Cetusan Keriangan with Maharaja Lawak Zero and Mister Potato




Last weekend, I was invited to join a lepak and gelak2 session with Mister Potato thanks to Nuffnang. The event was held at TTDI Rasta which took around 15 minutes drive from my place. One of the many reason I like attending event is because I get to meet my bloggers friends and borak2 with them. I got to meet new blogger friends and keep in touch with the rest. If da chit chat and gelak sakan lagi syok kalau makan snacks kan? hehehe..


That night, illy satu table dengan Kak Su then Leeza (mommyeiman) and Ayu Idris and Samantha.. but she is not in the picture because she was busy haha.. and I actually had fun. It is a very good way to de-stress. also great thanks to Maharaja Lawak Zero for making the night even more happening. during the event there were quiz sessions and ada orang menang Mi Powerbank, Mister Potato Notebooks, Twin Pens, and ofcoz mister potato chips. Kak Su and I got ourself a mini Mister Potato chips and we have more to share with the rest on the table.


Here is a picture of me posing with my favourite flavour which is the original. nyum nyum! Kelakar la dorang ni.. memang patut menang Maharaja Lawak.. memang sempoi… bila lepak tu tergelak skit dapat la release stress skit.. Ada one of the question dorang tanya that night.. Siapa yang paling tak handsome antara mereka adik beradik.. tanya plak direct pada audience, memang tersipu2 la nak jawab haha… Pastu dorang siap buli2 tapi best sebab mostly sporting kat sini.. For those yang nak join or nak jumpa face to face with mereka.. Mister Potato will be organizing a lawak tour around Klang valley featuring Maharaja Lawak Zero.

dont forget ot join them tau.. mana tau ada kesempatan or dekat dengan your house ke kan? alright, tu jer yang nak share for today.. Thank you for dropping by at my humble blog.. Laughter is the best medicine.. so chillax k?


For more info bole check out www.facebook.com/misterpotatocrisps 




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  1. Wah, ruginya tak join. Dapat jugak invitation ni. Tapi duduk fikir siapa nak jaga baby, So let go je la. Mister potato ni one of my favourite masa awal pregnant dulu. Waktu awal2 pregnant, memang tak boleh makan pape pun. Kalau makan pun asyik muntah. Even minum air pun muntah balik. Memang teruk. Dalam 5 bulan pregnant baru boleh makan. Tu pun makan cekedih-cekedih macam Mister Potato ni. Kan masin kan? Terus mak suspek dapat baby laki. And she was right Hahahha

  2. wow mister potato mascot so so cute :) please come to ipoh :)

  3. Mister potato mmg sedapppp~ tapi force to control sikit bcos quite high calories, bleh gemokkk. hehehehhee


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