Living Hall Make Over (super affordable)

Apr 29, 2015



Olla everyone!

This is my humble living room and being a simple person, I like things to be as simple as possible as it will be much easier for me to maintain and to clean it. Now that I have a baby, one of thing that bug me is that.. I hope my daughter wont “conteng” the wall hahahaa

So, I was at Lazada website and saw they having awesome promotion on DIY wall paper. I must be completely honest that I am very sceptical at first. I mean, I dont have any skill to put on a wall paper and what if I end up messing it up and it will all go to waste.

I go out of my comfort zone and just click the purchase button. It cost me around RM35 for each roll of the wall paper and this wall here only used up 1 and a half rolls. I forgot the width of the roll but you can imagine it is like from your elbow to your fingers like that (omg im so bad at this) and the length is 10 meter. A worth investment I must say.

I got around 4 rolls (so ambitious hahaha) and still got 1 more rolls waiting to be used. My point here is, you dont need to spend big chunk of money to do a make over to your home.



Before you start, you might need a sponge (to “ratakan” and to remove the air bubble) then a cutter or scissor and if you have this window cleaning device (dont know what ot call it) it would also be helpful.




Behind of the wall paper you get to see the instruction. It works exactly like a sticker. You just ukur and peel off and tampal. The best part about it, when you did any mistake you can just pull the wall paper out and paste it up again. I tried couple of times and it works perfectly.


There you go, lots of clouds on my wall. haha I felt like it bring more life into my living hall and love the colours as if I am tricking my mind that we are in outdoor indoor kind of place..

What do you think? have you tried using any wall paper before?




*I bought the wallpaper with my own money as this is a personal post. I am not paid to write this review, I spent personal time and put in personal effort on this blogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Cetusan Keriangan with Maharaja Lawak Zero and Mister Potato

Apr 26, 2015




Last weekend, I was invited to join a lepak and gelak2 session with Mister Potato thanks to Nuffnang. The event was held at TTDI Rasta which took around 15 minutes drive from my place. One of the many reason I like attending event is because I get to meet my bloggers friends and borak2 with them. I got to meet new blogger friends and keep in touch with the rest. If da chit chat and gelak sakan lagi syok kalau makan snacks kan? hehehe..


That night, illy satu table dengan Kak Su then Leeza (mommyeiman) and Ayu Idris and Samantha.. but she is not in the picture because she was busy haha.. and I actually had fun. It is a very good way to de-stress. also great thanks to Maharaja Lawak Zero for making the night even more happening. during the event there were quiz sessions and ada orang menang Mi Powerbank, Mister Potato Notebooks, Twin Pens, and ofcoz mister potato chips. Kak Su and I got ourself a mini Mister Potato chips and we have more to share with the rest on the table.


Here is a picture of me posing with my favourite flavour which is the original. nyum nyum! Kelakar la dorang ni.. memang patut menang Maharaja Lawak.. memang sempoi… bila lepak tu tergelak skit dapat la release stress skit.. Ada one of the question dorang tanya that night.. Siapa yang paling tak handsome antara mereka adik beradik.. tanya plak direct pada audience, memang tersipu2 la nak jawab haha… Pastu dorang siap buli2 tapi best sebab mostly sporting kat sini.. For those yang nak join or nak jumpa face to face with mereka.. Mister Potato will be organizing a lawak tour around Klang valley featuring Maharaja Lawak Zero.

dont forget ot join them tau.. mana tau ada kesempatan or dekat dengan your house ke kan? alright, tu jer yang nak share for today.. Thank you for dropping by at my humble blog.. Laughter is the best medicine.. so chillax k?


For more info bole check out 




*This is a sponsored post.

DIY Spa Grade Scrubs (Only 3 items needed)

Apr 24, 2015



Olla everyone,

Nowdays macam kena jimat, yer la bagi yang da berkeluarga need to jimat duit for anak2 and those yang tengah single maybe nak kena tolong family or kumpul duit nak kahwin ke kan? But that does not mean we should stop pampering ourself. Today, illy nak share cara yang sangat simple untuk dapat kan scrub yang spa grade at a very affordable cost and most important senang sangat nak buat.

