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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
How are you? Hope you are doing great. Today I would like to share with you my experience staying at the newly launched Hyatt House KL Mount Kiara. If you have been reading my blog, you may have noticed that my family truly enjoy staycation. We believed that staycation is one of the most time and cost efficient way to rejuvenate out of our busy schedule. This time around we went for a couple staycation and we had such a lovely experience here in Hyatt House. So, let’s jump straight to the review shall we? 

Glad that Hyatt House is just 15 minutes away from our home. It is located right in the heart of Mount Kiara, if you are familiar with Sushiya (the super awesome nice Japanese restaurant) Hyatt House is located right beside that building. If you are a gym person then if you know F45 then yes, it the building next to it. Haiyaa.. just waze of use google map lah. 
As you arrived, you’ll have to go down to basement for carpark. Quite easy to find parking plus they got designated area.

Look at comfy leather chair. I love the vibe on the lobby. Modern with a touch on comfort and luxury. Cant stop staring at the full black marble wall. My husband have always been a fan of black marble. Plus this black marble is not any other black marble it comes with the gold flakes in it. Such a candy for the eyes.
Told you it is lavish. The whole wall is a freaking black marble with gold flakes.
Nak tengok berapa rate sekarang? Mana tau ada discount ke kan? Nah illy sediakan search book untuk terus kat sini. Senang korang nak buat booking. Have Fun!! P1110287
We got a room at level 20th. Yeay! You know we love high floor. High floor = great aerial view. If you love aerial view as much as we do, then do request for high floor. You’ll thank me later. I like how sleek and clean and wide the walkway is.
So how? Nice or not? Definitely not a typical hotel. Actually come to think about it, you paid fraction of a cost compared to staying in suites. This room come with a comfy living hall With a nice sofa, laptop table just in case you need to catch up with work. See the kitchen back there? Let’s go and take a close look.

My husband have been eyeing on the machine machine longer that I wish he did. Why do I have a feeling he might get one for my birthday next year? Our room come with a very good washing machine + dryer. Also a big fridge and microwave.
A fully functioning kitchen. I kid you not. Like seriously. They are very thoughtful in putting everything together. From the coffee machine to the water kettle, to kitchen towel and a freaking dish washer. Even my house is not a complete at this hahaha
Yes, baby. When I said fully function kitchen I really mean it. They even got plates, container, pots, frying pans even a whisk. you know just in case you want to bake a cake or make scramble eggs hehe.. Imagine having a staycation with you family and then cook a good meal together. Arghh.. that would be so lovely.

Room amenities is not disappointing at all. From the high quality bathrobe (super fluffy) to the high quality iron boards and a sturdy wooden hanger. I really can stay here for more than a week.
What makes Hyatt House even special is they also have a balcony! Not many hotel in Malaysia provide an open air balcony with a great view. I remember having a good chat with hubby the other night at this lovely balcony overlooking kl view. It is a night to remember for sure.

I got to be honest here. I am a lil bit bumped that the room does not come with a bath tub hahahaha… Well, its okay as they make it up by offering an infinity pool on the highest floor of the building. Forgot to snap a picture but you can check out the video I did at the end of this post to see it.
The amenities is not the usual generic amenities as well. I actually like the shampoo and conditioner provided.

They also provide a big mirror for you to take OOTD haha just kidding, but ya I love tall mirror as I get to snap ootd effortlessly. Ignore my hubby there. He is so naughty.

Told you. Let’s focus on this high table and the glass water container instead. owh ya the room come with two big led screen. One in the living room while the other one in the bed room. So you get to enjoy chill session at both area. We watch some a movie the other night. Can’t recall what movie but good to also mention they have fox movie channel hehe..
Some other things you can find in the room.
My excited face as a filler to this post. LOL
I have a feeling that my husband and I could be the first couple sleeping on this bed. I mean Hyatt House is super duper new when we check in hahaha.. The bed is definitely comfy. The ventilation is good, the pillow is soft but not to hard just how I like them to be.
Ever since my husband and I been adopting and trying our best to be active, we truly cherish a good gym. We spent a good 2 hours at the well-equipped gym. So if you are having an active lifestyle you can really consider staying here as you get to enjoy this gym too. The view is good that you don't even need to on the treadmill screen. Just enjoy the amazing view and run as much as you want.

If chillaxing by the pool is your thing, do check out the infinity pool okay? I didn't bring a swim attire the other day so didn't get to to dip in. More reason to come again with my kids. My kids would totally love their awesome salt water swimming pool.
Went to the other side of the pool area and saw like a private gathering area equipped with an outdoor seating plus a bbq section. I think it would be super awesome to host a party or family meet up there. Gosh, the moment I walk to the area I was thinking maybe I should host the next “Blooming with illy” event here with all the other bloggers. It would be super dope!!
That night, my husband ordered some food and we have a good dinner with a proper tableware. He know I don't appreciate plastic cutleries hahaha..  Actually if you don’t want to cook, you can always go down the building and you will be spoilt with choices. MY husband told me he saw Kyochon Fried Chicken Shop hehe.. Hello, you are literally in the heart of Mount Kiara so food option is never a challenge.
In a nutshell, we had a good time and created a good memories here in Hyatt House KL Mount Kiara. I would totally recommend them for long stay even for a quick staycation. Definitely worth every penny and if you host a family gathering here, be prepared to showered with praises. Even their breakfast is good. I love how spicy and appetizing their nasi lemak sambal is. Nyum!

Alright, as promised here is the video I did and hope you find this blogpost useful if you are in the market to look for a comfy and worthy staycation options. Till next blogpost (ya I know I still haven't write about our Langkawi trip hahaha). Don’t forget to take it easy and smile!

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  1. bestnya nampak selesa dan complete dengan facilities. airah pun suka staycation. dapat berdua je hahaha

    1. memang selesa, berbaloi sangat... nanti boleh la airah try :) have fun tau!!


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