Awesome Prenatal Products by Mustela

Jul 31, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am so happy to share with you that I am almost half way through my pregnancy which mean going to get to see our second baby soon. So excited to check out Sofea’s reaction on that. Since this is my second pregnancy, can’t help but to noticed that the symptoms are different and it is totally a new journey. This time around it is quite challenging physically but more soothing mentally.

Why do I say so? This time around the urge to vomit is just overwhelming and on the other hand I am more relax not as nervous because I have given birth before. So, mentally I am less paranoid. I am also very happy as stretch mark are so much lesser , actually it is close to non-visible this round because I have been using Mustela product diligently. Back to main reason I am writing this post. Couple of months ago, I am reached out by Mustela Malaysia to try out their latest Range of Mustela Martenite . In fact, I am one of the first consumer to try it out before it will only be launch to the market by Aug , 2016.

Knowing that Mustela products shared the same value that I have especially when it comes to using only the best natural and safe ingredients.. I just can’t help but to feel excited.

There are 3 products that I tried and I love them all. Wish they have it in a travel size as well so I could bring them around in my purse. I like to used their products after hygine routine as in shower etc but for the leg gels been using it every know and then haha… Let’s start with the first product, shall we?

Crabtee & Evelyn Cafe in Malaysia!

Jul 28, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Let’s go for a tea time with Crabtee & Evelyn at their First Ever Pop-up Café. I bet many of you are very familiar with the brand. Especially those who have a soft spot for botanical base products. My personal favourite is their hand cream selections. On top of that, their amazing selections of yummy cookies and tea.

I always love receiving and buying hampers from Crabtree & Evelyn. Not only their packaging suits my soul, the whole brand image, the top quality products and most important they take pride in serving natural flavour that contained no artificial colours, flavours and even preservative. You know when you have kids at home, they are very interested with anything that you consume. When it comes to Crabtree & Evelyn products for biscuits and preserved, I have no hesitation to share it my daughter. Yeay!

Talking about biscuits, recently I am invited to have a tea time and be one of the first to try out their Pop-up Café at One Utama.  If you are interested to indulged, do visit them at GF HighStreet area. They will be around from 26th July up till 31st July. Yes, it will only be aroundfor a week. So, dont miss out k?

Mask Haul at Hermo Malaysia!

Jul 24, 2016




Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you doing? Hope you are having a great time and feeling awesome inside out. I always believe beauty start with a good skin, then make up and ofcause lots of smile!

Recently, I went on a shopping spree on my favourite online beauty store non – other than Hermo Malaysia. This time around I stock up on mask. Yes, for me wearing a mask is like a quick pampering for my skin. On Hermo you will be spoilt with choices that you might end up buying a lot.. haha

Worry not as their keep having great discount and promotion every now and then. You have to follow their Instagram, facebook and website to be on the look out when the best deal is up. Not only mask, they also have make up and beyond. From Korean brand, to Taiwan brand and just so much more. I am happy to browse around at look at the amazing selections and current promo. Want to see what I have just purchased?

How to have a Happy life

Jul 22, 2016

First, decide that you want and will be happy. Yes simple as it sounds. It starts within your mind. Imagine something good happened to you but since you have already pre-set your mind that things will be suck. Guess what? It will be suck.

To make it as simple, it is like having something bitter in your mouth to start the day. Even if you were served with a nice sweetest ice cream in the world as breakfast. The bitter taste might still affect your experience. You might be bothered about the bitter taste so much you didn’t get to fully enjoy your ice cream. How’s that for an example? Hahaha sorry la I’m currently 4 months pregnant all I think about is food.

| Green Wellness | All kind of Goodness under one roof!

Jul 21, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am so happy today as I will be sharing with you on something awesome. As a mother, I became more conscious of what I consume and what my family consume. I mean as much as it is a cliché that all mother want the best for their family, it is a true fact. Living in this current world, I personally prefer to opt for non-chemical enriched products.

I also understand the pain of trying to look for good products. For me, it must be free from chemical (of cause), easily accessible (meaning I don’t have to drive super far to get them) and also cost effective. I am not a multi-million dollar blogger (yet) so, which ever give a good value to my penny is most welcome.

So, today I like to introduce you to Green Wellness. It solved all my issues related to stocking up for healthy goods! Apart from that, actually I also noticed they sold all kind of products from personal care to vitamins and many more.

Pump up your day with Upbeat Fragrance for the Music |Mary Kay Perfume Review|

Jul 20, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

We are at the second half of the year now and in less than couple of months it is going to be new year again. So, how is everything at your end? I hope everything goes as plan, do remember to take time to pump up your life with lots of positivity and love.

What I like to do to lift up how I feel is by wearing a nice perfume. Like music, scents have this magical way to instantly change our mood and lift up our spirit. Talking about that, I would to introduce you to Upbeat™ for Her Eau de Toilette.

Resepi Ikan Stim Sedap Tip Top dan sangat mudah

Jul 13, 2016

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Illy tengak dah macam blog masakan pun ada. Asyik share resepi jer haha.. bukan apa niat ni nak share, based on current journey. Takpe nanti next week illy share balik tulis pasal beauty k? Hehe

Many things la happen lately, yer la sibuk baru balik dari raya nak sesuaikan dengan jadual macam biasa balik. Settle kan email office, kerja2 yg recurring etc.. pastu nak reply email2 blog lagi. Dengan kita pregnant pastu ada anak kecik. Jadi memang masa suntuk lah skit nak tangkap gambar nak review beauty stuff and so on. Sebab priorities hidup illy dan jadi husband dan anak2 jadi meraka illy uruskan dulu. Sebab itu urusan akhirat dan tanggungjawab illy. Yang urusan dunia, one at a time.

Panjang bebel kesian kah korang nak baca, bila nak share resepi nyer ni? Asyik pok pek jer.. hahaha okay jap, satu lagi.. hari ni birthday husband illy, dan dia pula kena demam campak yg jenis campak keladi. (Tak tahu google k? penat nak type dah ni).

Our Raya 2016 Experience

Jul 11, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone,

Masih mood raya ke ni? Hehe ke dah masuk kerja? Siapa dah masuk kerja meh sini nak sep tangan.. illy dan keluarga balik beraya di kampung ibu mertua illy kat Masjid Tanah, Melaka. Semenjak dari kahwin kami memang ada giliran. Setahun dgn illy, setahun pula dgn suami. Baru lah adil saksama. Jadi boleh rapat dengan semua pihak keluarga.

Seperti tahun-tahun yang lepas mak mertua illy masak laksa. Tu memang dia punya core lah, sedap masakan laksa dia.Dah pengalaman bertahun – tahun kan? Pastu ada juga nasi impit bersama kuah kacang dan rendang. Tang lemang tu sepupu suami illy yang buatkan. Sedap lemang yang dia masak. Dengar cerita dia jaga api lemang sampai 9 jam. Pergh.. gigih disitu.

Resepi Sambal Petai Udang dan Sotong dari Nikudo Seafood

Jul 10, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope it is not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya. Actually during bulan puasa it have been a ritual from my dad punya family side buat gathering at Masjid Wilayah untuk buka puasa together and then solat tarawikh together. We also tend to do pot luck so we get to share our buka puasa meal together.

This round, illy decided to masak Sambal Petai Udang dan sotong. Illy dapatkan stock seafood dari Nikudo Seafood. Mesti korang pernah dengar kan? Takpe bagi yg tak familar later illy cerita pasal Nikudo Seafood. Skang ni illy nak share resepi dulu. Jom, shall we?

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