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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are looking for super techie review then this is not the place. However, if you want an honest opinion from working mum then keep on reading. This round I am to share about Sudio NIVA. this is my second time writing about Sudio. I love my previous pink Sudio VASA but today let’s talk about NIVA instead.




Each Sudio NIVA cost RM425 per unit. It is hefty to what I normally spend of an earphones. It arrived in the box like so. Sleek, compact and sturdy packaging. You may order them as gift as when I received the box they do include a giftbag plus to and from card. It seems quite decent for a gift. Well, you will also get the warranty card (one year), some back up acessories and the manual.



My main worry on wireless device if it will be drained out faster than I want them to. Well, good to know each charge could last 3.5 hours  The “home” is also a charging port (4 more charges) . Meaning you get to charge them on the go with the total of 17.5 hours battery life. 

As for sound quality they claim to provide crips sounds but I’ve tried (not own hahaha) those are finer to my ears. I would say it is not the best but also not the worst. My husband tried to pair the earphones to his mobile but only one side (either one)can be connected. I get to connect both. I am not sure if there is a min specs for your mobile in order to use them. Maybe you can check out Sudio website for the info.

As for the design and looks, they completely won me. I like how Sudio have always been injecting minimalism into their range. The casing is matte which add even more classy feel to the headsets. As mentioned earlier, they are great as gift. *hint: end of year soon hahahaa*


If you buy now they have promo FREE Pack of 4 Swedish Design Coasters and FREE Delivery to Malaysia.

Key in < I L L Y >15% discount on purchases of SUDIO Sweden. Have fun shopping!

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