RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Just like to share my experience going to RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia. Being a user for many years, this is my first time attending their event as a blogger. To be honest, I am quite excited expecially when they mentioned the theme. It was morrocan. As shared on my instagram you might have known that I dont really have an idea on what to wear. Went googling up to confirm morrocan fashion from what I have in mind. End up recycling my baju raya and add in a two gigantic brooches that my mum gave me.

The event was hosted at The Majapahit at Mount Kiara. I am glad they have the valet service, was told that parking lot is not too near to the restaurant. I arrived quite early than expected thanks to the smooth-like-tofu traffic.

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

While waiting for the event to start, I linger around and check out the products displayed. These babies are winking to me Arghhh.. I’ll come back for you next time k?


There is also a  henna booth by DayuDesigns. Tried and had my first ever white henna. Too bad, I didnt take any photos. Would love to share it with you. Quite an interesting activities before the seated dinner. I also went to the other booth which is candle decorating. We get to bring back our personalised candles, after.


There is also the facial mist booth. One of M.A.C best seller the Prep+Prime Mist. I love the one in rose as it smells sooooo calming to me. The one I am holding here is one of their latest range. Was told that you can get a nice healthy glow since this range contain super fine gold pigments.


I also went to the puzzle booth and get to have some fun. It have been a long time since I ever played puzzle so it is quite nice to get to do it again. Those who completed the puzzle and answer a question correctly get to bring home a bath bomb.

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

Then, we get to the most interesting part of the night. The dinner. Do I really need to tell more about the deco? It is sooooo fab! Love how they put effort on the centerpiece decorations.


Fresh roses, candles and lovely decor on a round tray. Can’t help but to soak in some table setting inspirations.


We are given assigned seating. I was nervous at first because I didnt know anyone at my table. Also I am quite shy to make  the first intro. I have this amazing abilities to start making fool out of myself when I am nervous.  Decided to just go to my seat and pray that I wont mumble to the next person seating beisde me.

zaihan i am zain

Guess who do I get to seat beside with? The renowned fashion critic Zaihan Mohd Zain also known as Kak Zai in the industry. I had very interesting time, chatting with her for almost two hours. She is very nice in person, she  gave me lots of valuable advices and thank you for tolerating my chattiness! Really hoping that I would bumb into her again as I like her vibe.


The only picture of meal that I took that night. This is the starter. I was too busy chatting that I didn’t take as much pictures as I normally would. I guess it is a good thing as I truly enjoy being present. I like the lemongrass chicken and the dippings as their are very flavourful.

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

One of the best thing about attending event is to be able to mingle with the like minded people. Happy to bump into my blogger peers from the left is Aidasue, and in the middle is Innanie. Also, bump into Shivani and Kelly. Very happy to see everyone wearing nice, looking good and walking around with a smile on their face.

RA-YAY! Event with M.A.C Malaysia

Overall, I had a good time.  Thank you so much to M.A.C Malaysia for organizing a memorable RA-YAY! event. I can see lots of work and effort been poured down in order to ensure the event goes well. Congrats for the successful event! Ofcoz, I did go home with some goodies which include some of the bestseller products by M.A.C  and also raya cookies. My kids were very happy as they get to enjoy the cookies I brought home. I am actually tempted to ask who is the supplier for the cookies as they are really good cookies. Hahaha..

Alright, we are at the end of this post. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you for spending your time to drop by at my humble blog. Till next post. As usual, don’t forget to take it easy and smile.


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