Johnsons Blue Bath: Media Interview with Dr. Leong Kin Fon

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Olla everyone, today I would to share with you about what I have learn during JOHNSON'S® Blue Bath: Media Interview with Dr. Leong Kin Fon. He is a Specialists Dermatologists with years and years of experience. Great thanks to Johsons for giving me the opportunity to attend and absorb a lot of beneficial info during during the session.


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This is our MC of the day. I like the way she handle the session. She is very calm, sweet and have good skills while handling the session. She is also a parent and I wish that I can be that pretty after I gave birth to my baby!


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Like everyone else plus being a first time parent, I always wanted the best for my baby. Thanks to JOHNSON'S® I found out that not every cleanser is suitable for baby skins. Do you know that baby skin is 30% thinner than adult skin? Which means they need far more delicate cleanser and products to avoid skin issues.

Yesterday I learned about what are the factors that cause eczema and skin allergies and well as what we can do to treat and control skin issue for children especially babies. Baby eczema (also called infant eczema or atopic dermatitis) appears in about 10% to15% of children. It shows up as patches of red skin. The skin is almost always itchy, dry, and rough.

While it may appear just about anywhere on a baby's body, eczema most often occurs on a baby's cheeks, around their mouth and at the joints of their arms and legs. Doctor Leong also shared that people who live in cities or urban areas and dry climates may be more likely to get this disease.

Doctor Leong also explained that newborn baby is born with wrinkly skin and a protective covering called vernix that naturally peels off during the first two week. It is important to keep the baby moisturized and hydrated all the time. I also learned that keeping the baby in the water for tooo long will affect the skin pH. Human skin pH is around 5.5-6 and the pH of water is 7 so by exposing the skin to water for too long this will disturb the pH and it is not recommended.

Worry not, as I am here to share with you 3 simple tips that I have learned on how to pick the right cleanser and baby products!

icon_confused You need to review the pre and post research and studies that have been done by the company. Not all organic products are good. You need to ensure that the company have done a proper scientific studies to confirm their claims.

icon_confused Check the ingredients of the products. Dont just buy a product because of its packaging. (ya.. there are so many cute cartoon version in the market but look for the ingredients as that it what matters the most). Opt for those who have no parabens, sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol.

icon_confused[6]Last but not least, you are advisable to do a small patch test which means you need to try it at a small area for 2 or 3 weeks and check out if there is any reactions to the product.


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Go for trusted brand that have years and years of experience and research. After all, you wouldnt want to risk your precious baby skin just for the sake of cute packaging. JOHNSON'S® have been with us for around 119 years. Hows that for an experience?  haha.. They were the one that came out with the famous “No more Tear” formulation which end up becoming a revelation in bay products!

That's why moms and healthcare professionals around the world have trusted the JOHNSON'S® Brand to care for their babies. I still remember, my mum buying JOHNSON'S®  when I was a kid for my bro and if you check out my beauty products archive you may bump into few JOHNSON'S®  products that I still using and repurchase like their shampoo and body lotions. Since JOHNSON'S®  products is soo delicate you may use it up to adulthood.

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Meet fellow mummy bloggers from the left, Jane Chua, Sherry, Kylie and me! Rane is there too but she is not in this picture.. forgot to snap group photo with her.. hehehe..

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Great thanks to The Butterfly Projects for extending the invite and to JOHNSON'S®  for organising such an informative interview session. For more info, you may check out or



  1. Hi Illy,

    There is something I love about the J&J baby bath is that I always can share them with my kids..haha.

    1. nice! :) hehehe.. I believe I might share it with my baby too hahahaa...

  2. Anis dari dulu guna mandian johnson's baby especially yang milk bath tu. Memang sesuai untuk kulit anis sbb anis ada eczema.. Hewhew

    1. memang sesuai untuk sensitive skin :) pastu bau die pula.. pergh.. macam bau baby tu yang suka sangat tu

  3. Johnsons & Johnsons has always been my fave products since I was a little girl! :D And I used their teenager products: Clean&Clear, with an assumption they still use the awesome formulas for teens LOL!

    I still buy the cologne (the blue bottle is my favorite) occasionally and it's my fave cologne of all time :')

    1. glad that you like it dear... johnsons have been with us for quite a while and have been one of the most trustable products for gentle care! :)

  4. good to list out all harmful products in shower cream, thumbs up!
    but wanna know is you miss out something in second tips u written as the sentence incomplete
    "If is is too long to"
    I will choose J&J too if I have baby in future as they are branded and known.
    I dont choose cute packaging but look for the ingredients part as always I did when choosing food ^^

  5. Pilihan saya juga Johnson ini ;)

  6. Johnson is my family choice since my childhood period


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