Last time masa my blogger friend Ayna ada buat private Baby Shower, kami pergi ke Villa Manja and memang syok la kan.. then the spa is kind enough to gave us a door gift which is a coconut citrus scrub. I felt in love with the product instantly and I really love home made product. I found them to be warmer as they were made with lots of love.

Nak jadi cerita, since I love using it.. I run out of it hahaha.. so I decided to try out and make one with my own twist at home. Suka best sangat.. Then i share it to my kawan Ayna n Caro.. they told me it is a good idea to share it with the rest… so nak share la mana tau you all pun interested nak cuba.. hehe so let’s begin :


Citrus Coconut Scrubs


1) Coconut shred (ntah apa nama mat salleh dia.. betul la tu kot kan? haahha) also known as kelapa parut. This one costing around RM2 for 1 biji kelapa and I got mine from Jusco. You may also get from any super or mini market.

2) Lime, or limau, suka hati nak letak banyak mana.. You may use orange, or lemon or any other citrus you like. I like to squeeze the juice, input some zest and then few thin slices of the lime inside for extra fresh smelling scrub!

3) Oil. Personally I like to input Bio-oil as it helps to improve my skin texture and reduce scars marks plus I have it at home. Korang nak pakai other type of oil pun bole.. you may opt for Coconut Oil or Olive oil and even baby oil. The main focus is to input some hydrating properties in it.


How to do it?

1) masuk all the bahan kacau done. hahaha.. yes it is that simple.


Tips :

1) To prolonged your scrub lifetime, I would suggest masuk dalam peti ice.

2) you may also add up fine sugar if you more scrubbing effect. I prefer the mild scrub using the kelapa parut as I like to frequently do so.

3) If you have sensitive skin, use 1 a week instead or consult with your skin doctor.





That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this DIY post and have a splendid weekend ahead!




*Products courtesy of Bio-Oil . I am not paid to write this review, I spent personal time and put in personal effort on thisblogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Neesya Brightening Overnight Mask and Illuminating Essense

Apr 22, 2015


Olla everyone,

When the last time you pamper your skin? What is there is an easy way to pamper your skin that is effective and kind to your pocket? Today, I going to share with you about my new encounter. Which is Brightening Overnight Mask and also Illuminating Essense and both from Neesya.

If you wondering on which product to use first, it is recommended to use the Illuminating Essence on a clean face before you put on the brightening mask. Before we go further on my personal opinion over both product. Let’s start by checking out the active ingredients and what make this product worth the try. 


Illuminating Essence

The packaging look very much like a toner where it comes in a glass like plastic container. Which is a plus point as I dont have to worry about it being fragile. Especially when I have curious toddler at home haha..

You may use this product on daily basis or as extra pre-treatment before your face mask. At this moment, I like to use it for my pre-treatment. All you need to do, is just soak your cotton pad and put it on your clean and tone face.





I like the thick yet silky consistency of the product. It looks as clear as the water and have all the goodness jam packed in it. My skin felt instantly hydrated when ever I put it on and I also like the fact that they incorporated lots of natural fruit extract. As for the price, I found it very reasonable.


RM129 for 65ml




Brightening Overnight Mask

Once your skin is ready, you may now proceed to wearing this mask. What I like about this mask is that it is an overnight mask. Yes! mean I may skip cleaning and go off to bed right away.. haha

Packaging wise, it comes in a tube. Application wise, you may use this mask for Intensive Treatment (3 nights straight) or for maintenance treatment (1-2 a week). Currently, I am using it as maintenance treatment and it deliver its promise. To be honest, I have tried quite a number of products and it is nice when you bump into interesting product like this that worth to be shared.

High 5 to the active ingredients that makes the experience pleasant. Woot Woot! 



