Thanks to Butterfly Project & Havaianas

Thanks to Butterfly Project & Havaianas!!  Because of them I will be one of the owner of Havaianas flip flop :P Woohoo! 

They have so many funky and fun designs. Cant wait to check out what designs will be mine.. If you are wondering how on earth illy got a complimentary flip flop?

Well, I have been quietly (not so secret anymore) helping out with the Spa Party Event that is going to happen next few weeks as one of the SWAT team. As a token of appreciation Tammy manage to get us (me & Ayna) a pair each.. Isn’t that as sweet as candy?  

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be one of the helping hand behind the scene for Butterfly Projects! What an honour J  I will try my best to serve The Butterfly project.. Weehoo!  


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