Hilton Garden Inn Puchong |Review|

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Review
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
My husband and I always think that it would be a great idea to spend quality time together in a new enviroment. By exposing our kids to variety of enviroment it helps to broaden up their comfort zone. New enviroment does not always have to be abroad. Like a visit to a museum, kids park and even a staycation can also be a learning trip. The idea is to expose them to as much variety of enviroment and from there they gained experience. We all know that experience are the best teacher.
Very recently, we went to Hilton Garden Inn Puchong. You might have noticed we are quite a fan of Hilton, We are blessed enough to be able to experience Hilton Kuching,Sarawak , Double Tree Penang by Hilton , and also Double Tree Melaka by Hitlon . Actually we have been to Hilton Petaling Jaya too but I didnt document it before. Well, it gave more reason to revisit hahaha My point is, their service is great which is why we really dont mind to come over again and again.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Lobby Check In
You can easily located Hilton Garden Inn Puchong via waze or google map. It is vry easy to find them even for those who are not familiar with Puching like us coz you can see the tall building from far. There is a mall underneath the hotel and you can always grab necessities (if you run out of diapers etc) from Parkson down stairs. The main lobby is at level 6th. Just park in the mall in LG there is an allocated parking for hotel guest.
Check in went smooth, even during peak time. I noticed there is a pantry are right beside the reception. There are some lasagna (you can reheat using a microwave provided), sunblock, shaver, sanitary pad, chocolate and also some drinks. I would say it is reasonably priced. Rm6 for a tube of chips, just to give you an idea.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Check In Counter
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong also provide shuttle to go to Sunway Piramid and Farm in the City. Not bad at all. We didnt try the shuttle as we promised our kids to let them enjoy the swimming pool. One of the thing we took in granted while staying in condo is the convinient of having swimming pools. Now that we move to landed home, bringing kids to staycation help us to make swimming session accesible for our kids.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Walkway
Check in. We stayed in room 2002. Located at 20th floor. If you like great view then always try to request high floor. The higher your room at the better view you get to enjoy. Our room is the King Deluxe Room with Lake View. They also have accessbile room for easier mobility with fit in roll in bath room and hand rails. Do check out their website if that is your concern. I found them to be very thoughtful to be investing in technology for ergonomic comfort for those who may need it.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Bed
Our welcome gift come in a form of fruits which my kids enjoyed very much! The bed is also comfy, The whole room is also spacious (388 sq ft) that my kids can still enjoy running around without feeling cramped.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room View
The small one is more interested over the deskphone. It looks like a toy to her and being at curious age, who can blame her hahaha.. However, look at the view. I forgot to snap the picture of the view but you can go to my insta stories highlight (Hilton Puchong) and see more!
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Bathroom
Even the bathroom is spacious. The water preassure is good even when our room is at the 20th floor.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Toileteries
Happy to see this Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena & Lavender toileteries again. I usually more fond towards bringing my own toileteries but when we stay at Hilton I dont to. Because the provide good quality products. Do you know that Crabtree & Evelyn are highly commited over using only natural ingridients. Not only it will be nourishing it is also mild and gentle enough to be shared with the kids.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Pantry
The baverages area quite standard. Owh ya dont be suprised if there is no snacks in the fridge, you can get them from the pantry section near the lobby in you want.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Closet
Inside the cabinet you may find safety box, steam iron, torchlight, room slipper and the ironing board. They also provide hair dryer. After settling in, all we did was just hang out. My kids get to enjoy cartoon show on the big screen. It is a luxury experience to them since my husband is very strict with screen time. We dont have tv in the living hall, only in our chill room even that the kids may only watch on certain days with very limited hours. Imagine their excitement when their daddy give them more screen time as usual during staycation.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Swimming Pool
After a good 2 hours of cartoon time, we brought our kids to the pool area. It is the same level with the main lobby at level 6th. They have adult pool, the kids swimming pool and also a jacuzzi.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Kids Pool
Both of them had so much fun pretending to be a mermaid. We get to also mingle with other hotel guest and my kids get to make some new friends. Sofea used to be scared of water but now she know how to swim. I am so proud of her for not giving up. Zandria on the other hand love the water (if no sands invovled).
After the swimming session we brought them back to the room and we freshen up for dinner.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Restaurant