Check out the texture of the product, it looks like a gel but it is not. It it watery yet thick in consistency and it spread like a jam on a bread. The smells is very mild and it is very hydrating. I am imagining my skin having lots of good time absorbing as much goodness and hydration all night long. Extra plus point as it makes my skin felt supple and bouncy the next day. I cant help but to noticed that make up application seems to be so much easier when you skin is healthy. This gems are currently retailing at RM 99 for 75ml.


That’s it for today. Finishing this post with a must have selfie with product hahaha.. what to do, blogger kan?   Smile with tongue out hehe.. Thank you once again for dropping by at my humble blog. Dont forgetot check out Neesya website at for more info and if you have an instagram.. here is my account leave your account name below as I would love to make more friends Smile Thanks!




*Products courtesy of Neesya . I am not paid to write this review, I spent personal time and put in personal effort on thisblogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Shopback Malaysia Gives Great Returns

Apr 21, 2015

Olla everyone!
I’m back and this time I would like to share way to save and earn more money. This is not a scam this is betul2 punya.. haha… expecially for those yang suka beli online.
When talking about great returns, you certainly wonder what type of great returns you will earn from doing online shopping through Shopback. Well, first of all, Shopback is the company that has been established in the United States and then penetrated the market in Singapore before in Malaysia.
Perhaps this is still new among all of us, but this company has built a good reputation and also really gives you great returns. Unlike your online transactions in other stores, Shopback Malaysia offers you cashback on every purchase.
To get started, you must sign up on the official website of Shopback Malaysia then automatically you will earn the rewards of $ 5 (cashback). Next, you will see the list of affiliated partners in the main menu where you'll find big names like Groupon, Lazada, foodpanda, Luxola and many more. Click on any icons on and again you will see the total percentage of cashback offer.
And when you click on the icon, you will be directed to the respective online store and proceed with your purchase as usual. As soon as your payment process is finished, you will get a cashback reward from Shopback within 1-2 working days.
Not only the items will be sent to your home directly, you will also get a great return cashback! Shopback Malaysia is definitely the best affliated platform for you to make online purchases wisely! Click here to view more foodpanda promotions.
Till then, selamat bershopping and have a great week ahead! Hugs!

*This post is written by a guest writer.

Tollyjoy Mother’s Day Giveaway 2015

Apr 9, 2015

Olla everyone!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and today I am about to share with you something really exciting. I don’t know if you still remember, last year I hosted a giveaway (was heavily pregnant at that time) with Tollyjoy (you may check out the post by clicking here). Great thanks to Tollyjoy for being generous enough to collaborate with my humble blog for 2 years in a row!


Time flies.. A year just pass by and it felt like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to my baby.. My baby was born on May and now she is a month shy before celebrating her first birthday ever…


Moving back to the Tollyjoy giveaway… this time around 5 lucky winners will get to score hampers worth RM100 each, which will include good quality baby products. Yippie Yeay! I have been personally using Tollyjoy for my baby Sofea and would like to share with you few of my top favourite items.


Tollyjoy logo


Before I move further, do you know that Tollyjoy first start in the year 1971? That is like 40 years plus of experience. On top of that, Tollyjoy really takes pride in their high standard of product development as well as testing. Before any product goes into the consumer’s hand, they ensure that all the products meet the high baseline of the industry safety, durability and reliability. From the materials to the research to the design stage up to manufacturing process.





They do all the hard work so parent able to provide the best to their precious lil angel at a very competitive price. Is that nice? Another good this about Tollyjoy is that the range of products they offered. Like seriously, so many products.. If you are looking for a breastpump, they got it.. baby clothes? Got it. Baby gift set? Got it. Mattress for your baby? Got it. Body wash? Got it as well..



