Super Fun Day at i-city SnoWalk

Assalamualaikum and olla everyone!
If you are looking for ideas on where to bring kids on weekend. Do consider I-city Snowalk. The last time we came is around a year ago. It is fun to revisit and glad we did because they are so many changes that it felt like a whole new experience. Jot down a few tips so you can have the best experience with your family.
I am pretty sure everyone know where they are located at but just incase there are actually at seksyen 7, Shah Alam. You can use Federal highway or NKVE highway.Just use google map or waze I mean it is going to be 2019 already haha.. The parking is relatively easy. We went on Sunday during school holiday and it does not take us too long to get a comfortable indoor parking. As you arrive take a sharp right to go to indoor parking area. Even if it rains (you know end of year monsoon n stuff) you get to be sheltered with a covered path straight to i-city snowalk entrance.

Before coming over, I already prep and ensure both of our kids wear a comfy and warm clothes. Got them some hand gloves from Daiso, make sure they both wear warm socks and feed them snacks for some boost of energy. Snowalk is part of the many attraction here at i-city.  Those who are familar with icity may have know that they offer this ala-carte theme park. Which I think is very genious. You get to enjoy the whole place but only pay for what you may want to experience. Making the park a whole lot acessible. It even give a stickiness effect as you may want to come over a few times to enjoy all of it.

Here is the latest rate, they used the point system. I would suggest for you to check their official website and social media for latest rate. They keep having promotion so do follow them, so you wont miss any great discount. The time we went, they are charging RM50 per adult (cant recall kids price LOL). I think iti s very worth it. Tell you why shortly.
This is the main entrance. Completely different than what I remember. A whole new renovated space! As you can see they have the Boots Counter and the Sourviniers area. The price you paid also include a free boots rental (this is smart as you need warm shoes with good grip) and may also get a ear cover for kids.
They also provide a locker for you to keep your big bags, other belonging and shoes. It cost RM5 per locker which is very reasonable. Look! they even got baby boots. Zandria were so happy about her new rented boots hahaha..
Tips : Best to bring your own stokin for extra warmth.
Sofea look all grown up now.. gosh… Winter jacket is also provided if you need. We let the kids their own rental winter coat. My husband and I decided to go matching with our own lather jacket.

And the fun begin. It was cold and it was so much fun! My husband enjoy this ride twice got he got two child and both want daddy’s time LOL.
There are soo many new sculptures! You can take lot of fun and goofy pictures together. It really felt like the first time coming here as there are so many changes. The whole area is now the size of two football fields filled with icy cold fun.
Even my husband pretend to be Elsa. Let it goooo.. Let it goooo! Anyway, let’s take a moment such beautiful artsy ice sculptures. I wonder how many hours it need to complete it.
Sofea enjoy the slides so much. They even have slides for adult. you can find slides at every other corner in I-city Snowalk. From the short slides, long slides, even a very tall and transparent slides.
Zandria is more interested in inspecting the scupltures, She hug a few penguins, tried making friends with a gigantic octopus sculpture, you know being all friendly and stuff. She did it while looking on point with her baby handbad around her LOL Mummy cant be more proud.
After walking around the sculpture ares, we went to this big snowy room. This is new it wasnt here before. We love this room so much that we end up going in and out three times. Yes, to be honest it can be cold in here but the best part about indoor snow, you get to warm up your body anytime you like. Just go out from the area, warm up before entering again. The price you paid is for numerous entry. Be prepared to enjoy the park at many rounds as you like.
In this room, the snow is thick and they have actual ice shaves coming down from the top with a windy affect. Told you they have slides everywhere hahaha… Imagine going down those slides with snow falling down you face. Our kids have lots of giggles there other that I am smilling as I am tryping this.
The girls gang up to bully their daddy. You can have your own snow ball fights in here.
We really had so much for and I am grateful that we get to experience this together as a family.
There have bench if you want to just chill and watch others play. Can even hug a huge snowman if you want to. I mean there are so much things to do.
You may also practise your posing skills. Look at Zandria, I want to squeeze her face.

We also met my friend, Rane Chin and both of her beautiful daughters. I think is is a super fun place to enjoy with family or friends. You can surely expect lots of good memories created here.

Will we be coming back again? YES! Looking forward to come back again and again. I mean what is not to love? The place is huge, lots of fun attraction, family friendly and well kept. I am already aiming to also bring the kids to the waterworld next.

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Do check out this snapshot to see the whole expereince better. I hope you will have even more fun experience than we do. I hope you created lots of happy memories too! Thank you for reading this up. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile.


  1. Your family picture is so lovely! Love to see cute Zandria and sweet Sofea in the winter too, they look like Elsa :)


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