I can't wait to work together, for you in achieving your goal. It is going to be a pure pleasure to see your business grow and that is what I always strive for. Below are some of the services that I provide :

  • Product Photography (Lifestyle or FlatLay) - Beautiful and engaging image is the key! 
  • Digital Customer Service - We can help to take care of your all messages and communication on social media so you can focus on growing your business. 
  • Copywriting - Just tell me what is your message and I'll crack my head while you can focus on operations. 
  • Food Photography - Your creation is awesome, let your customer have the first taste via beautiful image. A relatable quality picture that is also cost-efficient. 
  • Digital Marketing Services - You want to create an impact with a limited budget? You come to the right place.
  • Social Media Community Management - All comments, messages, or complain will no longer be in your things to do. Your customers will be attended gracefully.
  • Event Planner Services - Allow me to create a memorable and personalized event for you or your company. Product Launch, Get together, Picnic Party, Birthday? All covered. 
  • Influencer Services 
  • Influencer Seeding / Gift Review - Want your products to be tested and shared by Influencer? I have tons of committed influencer and content creator peers and would love to recommend them to you. 

To get to know more or if you need a FREE Consultation, email me at

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