Event Recap - Blooming with illy - Version Blooming 1.0

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

How are you feeling today? Hope you are feeling great. Today, I would like to share my humble experience hosting #bloomingwithilly version Blooming 1.0. What is it about again? I decided to host it to share everything that I have learned from digital marketing. As I strongly believe that we can all learn from each other. Ofcoz I cant cramp10 years in 2 hours that would be magical hahaha.. Which is why I decided to devide it few topics. For Blooming 1.0 it all about some insight into the digital marketing world :

1) Why is important to have your own company/personal brand on social media?
2) How to grow, maintain and automate your social media account?
3) Different type of collaboration/campaign that you can work with Social Media Influencers
4) How to produce engaging + good quality content
5) Up your Picture Game - lots of tips (editing, timing, angle + lifestyle + product shoot)

The next blooming 2.0 will be about an even more interesting topic. Cant wait to reveal, Let me know if you are i nterested with the topic above and I try to host another round of Blooming 1.0 as well.
A huge warm hug to all of my special guest the other day. I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your time spent attending Blooming 1.0 and also hoping that you find the information shared helpful somehow.

For now, let’s go to where it all started.
This is the location where Blooming 1.0 was hosted. Around couple months back, I was talking to Joey where I went to try out the LPG treatment at their Publika outlet. You can read about LPG treatment experience here.  She told me that they have an event space that I could utilise to host any event I wanted and that we could collaborate. Since I believe in their services, I mean how could I not they are powered by Beacon Medical Group these people know what they are doing. In fact, I am extremely interested with their DNA profiling services which what I am currently working hard in order to save. My husband suggested to maybe also get our kids DNA profiling done.
Psssssstt…… Each of Blooming 1.0 guest go home with RM600 worth of Complimentary Treatment Voucher and will get to experience NEW ENDERMOLIFT NATURAL EFFECTIVE “SKIN FITNESS”. It is also the first and only Technology in the world scientifically proven to increase natural hyalluronic acid synthesis by 80%. With that voucher, you get to enjoy ONE treatment that will help to detox, regenerate collagen & Elastin Production and also Eye Lift Treatment.
On top of that The Laureate Wellness is also generous enough to provide RM300 OFF for their DNA profilling services. The actual cost for it is around rm3.5k per person, this is the one I am currently saving for.

Look how comfy these chairs are. I am so glad that all of my guest get to be all comfy whille listening to me. I was actually hoping that they get soo comfy they wont realised when I mumbled. I guess that’s a good stratergy.

I wrote a long insta post on how Tanamera get on board with Blooming with illy. It is a brand that is very close to my heart. Not only I have been their customer all these while but also because they are of of the most successful natural home grown brand. I have used their virgin coconut oils, their Rice Serum (will write a review about it soon), their confinement sets, their scrubs and none of their product despair me. What is not to love? Organic with no harmful chemicals, purely from the botanical source, and best part of all they are affordable.

If you are pregnant or know anyone that is pregnant, do get their confinement set. Worth every penny and your body will thank you. Click here to read my review of Tanamera Confinement Set.
My excitement goes to the roof when Tanamera bless all my guest with this lovely Warna Soap Sets. Each worth RM36 and you will get a nourished Bamboo, Tumeric and Coconut Soap. Click here to buy them online.


Gosh I look so different with make up. That is why I love them, I get to decide who I want to be for the day. Talking about make up, it is also very important to clean your face. I learned it the hard way, used to sleep with make up on during my teenager time and it clogged my pores and there come the pimples LOL. Try to look for face cleanser that have ingridients that could help to decongested your pores. Like this TRĂˆS LALA Fresh Bubble Foam Cleanser. It contain Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract, Gentiana Lutea Root Extract, Artemisia Absinthium Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract and Acer Saccharum Extract.

Chamomile is an excellent ingridients to have in your skincare routine. It help to decongested clogged pores and leaving your skin squeaky clean. I have been loving them and really hoping all my guest will love them as much. The cleanser is currently retailing at RM 85 per bottle and you get them here.


My intention is to share out as much so it would be time worth spending for all my guest. To make it even merrier, sponsors who I believe in decided to make all of my guest even happier.

Didnt get to attend Blooming 1.0 ? Not to worry because I have an extra goodie bag that is currently on giveaway and you can win them just by commenting emoji at this Botak pic on my instagram. Thank you to everyone that have joined, for those who havent, what are you waiting for?


Event start at 2pm on a beautiful sunday of 18 Nov 2018. I didnt pick the date coz of 18.11.18. It just happened, I actually went all the way to check the moon timing, getting advices from geomancy consultant to get the best date for the event. All I want is the energy to be in harmony.

Decided not to wear heavy make up on the event date and this 9 to 5 collection by Lakme Malaysia is perfect for the kind of look I want to create. It is not too heavy but still give an approachable look, 

You can check out the make up tutorial of the look that I wore on Blooming with Illy. Thank you can never be enough to Guardian Malaysia for the arrangement of getting Lakme Malaysia to be on board. They gave 4 full size make up to all of the guest.

  • Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact
  • Lakme 9 To 5 Eye Quartet Eyeshadow
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Lip and Cheek Color
  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Black

Not just that, Guardian also bring in Swisspers Facial Wipes that is not only great quality but also natural based. By now you might have known that I tend to prefer natural based products. Thank you Swisspers! Do you know that they are actually an australian brand?

You can shop for them at Guardian Website or can always go to your nearest Guardian Shop.


Look at those yummy crunchy chicken sandwich. Argh.. why didnt I eat more on that day? LOL If you ever need to order them in bulk for event or birthday do contact my friend Rara via her insta She also a devoted user and seller of YL Essential oils. 

received_893454724111586 - Copy

I just cant contain my excitement when dessert is around. I used to be a hardcore sweet tooth person and I have a proven ability to eat a whole cake by myself. Yes, I kid you not. Like anything in life, I learned that everything is about moderation. Just because I am currently on strict diet does not mean I cant spent my cheat day indulging with such yummy delicacies with my guest.


Thank you Rhombus for getting UpperHouse Bangsar KL to collaborate. The food quality, the presentation and their service is above my expectation. Still getting compliments about how nice their Watermelon cake are. My husband even brought us back to their shop in Bangsar as he missed their cake.  If you are wondering those are the list of dessert served :-
  1. Mini watermelon cake
  2. Madeline
  3. Cream Puff
  4. Apple Tart
  5. Custard Meringue Tart
  6. Trifle


Look at that, this is their signature Watermelon Cake that you cant get elsewhere. Thank you Yin Yin for snapping this lovely picture. Do follow UpperHouseBangsarKL instagram so you will not loose their contact. I am soooo going to re-order this.


Nothing makes me happier that to see people I hosted feel welcome, mingling with each other, enjoy good food and learn together. What a wonderful energy.


My husband head dam shiny. LOL Thanks Laura for snapping this picture. I have said all that I wanted to said and already did an appreciation post for him. Dont want to say much later he perasan.

Here, I include some of the slides that I shared on that day. Thank you Samantha for your hardwork in preparing and coming up with such beautiful slides. I wish I can ellaborate further on the points and reveal the rest of the slides in this post but that would take forever. I think it is better for me to host more Blooming 1.0 if anyone of you interested to know more about this subject.

To make your time worth, I have already listed some of my tips if you want to be a blogger. You can check them out here. I listed down 15 tips if you want to be a blogger which also applies most content creation line.

I think this need to be said. I have joined, plan and execute numerous digital campaign and I think it is really important for both influencer and agency to educate brand that when you are paying for influencer it means you are paying for their TIME to try out your product and services  then produce content. Not their opinion. Can we stop with the boring USP already? it is 2018 not 2000-and late.


Thank you Mira and Laura for coming over! So happy that I get to hug both of you in person after sooo long.


Thank you Catherine for coming over. Can't wait to catch up with you once you are back from your cruise trip! I know right, so nice… Have you been on a cruise? I have not hahaha
By now you can see sofea always know where the camera is LOL


Sofea caught eyeing on the watermelon cake LOL. Adik is squished in between Choy Peng and Me LOL.. Thank you Choy Peng for coming over and for the root beers you brought over and for the super cute purse you gave. I always look at her as the lady who have a beautiful voice.

The lady in brown is Mazi and the one in blue is Farah. Thank you ladies for coming over and for the love and for the support. Hug you girls alot. I have been trying my best to not miss out expressing thank you to every souls that make Blooming 1.0 merrier. You can check out the highlight in my insta stories to see the whole journey. Dont forget to on notification so you wont miss Blooming 2.0 annoucement. I usually do shout out on my stories so, I’ll catch you there k? 


I also like to thank both of my kids Sofea and Zandria for behaving on the event. Wasnt supposed to bring them over but I have last minute arrangement issue. Decided to prepare a kids area with books, colours + some soft toys to keep them entertained. Thank you Diya for eyeing on them during the event. I love you and appreciate your support so much. Thank you for looking over them with so much love and grace.


Actually, I cried. When I saw this insta story by Farah. I honestly didn't know where how on earth I managed it. I guess trying your very best and pouring your heart out helps? Who am I kidding? It wasn't all smooth, there are bump and glitches but that is how we learn and grow. Thank you for your doa Farah. I always prayed for the highest good for all.


Nah.. show you one behind the scene not so glamour photo. This pic is taken the night before the event. Saw the luggage bag? I just came back from company offsite meeting and straight to my house uniform and do the packing. I remember crying while packing. I cried coz I was bailed off less than 24 hours before the event by my staff. I cried coz I am actually exhausted mentally and physically. I cried coz I want to hug and spend time with my kids (after being away for 3D2N). I’m sharing this to you so that you have a realistic expectation. Most important of all, if a cry-baby person like me can pull this off, then you can do even better than me and go further than me. I will always be cheering you on!


Alright we are at the end of this post. See you at Blooming 2.0

Prepared a simple video, feel free to check them out. Nah… dont listen to me.Who am I keep telling you to click this, see that check out that. It is your life and it is your decision. However, if you do check them out dont forget to also subscribe hahahahahahahahhahahaha

Kidding peeps, till next blogpost. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile.


  1. Thank you for a great workshop Kak Illy

    1. baru nampak mira comment sorry!!! Thank you for spending time together. Love and appreciate you alot :)


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