditional massage in a few different ways. First, the massage therapist will take extra care to make sure your body gets the cushioning and support it needs.When you’re lying on your back, there will be pillows underneath your knees and shoulders. If you’re far along in your pregnancy, you might be positioned in a semi-reclining position, where you’re looking at the wall instead of the ceiling.

Some pregnancy massage also uses special bolsters with a deep cutout in the center so you can lie face-down comfortably. You can also have your back massaged during pregnancy by lying on your side, with pillows under your head and between your legs. A pregnancy massage should be very soothing and relaxing in style.

The benefits of Pregnancy Massage is that it provide relaxation by relieving stress on joints. It eases neck and back pain, helps you to keep good posture and relaxes and provides flexibility to birthing muscles. Pregnancy massage aids the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which keeps blood flowing to both the mother and the baby. It stimulates different glands in the body, which help to stabilize hormone levels, and relieves nervous tension throughout the body. And the nurturing touch during pregnancy massage promotes relaxation and provides emotional support.



As for my experience at Villa Manja, gosh I LOVE IT. Since I took the scrub treatment as well, Marianne the owner is super kind to prepare a chocolate plus coconut scrubs for me. OMG!! Smells so heavenly. Still thinking about the yummy scrubs while typing this post. I was assigned to same room as Cammie since she also took the scrubs treatment. Her scrub is the coffee scrub and yes it smells divine as well. Do you know that coffee is an awesome antioxidant? Well, I can’t go for coffee scrubs since I am pregnant but I will come back to try it out once I gave birth. Muhahahahahaha (evil laugh)

After the scrub session, I went to shower and then prepare for my prenatal massage session. My stress and pain just melt away. Especially at my foot area. Yes, I have swollen foot now as my body is preparing me for more weight since I am currently 6 months pregnant. Highly recommend for you to try out prenatal massage at Villa Manja if you are expecting mum.





To top the awesomeness, Marianne is super kind she even cook nasi lemak for us! Did I mention she even cooked chicken rendang? Sayang you banyak la macam ni. We spent time chit chatting then makan then chit chat again. Marianne also let us taste her homemade ladu.. I am like gosh.. this woman can cook!




Since CNY is approaching, Tammy, Wing, Cammie, Ayna, Caro, Marianne and me had yee sang tossing session. We bought the per-packed Yee Sang from Jusco and tammy bring the wooden chopstick then let the tossing begin!




Due to excitement, we totally forgotten to snap a group picture adoi… Anyway, it was a truly relaxing and fun session. As for the prenatal massage, I would definitely come back for more and I am also advised to come 2 weeks before delivery to ease the delivery process.

Owh ya, Cammie enjoyed coffee scrubs and relaxing massage Tammy, Ayna and Caro had their relaxing massage and hot stone massage on top of it. Want to know how’s their experience? Ask them I don’t know hahaha but I bet it would be as awesome as mine!


For more info do check out :




*I am not paid or requested to do this review, I paid for the services with my own hard earned money. I just decided to share my experience at the Villa Manja  Spa and hope that it would help others to have more insight just case if they are going to redeem their worthy book coupons here.I received a complimentary book from

Maternity & Children Expo 2014

Jan 24, 2014

2014-01-24 11.58.03

Just like to share my experience going to Maternity & Children Expo 2014. This my first time coming to Baby expo and I am obviously excited. Since I am on leave for my baby scan so decided to slot in visiting this expo in my schedule. This Maternity & Children Expo 2014 is held at Mid Valley. You can still visit it from 24 Jan until 26 Jan 2014. They open at 10 am until 9am. When I arrived at mid valley it was almost 12pm. A bit challenging to find parking so we decided to just take the Valet Parking instead of spending hours and hours for parking.

The Valet parking for CitiTel Hotel is RM 15 for the first 4 hours (monday till fri) and RM18 for the first 4 hours (on weekend and ph). If you ask me, RM15 is totally worth it compared to the amount of hassle it save you. The best part, if you part at CitiTel Valet, is just beside the main entrance middle entrance. So it is facing the middle escalator that going to direct you straight to the expo hall.


2014-01-24 11.58.42

As you go in you can see this big counter to collect your goodie bag, it is located on your left. The first 10,000 customers will get goodies. All you need to do is fill up the survey form ( super simple just few questions) then que for your goodie bag.

In the bag you will get some flyers, and hall map as well goodies. Wanna see whats inside mine goodie bag? check out below. I received few samples and 2 packets of baby wipes. I read from few mummy forums and learned that you can never have enough baby wipes. So happy that able to get 2 extra baby wipes from Maternity & Children Expo 2014. Thank you to sponsors!