Here you can enjoy good meal at The Garden Grill. This is same restaurant for the breakfast session. By the way their in room service only available till 9pm. If you are hungry after that maybe just grab some snacks from the Pavilion Pantry or just to down to the mall if you need more options.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Restaurant Dining Area
This is the enviroment and the setup of the restaurant. I like how cozy the whole interior is.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Restaurant Buffet Station
They also have the open kitchen concept and you may check out how you meal is prepared.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Room Dinner Menu
This is the dinner set menu.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Garden Salad
I ordered the garden salad. It was above my expectation. If you are a vegan then you will surely like this. This garden salad come with walnuts yeay! Even my kids enjoyed them too.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Burger
My husband ordered Mobley Burger. Do you know that Hilton Garden Inn's famous Mobley Burger at the Garden Grille restaurant was named after Conrad Hilton's first hotel?
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Pan Fried Salmon
Since I am on diet, I took the pan fried salmon. I am on a 3 days a week liquid diet and 3 days on keto diet, with only one “reward” day. Prefer to call them reward than cheat day. I am so glad to spent my reward meal with this yummy and healthy meal. The skin is crispy and the salmon is cooked just nice that it is not dry.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Cut Fruits
My choice of dessert is this fruit platter.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Brownies
Just because I am on diet does not mean my whole family have to be on diet tooo hahahaha.. My husband ordered brownies, kids is beyond happy when they saw dessert on the table. I sneak a tiny bite too
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Bath Tub
After dinner, we went back to the room. Our kids goes to sleep without a fight that night. With their mental and physical energy well utilized earlier plus with a happy tummy the only thing left to do is to sleep. As for me, the night have just started. I brought bath bomb and enjoyed a good 45 mins of soaking therapy in the bath tub. Gosh, it i so relaxing. A warm bath can make all your problem goes away for the night.
Owh ya, incase you are travelling and need to catch up with some work or need a printer you can go to the business lounge. I saw two desktop and a printer.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Day Time View
Day time view from level 20th. How beautiful is that? My husband and I experience quite a number of an aerial view and this is actually an impressive view for the price you pay this view make it super worth it.
I love aerial view, it gave me a sense of peace, it allow me to see that my problem is too small. It also reminds me of the endless opportunities out there. What does an aerial view mean to you?
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Night Time View
Same spot night time view. Look at that right? How is that not beautiful. I was staring at it while waiting for the lift and cant even listen to what my daughter was saying as I was busy being mesmerized by this.
If you come over to Hilton Garden Inn Puchong, do opt for the lake view. I forgot to snap a picture, which can be a blessing hahaha.. meaning I can come again next round and you get some element of suprise and see it with your own eyes instead.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Breakfast Buffet
We woke up feeling fresher than ever. Went straight to breakfast buffet. Once you come in you will be greated with this section. You can pick up your coffee, tea or juices here and also cut fruits, cold cuts and yoghurt.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Noodles Station
Some vegetable options for the noodle station, they have have the egg station, local breakfast like nasi lemak, mee goreng, pastry and western breakfast options. You may also update the kicthen of your dietary preferance incase you have allergies. They will attain to you with best effort.
To be honest it is not the biggest spread I’ve experienced but it is also just nice. With the right amount of selections and the good quallity food, again I would say worth the amount you going to pay. I mean if you stay here for a night, the breakfast is complimentary anyway.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Restaurant Outdoor
We decided to seat at the outdoor area just to enjoy the morning sun. While the kids are having their breakfast, they also get to soak up some vitamin D.
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Breakfast Buffet
Myself from 3 months ago would never take only this for breakfast LOL Quite proud of my nasi lemak inspired salad that I created using spread available. The nasi lemak sambal is good, right amount of spiciness. My husband decide to have a protien load and his plate is full of meats hahaha.. he said he need them to built some muscle but I know deep down he is just finding reason to indulge haha
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong Outdoor Area
Overall our family have a good stay at Hilton Garden Inn Puchong. Would recommend if you need a quick gateway from your routine. Location is not far, you dont have to take a flight to relax, price is reasonable, you get the Hilton hospitality with faction of usual cost, come with good view, so I really have nothing to complain.
Alright, we are the end of this post. Hope you find them helpful if you are in the market to look for a staycation options. For more details do check out their website the best rate is always from the Hotel direct website. Dont forget to also follow their instagram as they are running contest every now and then to giveaway free stay plus you will be inthe loop for all upcoming promotion.
Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!

p/s: Our family friendly langkawi experience blogopst will go live before end of this month. Stay tune for that.

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