My personal favourite would be their Antibacterial Baby Accessories & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser. So useful and it provides peace of mind. It comes in 900ml bottle and you may also buy the refill pack. Thumbs up for the environmental friendly approach. If your baby has sensitive skin or if you just want to be extra safe.. I would suggest to wash your baby clothes with Baby Laundry Detergent by Tollyjoy. They have it in both liquid and powder form so depends on your preferences. I like to use the liquid one for home use and stock up the powder detergent into a plastic container just incase we need to travel for few days.

Have you use Tollyjoy products before? Which are your favourite? Anyway, we have arrived to the fun part.



As usual, you may join the fun by the raflecopter system below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Questions :

1) Answer 2 simple question (When was Tollyjoy founded? what is Tollyjoy’s tagline?)


2) In less than 30 words, share about the special relationship that mummy shares with baby



Terms and conditions :

1. Open to ALL my readers in Malaysia.

2. Contest period is from 10 April -30 April 2015.

3. You will need only to answer two (2) simple questions on Tollyjoy in the comment section.

4. The five (5) correct entries will be picked via raflecopter system  and the winners will win a Tollyjoy hamper worth RM100.

5. Five (5) winners will be announced within 7 days after the contest end date.

6. All winners are to provide their contact details and nominated address for delivery of their prize.



For more information on Tollyjoy visit :



Thank you once again for dropping by at my humble blog, for reading this post and most importantly for joining this giveaway contest. I wish you best of luck and all the happiness in the world.


Happy Mother’s Day!




This is a sponsored post. Products courtesy of TollyJoy and opinions expressed here are of my own.


Apr 8, 2015


Media and bloggers who participated in PCA 2015 media challenge

Olla everyone!

Do you like to join contest? If you do, then you wouldn't want to miss this. Last couple of weeks, I was invited to a media launch for GUARDIAN PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD 2015. do you know that this have been running every year without fail for the last 14 years? not bad huh?

During the event, we were given with the entry form to join the contest. Basically they have lots of product under different2 category and  you need to pick which is your favourite or which do you think love most by all.


2015-04-03 11.09.51

This is how the contest for look like, you can get your own copy by purchasing any product at Guardian Malaysia with no minimum purchase. 

The contest will take place from 4 to 28 April 2015. you may can submit their entries via contest forms available at Guardian stores nationwide, or visit to register and vote for your favourite brands online. take note and don't forget  to keep the receipt for winners’ verification and prize redemption.

Members of the media casting their votes for Guardian People's Choice Award 2015

Some of the media member deciding which product to be crowned as People’s Choice 2015. Right after that, we were invited to join like a treasure hunt. The twist is when all the clue were actually related to products that were nominated in the People’s Choice 2015.


2015-04-03 11.37.12

Personally, I'm having a fun time at the event.. Running around Guardian to look for puzzle and it was such an interactive experience. We also required to take selfie with few LINE character to get our puzzle pieces. P/s: Sorry, nampak separuh jer muka anda.. saya tgh sibuk nak cepat hahaha… next time kita selfie lagi k?





So what are you waiting for? Jom la join contest ni.. kalau tak nak the hadiah can pass to me haha… So many interesting prizes and since there is 3 contest going on more chances to win! yippie yeay!


Among the prizes that are up for grabs for People’s Choice Award Vote & Win are:

1 x Grand Prize: Australia Travel Package worth RM10,000

10 x 1st Prize: RM1,000 worth of Petronas Gift Cards

20 x 2nd Prize: RM300 worth of Guardian Gift Vouchers

30 x 3rd Prize: RM100 worth of Giant Gift Vouchers

50 Consolation Prizes: RM50 worth of Guardian Gift Vouchers


LINE Camera Selfie contest to win RM10,000 worth of prizes! Among the prizes are:

1 x Grand Prize: iPhone 6 worth RM2,549

1 x 1st Prize: Canon Powershot worth RM999

10 x 2nd Prize: Guardian E-voucher worth RM100 each

100 Consolation Prizes: LINE Dolls worth RM60 each


Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this post and might be able to get some beneficial info from it. See you tomorrow for my next blogpost! Arigato and good luck Smile



** I am not paid to write this. I was given with RM50 cash voucher as token of appreciation to purchase products at Guardian. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask by KO Dermaceutical (Review)

Apr 6, 2015



Olla everyone!

