DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka |Honest Review|

DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka
Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
How are you? Hope everything is great at your end. I am back with another hotel review. This time we were invited to spend 3days and 2 nights at DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka. We have been to quite a number of Hilton hotel around Malaysia, you can check out my review of Hilton Sarawak here or DoubleTree by Hilton Penang here. Actually, I have been to Hilton KL, Hilton PJ and DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur before as well but didnt do a write up on it. The only DoubleTree by Hilton that I haven been in Malaysia is the one in Johor. Maybe I should visit it in the future and write a post. Purposely find reason to go jalan LOL.
What my kids and I love truly about DoubleTree is definately their warm welcome cookies!! What is not to love? I am totally open to the idea of trading my kidney for a lifetime cookie supply LOL. I have said this many times but their cookie is actually very nice but you cant get it elsewhere the only options to get them is by staying in DoubleTree by Hilton.
Back to to our trip, we arrived at 2.30pm on friday. The traffic is as smooth as taufu (thank God). After arriving, we went straight to check in. The hotel is attached to Element Mall, so you dont have to worry about parking. I guess it is a plus point? The reception lobby is at level 12th. The check-in went smooth and we get into our room.
This is the family room setup. With extra bed for my kids. The room is clean, the bedsheet is crisp, the setup is cozy. It is reasonable spacious for our family of four.
I think the artwork is nice but it would even be better is they showcase the uniqueness of Melaka, like a nyonya kebaya in frame or things like that. Trying to act smart and give ideas here LOL The working area is crucial for me and my husband as we get to also catch up on work after our kids went to bed.
Have you been to a hotel and the air cond is either too hot or too cold and it gets on your nerve? I never experience that in any Hilton hotel. Maybe becasue they invested in a good temperature control. Touch screen you know the remote control, dont play-play.
Amenities is tip top as usual. You can expect to have a room slipper, comfy bathrobe, steam iron and a torch lights ready for usage in your room.
The bathroom is decent. On the right is the waste chamber room and on the left is the shower room. I was hoping for a bathtub but my room does not come with one. How sad! hahaha
While for the toileteries like DoubleTree by Hilton in Penang,  they are serving Crabtree and Evelyn not some generic all in one products. Triple yes to that!!! Did I tell you that I love how the facial soap smell and feel on my skin. You got to try it out if you planning a trip soon.
The view from my room. SO FREAKING NICE RIGHT? I mean that’s the best part about high-rise hotel. It comes with spectacular aerial view. Expecially when it is not block by other high-rise building hahaha.. I mean look at that, as far as the eyes can see, so calming serene to me.
My elder daughter is already jumping up and down when she saw me ready the room service menu. Imagine her excitement when the food arrived hahaa.. Ordered buttermilk prawn for myself, and for sharing with my two girls. The prawn are succulents and yummy!
My husband also ordered a seafood tom yam. Very generous portion with all kind of seafood you can think off.
My husband also ordered black pepper beef and according to him, he does not regret ordering it and that it is done right.
While getting ready for our meet up with other media and Hilton’s management, our door bell was pressed. Ding Dong! Then taaa daaaa… A plate of yummy pastries arrived. Such a nice suprise. End up fighting with my kids for the sweet treats LOL.
Our meet up supposed to be at 7.30pm since we are ready earlier than projected, we end up strolling around the compound. Found a gym. What is better than an equiped gym? An empty one ofcoz LOL If you ever need to catch up on your physical goals, good to know you can do so here without the worry of waiting for your turn to use the devices hahaha.. Also, they have steam and souna room if you want to sweat toxins out of your body.
P1100846Swimming pool 2_r4
Since it is also during the golden hours, we end up cam-whoring by the beautiful infinity pool. The second pic is officlal picture from Hilton, just to make it clear hahaha later people say I dont credit la what la so better bagi tau.
Once done walking around, we went straight to the media tour for other room types. Talk about it in a bit. For now, let’s focus what we had for dinner hahaha.,. We had dinner at Makan Kitchen. It is one of the restaurant here that serve local delights.
Talk about right timing, they are having SEAFOOD FIESTA at Makan Kictchen. As in never ending supply of seafood. It can’t get any better than that for a seafood lover hahaha..
I am so glad I dont suffer from gout. Thank GOD! Even If I do, I’ll just pop a pill. How can a person resist this T.T Lots and lots of fresh oyster, prawns, mussels and crab!
One of the best thing about the Seafood Fiesta is this section. This is where you can pick any kind of seafood and pass it to the professional inhouse chef so they could cook it as you like. If you dont have an idea on what to eat, you can always reach out to the friendly always smilling chef for recomendation.
Let’s take a closer look of what’s is served. I know it is a seafood buffet, but no one tell me got lok lok also. It is a local’s speciality in Melaka and glad to know that you can enjoy it as as much here right in the hotel compound.
There are also lots of other local and traditional dishes from from indian curry, mamak soup, noodles and the options are well diversified. Maybe should have an element of suprise and for you to find out instead of pasting all the picture here in my blog. If I ever do it, this blog can just be converted into a small magazine instead LOL.
Not done yet, they even have SASHIMI counter. GOD SAVE ME. It is safe to stay my whole family goes to bed with a happy well rounded tummy.
Buffet Dinner (Sunday to Thursday) at Makan Kitchen
Adult                 RM83
Children            RM42

