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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Imagine participating on 6 runs in 6 countries in the course of 8 weeks while being on a reality tv? This is exactly what Mong Chin experience and you get to follow her journey as it will be on air starting this monday July 23, 2018 on Monday at 9.30pm via LIFETIME (Astro Ch 709). 

Each episodes will show how Mong Chin meet amazing people who comesfrom many different background and have unique and different skill sets that will help her to complete challanges. From musicians to food bloggers and even fashion designers.

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You can see that it takes a lot more than a skill to take selfie to become a successful influencer. The amount of effort need to be put on to produce content and maintaining subscribers it respectable. During the series, Mong Chin will share a sneak peak of what is going on behind the curtains. How she slot in running prep while maintaining her instagrammable activities and you will also follow her to look for photo ops on top of socializing and meeting other influencers.

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In one of the episode Mong drive a Lamborghini in Kuala Lumpur traffic. Does having a Lamborghini makes the journey smoother? For you to find out by watching the show haha.. Also there are task that involved taking a picture of a waterfall, sounds easy? Not really, as she still need to travel many hours to get there. Some of the challanges also test her physical tolerance as she need to capture a photogenic picture in 37-degree heat in middle of Hanoi’s Old Quater. I have personally been to Hanoi and could totally understand the task is not as simple as it sounds.

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Dont forget to set your reminder and not to miss the first episode!

23 July Monday 9.30pm at LIFETIME (Astro Ch 709)

Show will be airing same time for 6 continous weeks.

Hope you will enjoy the show. Thank you so much for reading this post up. As usual, I am more than happy to share info that I found interesting. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to takeit easy and smile!


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