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Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

Those who know me personally would know that I have loving relationship with “massage”. How could I not? I’ve been preaching to everyone I know about the importance and wonder of a good massage session. It helps to control anxiety, improve digestive issue, from headaches, insomnia to muscle pain and it also helps to improve our the effectiveness of our lymphatic system, I can spend all day talking about how massage is not just for pampering. It is a need, and a great way to maintain a holistic wellness.

Like you might have guessed, I have been to massage parlour all the time and one of my current favourite place is Healthland. Thank you to my friend Samantha, she introduce it to me awhile ago. Actually, she kidnap me during my lunch time and brought me to go massage hahaaha

After that, I have been ditching my other massage place and keep going to Healthland. My favourite outlet is the one at Center Point (closer to my house). Well, today I want to share with you my experience going to their TTDI outlet.

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As you come in, you’ll be greeted by their lovely representative. They will help to check the slot and which massage that you prefer. I like their Thainess Oil Treatment a lot. My husband usually go for their foot massage. OMG their foot massage experience is out of this world. Imagine super comfy seat in a cinema like seating with an actual big screen for you to enjoy movie while getting a foot massage. It is super awesome.

This round my husband opt for their Signature Treatments Deep Tissue Treatment We both took 2 hours treatment. You can opt for 1 hour, 1.5hours or 2 hours. I would say just go all out and pamper yourself for 2 hours as it is the most worth it.

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Once you got your slot sorted, you will be escorted for a foot wash. See how happy my husband is LOLHe used to tell me that it is so sissy to go for a massage. Look at him now!

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You will get a good foot wash, and foot rub before your session start. They will use warm water to wash your feet and it actually help to not just clean your feet but also improve the blood circulation.

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Snap a picture of their decoration as I like how they setup their interior. Very “baliness”to my humble opinion. You may end up staring at all their lovely decor as they have it all around the place at every other corner.

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Owh ya, in Healthland TTDI outlet you’ll realise that they separate male and female treatment room. The male treatment room is at first floor while the female treatment room is at the second floor. As usual, they will provide you with dispose able panty and a hair net. If you have long hair I would suggest to bring a hair tie so it is more secure before you put on the hair net.

Just take out your clothes, wear the dispose able panty and hair net. After that, just get ready to go to heaven! I found that the consistency of the masseur skills is very impressive regardless which outlet I go for. Good job to the training team. My session start from my foot all the way to my head. Two hours of serene experience. They used combination of method from a deep finger pressure at few key area of your body and then followed by a lovely slow strokes that aim to reach the deepest layer of muscle and fascia.

Haih… writing about this making me feel like booking another session. Like I said earlier, massage have numerous health benefits. It is wonderful to reduce stress, even if you have high blood pressure I would recommend you to try out massage treatment. As it will help and gosh it is very nice. Once money fall down from the sky, I may go and book a session weekly hahahahah

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What I like about Healthland other that the environment and the service is the affordability. Here is a glimpse of their offering. It is great for a gift, I mean instead of buying stuff for people you care about. Why not bring them for a satisfying massage experience.

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After your massage session, they will give you a warm herbal tea. Overall, I have a very good experience on all my visits and couldn’t find a reason to not be happy. Anyway, don’t forget to check out their website and facebook so you wont miss any good promotion. Alright, we are at the end of this post and I hope you’ll go for for more massage session and reward your body!

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