DocLab HA Hyaluric Acid & Anti Wrinkles Premium Face Ampoule |REVIEW|

DocLab Ampoule Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am back with a beauty review. This time around I will share with you my opinion over DocLab HA HYALURIC ACID and ANTI WRINKLES Premium Face Ampoule. This is actually my second time trying out face ampoule by DocLab. The first round I did a review was when they are in old packaging. Ypu can check out the review by clicking here. Since the previous write up was done in bahasa, this round I will write in english. Anyway do stay tune till end of this blogpost as I am giving away 1 box of  DocLab HA HYALURIC ACID and ANTI WRINKLES Premium Face Ampoule worth RM138 for 1 lucky reader. Let’s jump into the review right away.

DocLab Ampoule Review

As you can see from the packaging the ingridients contain many good active ingridients for your skin. Cant help but to notice that they include Panax Ginseng Root Extract. It is a wonderful to for anti aging because Panax Ginseng Root Extract contain lots and lots of phytonutrients, and it will aid to tone and brighten your skin. Other than that this premium face ampoule also have Witch Hazel and it helps to tone your skin by balancing the pH level on top of minimizing the appearance of pores. Say good bye to gigantic pores! This premium ampoule by DocLab also contain collagen, and I have no idea the amount of time I repeatedly wrote about how having good amount of collagen is important for a younger and healthy looking skin.

I presonally like to use this face ampoule to pamper my skin once every week atleast. If only I could afford to use it more frequent haha.. Each box contain 5 ampoules and if you use it once a week it could last more than a month. The new packaging makes it so much easier to use the ampoule as I dont have to worry about breaking the glass anymore. Just gently push the gold cap over and you will have the access the such potent skincare product. 

You can use them directly to your face right after washing and toning your face or you may also use it in a face steamer or use a face mask sheet. I like to use it direct so I can use each drop without wasting them.


I personally noticed that some small wrinkles around the corner of my mouth, tend to be less visible and I think it is because I am using this product. OMG YES, I have to admit that I do have wrinkle now gosh!! Dont think you want to see them hahaha.

I would strongly suggest for those who are above 25 to start using anti aging product as that is the time your skin start to age. You see, if you only take care of your skin when it is already in bad condition it is harder to get it to be youthful again. However if you start taking a good care of them it is way easier to retain and maintain them. I always think that prevention is better than curing. Imagine a plain white  canvas, it is easier to take care of it then to revive it. If your skin is not in the best condition now, dont despair there is still hope. The fact that you are reading this means you care about them and that is a good start. All you need to do is be diligent in taking care and start investing in a good skincare.


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