Have you tried hydrogel mask before? It is my first time trying out this type of mask and very happy to share my experience. So, last couple of weeks I was on a trip to Bangkok with my family.. It have been awhile after we had any vacation.. obviously, I am very looking forward to it. Wanted to have a healthy and bouncy skin that are picture ready..

It is very norm of me to bring my face mask during travel. Why? Because it is simply convenient and effective. Like a beauty treatment on the go. The problem with my other sheet mask is that it can be quite slimy and once I put it on my face it will start dripping..

Which is why I think this Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask by KO Dermaceutical very suitable for travelling need. Because it does not drip at all. Like seriously.. the secret is in the hydrogel sago!

Before we go in depth into the benefit and personal experience.. lets check out the packaging. It comes in a white box that contain 6 pcs of the mask and each mask packaging look like below




It comes with a sterilized kind of packaging. Once you open the side… you can see the mask peeked out like so. I cant help to notice that it comes with a very earthy smell which is nice and relaxing. Bare in mind, this product is 100% hydrogel of Sago.. no fragrances what so ever was put into it. so the “earthy” smell must come from the sago itself Smile 



This is what the Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask look like. you see? no dripping at all. It is completely neat and not messy at all. I can even put it on while taking care of an active baby during my flight. As you can see, the top part of the mask is separated from the bottom part. This is interesting why? Because it means that it could cater a great range of face shape. you could adjust on how you can make it fit our unique face sizes perfectly.



How to wear it? You just take out the outer later of the mask. They have like a plastic seal towards the inner part and the fabric seal towards the outer side. Once you take it out.. You can feel the mask texture. No dripping at all and so convenient to be used on the go.I was also informed that this mask can be put on my face for as long as I wanted. Thanks to the non-drip I found it very useful and mess free!

Like mentioned earlier, it is made from a natural Sago hydrogel. Strong medical research over the past decade has proven that the Sago Palm has anti-oxidative, anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties.This hydrogel mask provides the skin with anti-oxidant protection, as well as boosting your moisture levels instantly.  It’s close to nature formula, coupled with powerful bio-cleansing abilities, removes dead skin cells, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple with a vibrant glow.

I would suggest to put it for a good 45 mins and then follow up with your favourite serum right after. You are now ready to enjoy a healthy and beautiful skin right before you touch down Smile 




You may purchase this mask from KO Clinic it cost RM280 for a box that contained 6 pcs.If you would like to buy it online or know more about KO skin care range do check out the link


So… there you go, let me know if you have tried this before… Have you tried any other mask during travel?  more than happy to know your preferences. until next time and have a great day ahead!




*Products courtesy by KO Skin Specialist . I am not paid to write this review, I spent personal time and put in personal effort on thisblogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Bangkok Thailand Travel with Family

Apr 3, 2015

2015-03-28 09.51.56

Olla everyone!

Illy baru balik bercuti ke Bangkok dgn family recently, alang2 memory tgh kuat ni.. ku gagahkan juga tulis blogpost ni.. mana la tahu bole bantu bagi siapa2 yang plan nak pergi next time kan?

So kami pergi tujuh orang, my dad, my bro 3 orang, then my husband, me and ofcoz our 10 months old baby sofea. Ma dan faten tak dapat ikut kali ni.. tapi kalau dorang join mesti lagi best Smile insya Allah next time bole berjalan lagi ramai2..

Kami pergi 3 malam naik air asia, masa tu ticket tengah promo so dalam rm2k plus minus dapat ticket pergi balik.. okay la kan? dulu ticket mahal… skang da murah banyak promo bole la merasa berjalan…

Kat sana kami tido di Grand Tower In Rama VI hotel. Tak silap kalau publish rate dalam rm250-rm300 satu malam… ikutkan kat thailand ni banyak hotel yang murah2 bawah rm100 pun ada.. tapi yang special pasal grand tower in sebab bangunan dia memang sangat dekat dengan Chatuchak Market (tempat shopping yang best giler). On top of that, hotel ni tinggi so dapat bilik yang permandangan dia memang sangat2 cantik.. kalau kat malaysia mana nak dapat permandangan camni harga range cam gitu kan?

