Tips For Traveling With Multiples


Traveling with kids isn’t easy, and when you’re traveling with twins or more, you’re certainly going to need a good sense of humor. Planning in advance is the most important thing if you want to have a successful and stress-free trip, so here are some top tips to help make your journey comfortable and as smooth as possible.

Get Seat Assignments In Advance

When you’re traveling by airplane, make sure that you arrange your seat assignments well in advance. This is especially vital if you have two lap infants since a lot of aircraft have just one additional oxygen mask per row, so you won’t be able to sit next to your partner if you both have babies on your lap. Choose a bulkhead seat whenever you can is the best way to ensure you have the extra space your little ones need to get onto the floor to play during the long flight and there’ll be no worries about them kicking the seats in the row in front!

Take The Right Stroller

Don’t be tempted to take your big clunky stroller from home with you. It’ll be heavy and difficult to deal with when you’re traveling around crowded airports. Choosing an umbrella folding double stroller is the most convenient solution. Quick to put up and down, you can easily check in your stroller at your boarding gate at the airport and you won’t need to pay extra baggage fees. View more on Wife Knows about choosing the right double stroller for your trip.


Pack A Backup Outfit

Most little ones are pretty messy. It’s amazing what they can get all over themselves on an average day, let alone on a long trip! Always pack a backup outfit for every child in a bag so that you can change them quickly on the road if they’re sick, if they spill juice or if they put sticky fingerprints everywhere. If you put each child’s clothes in their own resealable bag, you can keep them all separate and make sure that dirty and clean clothes are kept separate in your suitcase.

Research Ahead

Always research the destination that you’re visiting in advance so you know which hotels, attractions and restaurants are child friendly. If you read plenty of reviews before you travel you’ll have a good idea of where to go without having to worry about causing a fuss with your little ones.

Take Snacks

No matter whether you’re traveling in the car or by plane, some emergency snacks are the key to preventing a major meltdown. Kids are always hungry, and if they can’t get something quickly they can easily go into screaming overdrive. A few healthy snacks in a bag to hand over when the going gets tough is the solution to all your problems!

Don’t Forget The Wipes

You don’t want your toddlers to put sticky fingerprints everywhere on your car upholstery or on the aircraft’s seats. Baby wipes can clear up mess of all kinds, from spillages to sticky faces. They’re an absolute essential for your travel bag or car glove box.

Leave Extra Time

When you were traveling as just a couple you could easily make it to the airport and onto your flight without any problems, even if you accidentally slept in! With multiples, that isn’t going to happen. Everything takes at least twice as long, so leave even longer that you imagined to get yourself out of the house, to the airport, through check-in and security and finally, onto the aircraft. Even if you leave double the time, you can be sure that you’ll still be rushing at the last moment so always leave much longer than you expect.

Don’t Worry About Other People

When you’re traveling with multiples it can be tempting to worry all the time about being judged by other people. Try not to even think about the people around you. It doesn’t make sense to worry about others when you have so much to think about already simply getting your twins or more from A to B. Just focus on your family and make sure that you’re well prepared and you’ll have the most stress-free tip possible.


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