How to join International Beauty Swap

Olla everyone, if you are on facebook or on my blog fb page… you might got the hint that I just participated in an International Beauty Swap. It is so much fun! I decided to share with you how you can have your own International Beauty Swap tooo

All you need to do is join swap group, for me I joined Be a Beauty Correspondent group in FB you can go to in order to request for membership. Once you submitted your request, the admin (Rebecca Hill) will inbox you with the details. So you will have some overview of the group purpose, what to do, what not to do, how to join and all other details.

Once you have read all the terms and info, you need to reply accept and provide your contact details. Then once accepted, you will get a welcome note! Browse around update your beauty profile and have fun. In the group, you may find lots of other ladies from all around the world who love beauty products just like you! isnt that great?

Anyway, I joined this cupid covert program in the group.. (Thank you so much for organising it Rebecca) Basically about the mechanism, a budget is set for instance in this case USD 50 for beauty products (not inclusive shipping). Okay so before you go and purchase you need to get confirmation of who you need to buy it for.

It is like a big secret santa game, you buy for a person but you wont know who will buy for you and all that.. In my case, I have to came out with a box of beauty stuff for a lady who stay in Canada. (cant reveal the name yet, since she still waiting for my parcel to arrive and it supposed to be secret) The lady who send a beauty box for me is from UK and her name is Kerrie Black. (ya,  I found out since I read her lovely note in the box! hehehe)

So, you will get a beauty profile and you need to scout for items that match the profile. The profile really helps, since it letting you understand the other person better. Like what is her allergies if any, what is her favourite colour and what products she prefer and what shade she love and many more..  I had so much fun shopping for my cupid covert.

Last part is to post it out. You need to check the rate as it can be pretty pricey depending on location and whether you wanted to opt for air mail or via land. If you go via land it might take longer time but it is the cheapest option. You can opt for registered post so that you able to track the parcel. 

Want to see what I got for my cupid covert? Cant really reveal whats inside yet… since she did not received it..


Here is the most exciting part, I have received my parcel!!! OMG so happy.. yeeehaaaaa!!! Wanna see what Karrie Black have put up for me? I am literally smiling all day because of her parcel. Thank you for making my day!!

Sorry these 2 pictureslil bit blurr, I took it using my phone.. The picture below are taken with better camera so you may see it in better resolutions.
















What about you? Have you joined an international beauty swap before? Whats your experience like? I am excited to know too!



  1. Baylis & Harding, I got a set of bath and body works of it from my Secret Santa XD They smell good.!

  2. sounds really fun and exciting lah kak Illy!!! bestnyaaa... banyak product yang takde kat Malaysia ni boleh dapat kan???

    paling penting, the surprises feeling tu!

    1. gi la try join :) seronok.. itu la sebab ada yg kat negara kite tapi takda kat tempat die juga.. so masing2 happy <3

  3. wow weeee look at all the goodies! awesomeness! the bubblegum lip scrub tu nmpak best!

    1. itu la seronok.. alhamdulilah :) the bubblegum lip scrub smell more or less like lush punya snow fairy.. manis2 sweet2 macam tuh :)

  4. wahhhh!! bestnyaaaa illy!!!!! nak buat swap jugak la lol!!!!!!
    Thanks for an awesome post!
    lepas setahun baru nk baca..sabor je la :p

    1. join babe memang best sebab dia suprise!! hahaha


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