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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I always think that not all classroom have walls.Which is why my husband and I like to expose your kids to a much experiences. Since our family enjoy having fun at the park, joining marathon, exploring nature we took it as another alternative way to teach our kids. Ever since I had my first daugther, we have been to numerous outing with our family and friends. It does not have to be far, and it does not need complicated planning and what not. All you need isa good weather and also BROS water bottle. Food and board game would be great too!

Last two weekends ago, I invited my step sister and step bro to join us for a picnic at Tasik Titiwangsa. It was a very fun outing. My kids get to mingle with their auntie and uncle, and we get to bond while catching up. Surrounded by nature, overlooking the beautiful lake and it cannot get any better than that haha..


Sofea and her Mak Teh. Her favourite auntie I would say.


My attempt to get my second daughter Zandria to take part in my flatlay LOL Anyway, can you spot 4 units of BROS water bottle there? I got two units of 1000ml and 2 units of 500ml. Enough for my whole family. Each bottle’s are unique on its own. The similarities is the reason I think they are the best water bottle in the market. All of products under BROS are high quality, made from 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free material, they pass and comply both the FDA(U.S) and LFGB (Europe) Standard. Each bottles are made from high quality Eastman TritanTM Copolyeste.


I have been trying to teach my kids to treat nature with respect. In order to do so I need to show good example. We have been trying our best to bring extra bio-degradable plastic in our car so if we saw any trash during our outing, we can quickly pick it up so it could be decompsted properly. One of the reason why I think it is a good option to bring our own water bottle is we can to teach our kids on reducing the amount of trash we make. By bringing our own bottle, not only it helps to keep us hydrated but also be kinder to our mother nature. 


The black one is my husband’s and the purple bottle is mine. Do you know that BROS bottle are designed to be odourless and also stain resistant? It could also can stand -10°C to 95°C. You dont have to worry about your bottle crack if they are in cold storage. Also, I can testify that it also dishwasher proof. However, do take note that it is non-microwaveable. What would you want to microwave it anyway? LOL But if you feel like doing so, please dont hahaha..


Even brought BROS water bottle to my trip in Jeju earlier. It keep me hydrated while enjoying the hike. During any hiking, water is like liquid gold (to me alteast) hahaha..


Also, their price point is very reasonable. With less than RM30 you can get a nice, durable and safe water bottle. BROS also have tumblers, containers, glass bottles and even thermal collection. image

Took this from BROS bottle website. See cute or not? I think they are great for kid’s birthday gift too. Both of my kids are loving their bottle’s. They brought the bottles to school and to all of our outings. I just wish to get both the same design in the future, as my current issue is they fight over each other’s bottle LOL


Your kids may also personalised their own bottle by using the 3D stickers by Bro’s. I think the cost is very reasonable. If anyone want to buy my kids some gift then please get them these stickers, instead of anything that make sound. Gosh, you have no idea the kind of horor experience my husband and I go trough last time when we received “sound making” toys. Our ears want to just commit suicide.

Do visit their website for more eye candy and yes, you may buy them online. I saw a promo of free delivery for purchase above RM30.

Alright, we are the end of this post. Thank you so much for spending your time to read this up. I hope you find it informative somehow if you are in the market to look for reputable and safe water bottle. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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