Ni illy ada ambik video round tour bilik hotel dia.. Hotel nampak agak lusuh skit tapi tak kesah sangat yang penting dapat tido dengan selesa…

2015-03-29 07.09.11

Tak cayer? nak tengok sendiri.. tarik jer langsir hambek kau.. terbentang.. indahnya bandar bangkok. ni pun illy pakai camera biasa jer ni.. kalau korang yang pakai dslr mesti dapat tangkap gambar lagi lawa pada ni. By the way, masa check in tu dia ada minta deposit 2000 bath (lebih kurang rm200) untuk setiap bilik yang kita ambik. Bagi tau siap2 senang korang nak plan budget nanti.  

Dari hotel, kami naik tuk tuk ke hotel cost dalam 100 bath (RM10) satu tuk tuk. Kalau naik teksi meter dia dalam 50 bath (rm5) memang dekat giler hotel kitorang dengan chatuchak ni.. sebab kat Malaysia takda tuk tuk ni jadi kami feeling2 tourist naik la.. syok juga.. 

FYI : Chatucak market ni memang bukan sabtu ahad jer tau.. itupun by the time pukul 7pm da banyak kedai tutup.. tinggal yg jual makan2.. pakaian ade tapi dah tak banyak sangat..

Masa kitorang kat situ siap ada banyak street performance.. memang interesting.. happening pasar malam dorang kat sini.. do you know that chatuchak market is the biggest market in the world? ha.. tu pasal ramai org nak juga pergi sini untuk alami sendiri… Kalau nak shopping memang best.. baju seluar semua range rm10 kalau rm25 tu da dapat yg lawa sangat dah tu..

2015-03-28 18.20.07
2015-03-28 18.13.45
2015-03-28 18.14.11

Nak cari makanan halal memang terus terang cakap agak challenging.. Alhamdulilah kami jumpa kedai tom yam halal. Sedap tengok tu my bro n my dad tgh bantai.. sedap harga berpatutan sebab portion memang banyak.. tak kedekut bahan.. kalau kat malaysia tom yam banyak serai dari isi kan? kat sana order tom yam seafood.. hambek kau.. ketam udang isi ikan kepah lala ape bagai semua dia letak.. memang sedapp

2015-03-28 18.24.32

Posing la skit kan? bukan senang nak sampai kat Chatuchak Market ni

2015-03-28 19.06.14

Kat sini kedai jual makanan dessert memang banyak tepi2 jalan.. da la murah, coconut ice cream dalam rm3 pastu bole letak topping sebanyak mana suka macam2 jenis plak tu.. one of must try kalau da sampai sini. Ni upload gamba ni sebab gambar yg my bro hafiz tolong tangkap blur la plak hahahaha..

Ke esokan harinya tu, kami mula2 ingat nak jalan shopping mall pastu tukar plan pergi floating market.. ingatkan tak la jauh mana.. hambek.. dekat sejam gak perjalanan..siap tertido kitorang dalam van tu.. dia charge ikut meter so tak risau sangat.. kali ni kami tak ambik package tour guide ke apa.. semua kami free and easy.. ikut timing sendiri ikut suka hati.. haha cuma tu la kena banyak bertanya banyak bergoogle..

For internet bole pakai hotel punya wifi but for mobile illy ambik simcard thailand.. okay tak mahal berpatutan rm30 untuk 7 hair unlimited internet.. bole la kan?

