DIY Kid’s Room Decor Tips with Nippon Paint


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Today I would like to share with you on tips how to DIY a Room Decor or Mini Make Over for kid’s room. Before that, I would also like to share my experiece at CIY Workshop with Ben Fridaus. Because it is where I gained some inspiration on giving a lil spice to my daughters room. The event is called Nippon Paint Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY Workshop. Actually, I am quite confused why it is called CIY when I am more familiar with DIY. Was told CIY stand for Create It Yourself hahaha. This is my second time attending workshop by Nippon Paint and I learned lots of interesting technique each session. Why not share it with all of you here.


This event is hosted in conjuction of Malaysia Day this coming week. It is our 61 years of Independence and proud to say that I am really grateful to be a Malaysian. Can spend all day talking about why I felt so, but that is not what our focus is now. Ben Firdaus is the guy there wearing melayu with songkok. I know it is obvious, but just incase… He is an amazing interior designer and you can also catch him on TV3 on every tuesday at 9pm on Calit, Si Cilik Calit program together with Nippon Rangers. Jokingly asked him when he want to come over to my house to give make over, he said he will send qoutation LOL


The workshop was held in a training room, this is the part where he teach us on how to create a nice wooden plate and give it our own “Malaysian” twist to it.


Despite of this serious look, (blame my camera skills) Ben Firdaus is actually very friendly and informative in person. Thanks for the patience and guidance, Ben!

CIY Workshop 2

See that cute blobby? I brought back one home, then kinda regret it. Both of my daughters cant stop fighting over it’s ownership T.T  


Moving on, check out the items needed for this project. Wooden bowl, tape, brush, primer and Nippon Paint Hydro.Do you know that this product is under Child Wellness Range? Tall about it later. Owh ya..  you can use any colour your want. We are given with blue, red, yellow and white since it matched our national flag.


I took this photo right before an incident. Trying to be creative and do a flatfay of Nippon products used.


Taaaa daaaaaaaaa… My creation! A lake of white paint HAHAHAHAHA It turned out that I did not notice that the cap was already opened. One thing lead to another then eveyone in the room knows how clumsy I can be. GOOD JOB ILLY


Nippon have their own synthetic paint brush. You dont have to worry about it being syariah compliance hehe..


Okay back to topic, what you need to do is just create a design using the tape then put a primer on your bowl. Make sure the primer is truly dry before putting on the next coat. Every workshop participant on that day turn to be a “satay seller” in our effort to make it dry faster hahahaha


I decided to go with 3 coats before painting it white. Once it is dried, you can take off the tape.


All of us are given a stencils of a “bunga raya” each. Next, we dipped the sponge in paint before fillings up the stencils. Tips : Try to clean the stencils if you want to go in with other colours next. If not then it could smear each other. Learned from my mistake hahahaha


All done!! Like other things in life, practise make perfect. My creation is “artsy” a kind word for  “messy” LOL


I actually smeared my plate then decided to might as well go all in. Smeared other section “purposely” in the name of art. I had a good fun during the workshop and even got an inspiration to CIY back home.


I am glad to know that Nippon really put effort in being eco-friendly and thoughful over lil ones. I am amazed that the paint does not contain strong smell, anti–stain (can wash easily OMG YES), help to clean the air thanks to the anti-formaldehyde with Active Carbon Technology. I am really impressed what I found out that it also helps to stop harmful bacterias and viruses from spreading on the walls.


This is my kids room. I think the walls are too bland. Also, a good way to practise my painting skills.


No stencils? No problem! You can use your child’s night lamp. Or you can use any other shapes that you like. Can also draw “freely” if you are daring.


Just draw with a pencil, follow the shape of the crown.


Then paint your heart out. Painting is sooo theraputic that I actually looking forward to paint my guest room and then my dining room next hehehe P/s : Use my kids room as “testing” LOL


And then you are done! Painted 6 crowns on the walls for them. The best part out of the whole thing is being able to see them all excited and happy once I revealed it to them. What are you waiting for? Why not give a suprise lil make over for your kids? I am sure they will appreciate it.


If you go to or click here you can straight ahead download RM50 paint voucher. Happy shopping!


A confession before I end this post, actually I bought all this nippon paint in attempt to repaint my bathroom tiles. Really this one is not sponsored, these paints I bought myself. I mean instead of spending so much to redo the tiles, might as well I paint them with fraction of the cost. Do you want to read a blogpost on that? See la.. I try to get it documented soon.

NP Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY Workshop - Pix 2

Alright, we are the end of this post. I hope you find this blogpost informative if you are in the mist of decorating your nest. Thank you so much to Nippon Paint Malaysia for having me at the workshop. Thank you everyone in Perspective PR in pulling this off together. It is another fun day spending time around my blogging peers and also make new media friends.


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