2014-01-24 18.25.50





2014-01-24 12.13.56

2014-01-24 12.25.06

2014-01-24 12.37.03

2014-01-24 12.42.51

2014-01-24 12.55.18

2014-01-24 13.19.38

They have 3 main halls and with so many booth, above are some of the booth that catch my attention the most. You will have lots of choices, from stroller to clothes ( super cute!) to maternity spa package as well as photoshoot booth.



2014-01-24 12.05.38

Some of interesting sale and promotion going on, Huggies pampers for newborn.

2014-01-24 12.35.31

Barut baby, super cute and super cheap!

2014-01-24 12.26.05

That is my brother, so excited when he saw this cute cupcake clothes set for his niece.


2014-01-24 12.38.05

Cheap! toys for baby. Where you can hang at baby court and few other toys.

2014-01-24 12.51.45

That is me, queing at Pureen, I purchase few items from Pureen.

2014-01-24 12.53.09

Expect long que, but dont worry.. Even though is is long que, their staff is efficient so the transaction is smooth and you dont have to wait that long.

2014-01-24 13.01.592014-01-24 13.10.012014-01-24 13.14.48

2014-01-24 12.58.332014-01-24 13.00.12


2014-01-24 12.04.56





So below are my humble baby haul at Maternity & Children Expo 2014. I am most happy about MamyPoko pampers. Normal price rM 34.90 but they are selling at only RM 50 for 2 pack! then the Tommee Tippee bottle! OMG! retail price is RM 34.90 and I grab 2 at only RM 24.90 Such and awesome deal.. Then I grab some wipes, and rompers and maternity pads and baby blanket and some mittens and yes those droplet for baby medicine. I spend less than RM 200 for all the items below.

2014-01-24 18.15.48

2014-01-24 18.19.01

What about you? did you go to the expo? What did you grab? I hope this post will be able to help and give some ideas on what to expect for mummy or daddy who is planning to go to baby expo. thats it for now and thank you for spending your time reading my post.


* I am not paid to write this review. I went to the expo during my own personal trip. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

How to join International Beauty Swap

Jan 20, 2014

Olla everyone, if you are on facebook or on my blog fb page… you might got the hint that I just participated in an International Beauty Swap. It is so much fun! I decided to share with you how you can have your own International Beauty Swap tooo

All you need to do is join swap group, for me I joined Be a Beauty Correspondent group in FB you can go to in order to request for membership. Once you submitted your request, the admin (Rebecca Hill) will inbox you with the details. So you will have some overview of the group purpose, what to do, what not to do, how to join and all other details.

Once you have read all the terms and info, you need to reply accept and provide your contact details. Then once accepted, you will get a welcome note! Browse around update your beauty profile and have fun. In the group, you may find lots of other ladies from all around the world who love beauty products just like you! isnt that great?

Anyway, I joined this cupid covert program in the group.. (Thank you so much for organising it Rebecca) Basically about the mechanism, a budget is set for instance in this case USD 50 for beauty products (not inclusive shipping). Okay so before you go and purchase you need to get confirmation of who you need to buy it for.

It is like a big secret santa game, you buy for a person but you wont know who will buy for you and all that.. In my case, I have to came out with a box of beauty stuff for a lady who stay in Canada. (cant reveal the name yet, since she still waiting for my parcel to arrive and it supposed to be secret) The lady who send a beauty box for me is from UK and her name is Kerrie Black. (ya,  I found out since I read her lovely note in the box! hehehe)

So, you will get a beauty profile and you need to scout for items that match the profile. The profile really helps, since it letting you understand the other person better. Like what is her allergies if any, what is her favourite colour and what products she prefer and what shade she love and many more..  I had so much fun shopping for my cupid covert.

Last part is to post it out. You need to check the rate as it can be pretty pricey depending on location and whether you wanted to opt for air mail or via land. If you go via land it might take longer time but it is the cheapest option. You can opt for registered post so that you able to track the parcel. 

Want to see what I got for my cupid covert? Cant really reveal whats inside yet… since she did not received it..


Here is the most exciting part, I have received my parcel!!! OMG so happy.. yeeehaaaaa!!! Wanna see what Karrie Black have put up for me? I am literally smiling all day because of her parcel. Thank you for making my day!!

Sorry these 2 pictureslil bit blurr, I took it using my phone.. The picture below are taken with better camera so you may see it in better resolutions.
















What about you? Have you joined an international beauty swap before? Whats your experience like? I am excited to know too!


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