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Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
Assalamualaikum everyone!
Are you interested in becoming the better version of yourself? I know I do. In order to achieve this goal of mine, I keep on experiementing on trying out supplement and beauty products. Today, I like to share with you my experience trying out both Q’albue Suci Serum and SaQ’uera Supplement that are specially formulated for women. Let’s just jump into it right away.
SaQ’uera Botanical Drinks Review 
In the first picture you can see me gulping the yummy SaQ’uera supplement. Been bring them to any where I go nowdays. Even brought them over during my recent company offsite meeting..
Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
Told ya, as you can see it comes in very handy packaging. Where most supplements I tried before comes in bulky bottles expecially when they are liquid based. It is good to see that SaQ’uera is packed in such space efficient manner. It makes it so easy to bring along hence reduce the possibility of skipping the routine.
What makes SaQ’uera Botanical drinks special is its amazing ingridients. I would easily said that it helps to maintain your health, fitness and overall body fuctions. As you open up the sachet, you will have access to a concentrated juice that specially formulated for women.
Imagine having Sakura Extract, Pomegranate, Acalypha Indica Extract (Kucing Galak Extract), Habbatus Sauda Oil, and Dates all in one gulp. I call that efficient HAHAHA… Best part it tasted yummy, because they also include roselle juice which is amazing to help you achieve glowing and healthy skin.
Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
By drinking this supplement once a day, you body will benefits so much. Most of the ingridients contain high anti-aging properties (think “awet muda”) it also helps to treat rheumatism as in if you have issues with muscle, joints and your bone condition. Good news for those who want beautiful skin, it also helps to relieve acne or any other skin concern. Control the blood pressure, boost your imune system, reduce appetite (great coz I am on a diet program haha) plus it helps to balance our hormones too.
It is adviced to take one sachet before breakfast and one sachet before going to sleep. Actually, they tasted great and you will definately not feel burden to the routine. In matter of fact, I always looks forward to drink them. Do take note that you need to drink enough water (I drank min 2 litre a day) to ensure smooth body operation. If you are below 16 and reading this, I am sorry dear. You have to wait till you are 16 and above to enjoy the benefits haha.. For pregnant and expecting mothers best to wait till your baby is safely in your arm before consuming.
Overall, I enjoyed drinking it. I realised I got boost of energy while consuming maybe because I have been excersice religously for the past 3 months and I also been very careful with my food consumptions nowadays. I would always advice anyone I know to listen to your body.
If you are interested to try them out before commiting for a whole box, then good for you. Juta Gold currently has a promo for SaQ'uera where we offer, a Trial Pack with 3 sachets in the box (RM40). I’ll provide the link to the website and all other social sharing side towards the end of this post.
Q’albue Suci Serum Review
As promised, here come the serum part. You can check out the packaging as per below pic. It comes in a gold cap with transparent bottle. I am glad it comes with pump difuser as I found it to be more hygienic  Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
Q’albue Suci Serum contain three main active ingredients which are Sakura, 24K Gold and Vitamin E. I am not even kidding about the gold part. Talk about it shortly. If my skin is not glowing after applying gold then I really dont know what to say.
Not my first time trying out products with 24K Gold in it. However, I realised this serum is way easier to absorb into my skin compared to others that I have tried. It is richly “no pun intended” formulated with suprisingly light formulation. They managed to find the right balance on being powerful yet not overwhelming to my skin.
Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
If tackling wrinkles, is your aim then do try them out. I think it is a good combination to be used externally while drinking the supplement. One product help you from inside while this one tackle from our first barrier which is our skin. Not only that, it also claim to help with acne, promote collagen production and make you fairer tooo. If you have scars then it will aid in making it restored. If your skin is already at a tip top condition, you also get to benefit from its deep moisturizing properties.
Qalbu Suci Serum SaQ’uera Supplement Review
The texture is more jelly like with 24K Gold sheets. I’ve been using them twice a day duirng my day and night routine. It is advised to use them after toner. You may also try to use them before applying make up since it will help to make your make up last longer.
From my experience I did not get any break out while using both products and happy to say that I am a satisfied user. For more info do check out :-

Alright, we are at the end of this post. I hope you find them informative or helpful if you are in the market to try out new beauty supplement drinks and serum. Thank you for reading this up and see you on the next blogpost. While you are at it, feel free to catch up with me on instagram if you have any question. I respond faster there.

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