How to have a Happy life

First, decide that you want and will be happy. Yes simple as it sounds. It starts within your mind. Imagine something good happened to you but since you have already pre-set your mind that things will be suck. Guess what? It will be suck.

To make it as simple, it is like having something bitter in your mouth to start the day. Even if you were served with a nice sweetest ice cream in the world as breakfast. The bitter taste might still affect your experience. You might be bothered about the bitter taste so much you didn’t get to fully enjoy your ice cream. How’s that for an example? Hahaha sorry la I’m currently 4 months pregnant all I think about is food.

My point is, you mind is powerful. Be selective of how you think as what you focus on will expand. Let me give you another example, okay I promise this time it is not relating to food hahaha

Let’s say a day is like a journey. If you are nagging and whining and nonstop cursing towards the journey, not only you are affecting how you feel, you also affecting the people around you by spreading such an inconvenience aura. It might also push them away…far away.. On the other hand, if you start and continue your journey with a happy heart, smile on your face knowing that no matter how bad today goes. I will be better the next day. Not only everything turn out better and easier, you will also indirectly spread out motivation to people around you.

I totally understand life is hard sometime, just because I smile a lot does not mean my life easier than yours or anybody else in this world. I just decide to focus on the good stuff. Nothing will change if I don’t put effort to change it. I learned to take up responsibility to cheer up anybody along my way. As everyone is going through a battle we didn’t know about. Not everyone is open to share all their misery or issue. We can’t assume everyone is doing great just cause they don’t share what is their struggle.

I would suggest to cheer up, don’t be too serious. Learn to laugh at yourself, spend time with people who genuinely love you care for you. Appreciate them. Spend time to be grateful, spend time to take a rest. With a smile on your face, do the right thing no matter how hard it may seems.

We all learned from mistake, but the most important part is if we want to improve to the better or shallwe just continue sliding down under? Every new day is a chance given by God for us to be the best version of ourself and it all start with our mind-set.

p/s: This is a personal reminder to myself.


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