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LPG Experience
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
Very recently my husband and I went to The Laureate Signature at their Mount Kiara outlet to experience the cutting edge treatment that is not only 100% natural but is also scientifically proven. The Laureate Signature have another center at Petaling Jaya (Jalan Templer). Just to clarify, The Laureate Signature is not another slimming or beauty center. They focus more on total wellness. They are under the reputable Beacon Hospital Group which means every treatment or products they are offering are safe, and tend to be effective. I’ll explain more on that shortly.
The beauty world is currently buzzing about LPG Endermologie treatment. I am very happy that we get to experience it in Malaysia, Not many beauty center own the unique machine. LPG endermologietreatments – an advanced technology from France and also it is the first medical aesthetic equipment that obtained FDA approval in USA. Even Gal Badot, herself have a unit of the machine at home. Many other celebrities and VIP swear by its effectiveness. You can just google up the machine name and treatment to see how others around the world are blown away with the result.
LPG endermologie for face treatments work by stimulating dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight unaesthetic manifestations, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, double chin, localized resistance fat, cellulite appearance, and more. Whereas LPG endermologie for body helps in detoxification process, eliminates fat cells and you can discover slimming, firming and cellulite smoothen effects in just one session. In more general terms, LPG endermologie awaken the cells in our body by giving them a little exercises, to boost up the production of rejuvenating substances (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin), to fight aging process.
You can puchase the machine and I guess who could imagine how much it cost. The best options to try experience the treatment is by visiting The Laureate Signature. Evne if you puchase you might not have the expertise to operate it so best to leave it to the professional. Each session cost RM600.
The great news is I am giving away the RM600 worth of treatment session to five lucky readers! Stay tune towards end of this post to figure out on how to win it.
LPG Review
On that day, I was given an introduction by Jocelyn Chia who is the GM for The Laureate Wellness. Such a sweet and nice lady. I enjoy talking to her and gosh can’t stop staring at her beautiful skin. Also on that day, Joey Lee who is the product and marketing executive shared more insight over their company, their mission and I can feel that they are really passionate about sharing the wonder of LPG to the market.
As mentioned before they are not any other beauty or slimming center. Their main focus is on Total Wellness. Which cover our social, emotional, intelectual, spiritual and also physical wellness. I am impressed with the DNA profiling services that they provide. For the cost of RM 3.5k you will get the closest to your personal body manual. They will take up your cell sample by swapping the your inner cheeks. Once that is being done they will send the sample to their lab in australia so medical and lab praticioner will analyse your DNA. From there they will focus on 58 strains of DNA to decode your body. Super thorough!
In the DNA profilling book, you get to see more truth about your own body. For example which food is best for you and which you should cut from your dietary intake. Joey did shared with my that they have 2 clients facing the same issue of migranes and based on their DNA profiling result the remedies are totally different. Not a big supriseto me since we all know our body are unique hence we react differently. The first client was suggested to cut down her onion consumption and the other was told to take in more sweet potatoes for the same issues. So interesting, I am highly considering to do the DNA profiling. My husband is about to jump off his seat when I told him it costed RM3.5k hahahaha (typical kedekut guy). 
I didnt not do the DNA profiling yet, soon need to save some money first. Anyway, this is the LPG treatment room. It is clean and cozy. That’s the LPG Machine right behind me.
This is nothing major but I do notice how detail their are when it comes to customer need. They provide a cute heart shape container for you to store your jewellery and also a cabinet to store your handbag in the treatment room.
Here is a closer look at LPG Machine.
LPG Experience (2)
Before they could start the treatment, you will be given with this full body suit and a disposable panty. You need to change into it and take off everything that you are wearing. Felt like a white version of cat women as I put it on hahaha.. No doubt that hygiene is taken very seriously and they have dedicated cleaning vendor who will be cleaning it after every use. For frequent customer you can also puchase a set of your own LPG suit if you prefer not to share.
What does an endermologie session like?
No needles involved at all, it is totally non-invasive. after you put on the suit (also known as endermowear suit) the professional beautician will set the machine to tackle your main concern. In my case it would be my gigantic thigh and the bumby celulite. You can opt to focus on fat release, smoothing, firming, reshaping at all of the stubborn area.
There are two session for each treatment. The first session is when they use the macine and it will suck in your skin to break down the fat tissue. The next session is when they move around the machine in a special circulation to help awaken your own body’s fibroblast.
Found this video on youtube and maybe it could help you to understand more of the process and what happen underneath your skin during the treatment. 
Also did the treatment for my face. First step is deep cleansing. To remove all impurities.
This is the LPG tools for the face. Result have shown that wrinklescan be smoothen upto 21%, firmness increased by 23%, elastin up to 46% and hyaluric acid by 80%. Not to mention that skin tone become twice as radiant. If you have dark circles, wrinkles or even double chin this treatment is very effective to rejuvenate your skin from within and regain your youth. It is best to dothe treatment every week for the first month to get the best result. However you can still consult them to get an accurate consulation based on your current skin condition.
There is no such thing at everlasting result just by one time session. As I told over and over again, it is like showering. You can’t shower one time and expect to smell nice for a year hahaha
After the treatment, they put a mask on me before layering it with another hydrating mask. Hydrating is your best friend. I mean, our body is 70% water and you imagine a plant with lack of water it will “kecut” and wilt. You compare it with well hyrated plant, flourish and strong and healthy. A lot of skin issues come from lack of hydration, even extra oil production can also be caused by lack of hydration. So, dont forget that it is very important to hydrate your skin. Overall, I enjoyed the session and considering to go for more session in the future.
sauna sonno
My cheeky husband tried out the sauna facilities at the center. We all know how beneficial sauna is for our body. It helps to remove toxin which enhance our body function. It is a great alternative for those who want to sweat out toxin but are not physically able like old people or those who have medical condition. This sauna is not your traditional sauna, you need to experience it yourself to tell the different. Maybe I get my husband to write his experience in the future.

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