2015-03-29 10.19.32
2015-03-29 11.34.54

Ingat kl jer jam? sorry floating market pun jam hahaha.. tempat yang bahagian banyak kedai la.. sebab kedai dia tepi2 sungai tu.. ada juga auntie jual makanan or souvenirs atas boat.. kalau teringin bole la pergi.. tapi kan sejujurnya kami rasa macam terkena jer pergi sini..

Naik taxi da kena charge rm78 camtuh okay lagi sebab pakai meter, tapi charge naik boat? RM500 satu boat yer.. nak pengsan.. kalau nak tengok show monyet tambah lagi rm50 satu kepala, kalau nak tengok crocodile show lagi kena hentam rm100 satu kepala.. kami decided ambik yang trip boat tu jer.. yang lain tu macam over price sesangat.. baik makan tom yam duit tu lagi best..

So, tips kalau nak gi sini, nego sebaik mungkin.. sebab banyak jual barang yang overprice.. kalau kat market lain okay affordable.. memang beza harga nya.. tapi tu la sekali sekala alang2 da sampai tak kan tak pergi plak kan?

2015-03-29 10.57.50

Kami memang posing sakan sebab first time datang floating market sini..

2015-03-29 11.00.27

Dalam trip floating market tu, dia ada stop kat tempat coconut sugar farm ni.. agak interesting la juga tengok macam mana cara mereka buat benda ni.. bau tempat ni wangi semerbak sebab bau dorang tgh masak kelapa tu nak jadikan gula..

2015-03-29 11.19.00

Masa half way tgh boat ride tu, bole plak ada orang tu call yang tukang bawa boat tu tetiba nak cakap dgn my dad.. tengok2 lepas habis tu dia berhentikan kitorang kat tepi sungai tempat station bus.. owh baru paham dia suruh kita balik naik bus kot? haha… murah skit katanya.. the bus ride take longer than the van ride sebab bus dia tak masuk highway.. 

banyak stop2. On the bright side, banyak la bole tengok permandangan kiri kanan… mase tu perut memang tgh keroncong da nak masuk lagu black metal concert da dalam perut.. bukan sebab takde makanan tapi yang halal payah nak cari.

2015-03-29 16.35.21

Petang tu terus kitorang direct gi Chatuchak Market sebab da hari ahad esok dah takde market tu.. nasib jumpa kedai halal.. kak jah tak silap nama kedai. masakan sedap dan harga sangat berpatutan.. yang daging ni my husband suka sangat siap bungkus extra bawa balik hotel. Sepinggan duit rm7 portion banyak rasa pun sedap

Penat lak nak citer satu2 korang tengok video jer bole? hahaha.. esok nya tu kitorang gi jalan Siam Paragon merasa naik lrt dorang kat sana pastu jalan the famous Terminal 21 shopping complex. Interesting Bangkok shopping complex dia buat macam konsep flight..

Staff kat information counter dia pakai baju cam stewardess pastu setiap tingkat konsep lain.. sampai ke dalam tandas pun cantik sangat.. yer… ada tingkat konsep macam britain, konsep istanbul.. sampai konsep hollywood pun ada.. kena pergi tengok dgn mata sendiri lagi best..

The last day sebelum kitorang check out kami sempat jalan di Pratunam Morning Market, tak jauh dari lokasi hotel. Kat sini kami lepas gian beli baju2 dan cenderahati buat kawan2 dan sedara mara kat Malaysia. Best kat sini sebab bole tawar harga.. design dia pun cantik2..

Okay tu jer la illy nak share kali ni, harap perkongsian kali ni bermanfaat la kalau korang planning nak pergi next time or mana tau nak pergi lagi sekali ke kan? kalau nak tahu more details ke apa.. inbox jer fanpage illy tu,.. illy akan cuba yang terbaik answer dan tolong Smile cuma kekadang tu banyak inbox so ambik masa sikit nak reply.. tapi yang pasti cepat ke lambat tetap reply… thank you once again for dropping by and for reading up my humble post. arigato!

** This is my personal trip. All Goods and Services was paid with my own money (hotel was sponsored by my dad). As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.
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