Seafood Night (Friday & Saturday)
Adult                 RM119
Children            RM59.50
Back to the room tour I mentioned earlier, we got to withness with our own eyes the suites and also the Presidential Suite. They got corner window perfect for insta shots weyhhhh…
Ofcoz they come with a bathtub. Do you know that DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka host 273 rooms, 27 suites and a Presidential Suite? 
That’s my girl Sofea posing in the Presidential Suite. This is only a small portion of the huge living hall. Cant money please fall from the sky, so I can bring my family to enjoy this room next time? LOL Anyway, room rate start from RM250 and do check out Hilton website for ongoing promo.
We had a good sleep despite having two kids who think sleep is the enemy. Woke up feeling fresh (atleast for me) and went straight to Makan Kitchen to enjoy our breakfast. I personally love the wall to wall glass as where you get to enjoy the glorious sunlight while having your meal.
Those coming from oversea would totally appreciate having local breakfast served!! Other than that ofcause it comes with the usual western breakfast, fruits, cereals, actually talking about it I think their breakfast spread variety is good. You might also end of skipping lunch for being too full thanks to the breakfast options.
Truth to be told, Sofea LOVE chicken feet. Must have been her teacher who influenced as I never know how to cook one. She happily had porridge and steam chicken feet for breakfast. Even questioned me on why I only take two for her LOL you can see it in the vlog I did. Stay tune to end of this post to watch it. Out of all the hotels I have been to, never once I’ve seen a chicken feet dish served during breakfast. I am actually quite impressed with the variety offered here.
Breakfast at Makan Kitchen
Adult                 RM57
Children            RM28
After the full-filling breakfast. we went to our room to just chill. Then went down for lunch before going out to Melaka Town. It was hosted right in front of the convention room. I was told that their ball room can fit up to 100 tables. Also, they do not have a pillar. Those who plan a wedding will totally dig it. Pillar-less equal to less drama on arranging the seating LOL
During the lunch, I kinda like the idea of bring the “must-try” hawkers food options indoor. What is not to love? Yummy food minus the outdoor heat haha. On that day, we had mee rebus (I simply say mee rebus forgot the real name of the noodle meal), Balls Chicken Rice which my kids love, popiah, cendol and even sweet apam and not forgeting the famous Klebang Coconut Shake.
The most special dish for me have go to be the personalised assam pedas. No such thing as going to Melaka without trying their assam pedas. That is like going to Korea and not have kimchi. Here in DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka, you can to pick the type of fishes you like and also the veggies that you prefer. Truly enjoyed my personalised assam pedas with exta lady fingers. Nyum!
After the lunch, we hop on the tour bus to visit Melaka town. It is actually less than 15mins away from the hotel.
So gedik, she requested a picture with Hello Kitty Beca.
We visited the A famosa,  walk around Melaka town. It is actually my husband’s mum hometown. However, it is the first time my family visited the A famosa together (married since 2011 by the way LOL) as we tend to spend more time with the family at kampung instead of touring around haha.. After touring around, we went back to the hotel and check out the SkyDeck! 
Another reason to  stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka is the complimentary access to Sky Deck located at the 44th floor. The view is superb. It think it is a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. Not too bad of a perk huh?
Final night dinner was hosted at Tosca. This restaurant is located on the top floor by the swimming pool and they served Italian food. While waiting for dinner to be ready, you can help yourself at the light bites corner. There are biscuits, cheese and bread on top of other finger sized munchies.
My kids cant get enough of the pasta while I truly enjoyed the fish. It is nice to eat it with rocket salad served. We also had a good bonding session and get to chat with other media members. One of the thing about joining media trip, we get to spend time with like minded people from the same industry. Happy to make new friends, also catch up with familiar faces.
Accidently caught a picture with a shirtless guy in the background HAHAHA… Try your best to focus on these two talented chef okay? On the final night, we get to watch a dessert presentation. It was indeed an unforgetable experience.
What is better than art? Edible art! Cracking the chocolate bowl is the highlight my night.
BBQ Night
Italian Affair at Tosca
Every Friday & Saturday
Starting from 10th August 2018
Adult                 RM95
Children            RM55
MY DoubleTree 01729_r4
On the final day, we decided to just chill and spend time with our children at Kid’s Club. The kids club locatedjust beside the swimming pool and it is quite huge. There is a tv corver, playstation area, reading room, colouring sheets, books and few other toys to keep your lil one busy.
On Sunday from 12.30pm till 4pm, DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka have this Sunday “Hopping” Brunch costing at RM 112 nett and I think it is very worth of a deal. Not only you get to experience all eateries including the Axis Lounge.  I think it is perfect for those who want wide variety of selection without the hassle of looking for parking haha… Also, when you have kids then you might understand that they cant be in the same location for too long since their attention span is limited. By hopping from Makan Kitchen to Tosca then Axis Lounge, it gave the illusion that we are going to a new place after another. Hence, they kinda behave better hahaha.. while they are figuring things out, my husband and I get to enjoy all the food that this hotel can offer. #outsmarthekids
Not kidding when I said variety. They even had all kind of kerabu, their seafood kerabu is the bomb. I am not sure if it is permenantly on the menu. If it is not then it should be. It can be a reason for people to come back again. One of the nicest kerabu I’ve ever tasted. The seafood blends perfectly with the herbs and the sweet sour gravy. Argh.. this is I why dont like writing about food at night. Such a torture T.T
Here is our group picture before saying bye bye to everyone! It is another trip to remember. Thank you very much to Hilton for having us. Thank you Kiran, Nicholas, Natalie for taking a good care of us during the trip. Thank you to all staff that worked hard to ensure everything goes smooth during the 3 days 2 nights. Our family had lots of fun (also gain some weight) during this trip and we look forward to come back again. Please say hi if you ever bump into us at Pasar Malam k?
I would also like thank you for reading this up. Thank you for dropping by and for supporting our humble blog all these years. Can’t believe it have been 9 years. Never would have imagine a hobby of mine can lead to so many interesting experiences.

My family owe it all to your loving support and we will always be grateful. I hope you enjoy this write up. As promised click below to check out our vlog. Don’t forget to also like and subscribe, it means a lot to us. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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