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Kiddomo Universe Review
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
If you are on my instagram then you might have noticed that I’ve been to Kiddomo Universe last friday night after work with my family. We had such a wonderful play time. I've brought my kids to couple or indoor playground but this Kiddomo Universe is really one of a kind. Like nothing I’ve ever experience before, it actually combined technology with playtime and I think the managed to find the balance between both. I mean technology is not just about screen it is wayy more than that.
Before we get more into that, Kiddomo Universe is located at The Starling Mall and it is super convinient for my family to come over as it is less than 15mins away from our home. I can totally see myself bringing my kids more often in the future.
Kiddomo Universe
This is how the main entrance looks like. Huge? Wait till you see what’s inside.
Kiddomo Universe Entry Fee
As you can see they the entrance fee from Kiddomo are catergorized based on days and also age. If you want to enjoy the happy hour promo then do come on weekdays after 6pm as it will only cost RM30 for child above 2 years old and it is free for those who are below. Parent or guardian will be charged RM15 each.
For records you need to fill up this entry form upon registration.
It is common knowledge that you need a socks to enjoy indoor playground. Don’t worry if you forgot to bring your own because they do sell it at RM5 per set. I find it very reasonable as the socks quality is very good and comes with amazing grip studs. My husband didn’t need any as he is already wearing socks on. We got two units of kids socks and also one pair of adults socks for myself. All socks comes at same price regardless of the sizes.
For germ-phobic they got you covered. You may find this sanitizing machine all around the compound. At the entry gate, near the ball pits and like almost every corner. Glad to know that they took hygiene as priority which is crucial since it is after all a public place. Also it is a relief to know that they do sanitize the place frequently using machine that looks like a hybrid or a vacuum and vapour gun haha gosh I dont know what it is called but ya, I saw it in the video at the entry area.
So, there is this shoes storage area where you can change your shoes and put your socks on before enjoying the facilities. You may also leave your stroller at the side if you bring any.
Each child and parent or guardian will be given with an arm band like the green and blue strap, the one my daughters are wearing. Before you start having fun, you need to scan the band at this area to select your character, key in your name and also snap your picture. My daughter Sofea decided to opt to be princess. What else right? LOL Anyway, once you have setup your character it will appear on the screen above the desktop and it will also be telly trought out the whole Kiddomo Universe journey.
Kiddomo Universe
Same or not? HAHAHA Told her to take a picture for a character and she went to pose with a peace sign. Wonder where she got the “gedikness” from LOL #mightbefromthedad #mightbenot
One of the most intersting activity that are enjoy by my kids (and myself) would be the creative section where you are provided with endless supply of colouring sheet like the one my daughter is holding.
Unlike the typical colouring activity, they provide a scanner from the future to scan your artwork.
Within seconds your “artwork” will magically turn into a living creature on the wall hahahaha Interesting or not? My daughter was jumping like a chimpazee when she saw the fish she drew turned 3D and swimming around with the rest of other kid’s artwork. If fishes is not your thing, they also have another set of this interesting activities at the other corner and that one involved Dinasour. I mean you can even draw a polkadot dinosour and see them come alive!

And then my phone battery died hahahahah what a bummer. However, I managed to take a video and did a boomerang before that happened. As you can see the place is huge! Even as a adult, I can’t be able to decide which is my favourite spot since every area in Kiddomo Universe is interesting on its own. I know that Zandria and Sofea’s favourite must have been the Giant Ball Pool. I mean how can they not. We spent most of our time them just goofing around balls. Such a great stress release session. There are also hidden Dinasour eggs amongthe balls. You can pick the egg up and then bring it to the digital corner and see what dinosour does the egg belong to. On top of that you will also get to digitally collect it by scanning the bands.
Almost all of the activities provided here involved scanning the band. Such a personalized experience. My husband enjoy singing with our kids at the Karaoke room. Thank God the room is padded to be sound proof or other guest might have to deal with potential ear bleeding if they have to endure my husband singing “Old Mac Donald have a Farm” whole heartedly.
For minor below 2 years old, there is a baby gym provided with all kind of interesting physically activities for them. There are also a cafe there which sells sushi, some pasta and drinks. Price range is reasonable, the food is not the best but also not the worst. Atleast there are food options if your child is hungry during playtime.
Overall, I think it is a perfect place for family bonding and also a place where your child get to learn trough play. The place is huge enough to cater birthday occasion and I think it would be a good choice to do so. Parking is plenty since it is located in a mall. The place have high ceiling so your kids wont feel confined. As parent you get to also enjoy the facilities while having fun with your lil one. Will I be coming back? Yes, you can bet on that. HAHAHA

Okay, we are at the end of this post. I hope you find them helpful somehow if you are thinking about where and how to spend time with your kids. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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